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Goat Mug is a superb coffee thermos, practical, design, original and environmentally friendly. Goat Coffee was thought to be perfectly suitable for consumption in the office or outside.



If you love coffee as much as we do, we are certain that you would like to be able to drink it anytime and anywhere. And that's what we want! That's why we decided to create a thermos of coffee that is practical and environmentally friendly at the same time. We also wanted it to be as a fashion accessory and tells the story of the origin of coffee.

femme assise qui boit goat mug avec son thermos Goat Mug


Its most obvious feature is definitely its shape resembling a goat's horn, but it also helps you drink the last sip of coffee and while being original.

Thermos à café Goat Mug noir avec sangles, lunettes et portefeuille


Holder and strap

We designed a special holder with leather touch which simply turns into a coffee mug stand so you can easily keep the Goat mug on your desk.

Thermos à café Goat Mug et son support en cuir marron


Also, Goat mug comes with a set of two straps (short and longer part combine in to one), so you can simply attach it to your bag or just let it fall across your shoulder. This way you can carry your books or bags and talk on the phone while carrying your coffee around.

Thermos à café Goat Mug accroché à un sac à main Thermos à café Goat Mug accroché autour du cou pour faire du vélo



Goat mug is 100% leak proof so don't worry about getting coffee stains on your jeans. It s also safe for your health because it is BPA FREE.

Thermos à café Goat Mug et grains de café

If you are on-the-go kind of person, we made your life easier by making the Goat´s lid so user friendly, you can easily open and close it with only one hand.

Caractéristiques du thermos design Goat Mug


Here's a look inside Goat Mug. Its shape makes it easy to clean.

Vue intérieure du thermos à café Goat Mug



We designed a beautiful packaging to deliver your Goat mug in style. It can then become a perfect storage place for your fresh coffee beans.

Thermos à café design Goat Mug noir

We would like for more coffee lovers to know the true story of coffee as much as we would like them to be stylish and eco-friendly while drinking their coffe whenever and wherever.


■ Eco-friendly, designed 100% from ecological materials
■ 100% leak proof, no coffee on your jean, don't worry, be happy ;)
■ Hot coffee, keeps your coffee at room temperature for 2 hours
■ Dishwater safe
■ Straps included




You have questions? Look at the FAQ tab on the left, otherwise place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible !

Goat Story is a Slovenian company founded by Anže Miklavec (founder of Equa Products). The design of the Goat Coffee was done by the design studio Desnahemisfera in cooperation with MyEqua.

If you love coffee as much as we do, we are confident that you would love to be able to drink it anytime and anywhere. This is also what we wanted! That's why we decided to make a mug of coffee practical and durable. It is also a fashion accessory and it tells the ancestral history of coffee...!

The history of the goat tells how coffee was discovered:

It is a story that reveals the connection between the goats and coffee. Back in the 13th century: a group of goats fell on a bush full of little red berries. They ate them and started jumping around as if they were crazy. Their shepherd was very interested, which gave him the idea to stir the berries.


He discovered a rich and delicious drink that gave him incredible energy. This mixture would change the world! Imagine how many discoveries and works of art would never have existed if the coffee had not existed?

For this historic discovery, we dedicate our cup of coffee to those who are "responsible" for this revolutionary discovery: the goats! GOAT MUG

For this reason and this reason only, the form of our unique cup reminiscent of the horn of a goat! Failing to be the goat of Christopher Columbus, we are revolutionizing the way the coffee is consumed ... in the future.

If you like coffee, Goat Mug will change your life!

1. How hard it is to clean the mug ?

The Goat mug is very easy to clean. On the inside the mug has a rounded shape so you can easily clean it, like any other mug. It is also dishwasher safe.


2. How long will it hold my coffee/tea warm ?

Goat mug is designed in a way it keeps hot liquids warm for as long as two hours, which is just enough time for you to have your drink while it's still fresh and tasty.




You have questions ? Place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!


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