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Weenect Pets is a small, lightweight and compact anti-runaway tag that keeps an eye on your pet. Thanks to its water-resistant and durable GPS tag, you know where it is at any time and its other features will reassure you on a daily basis.

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Review the historic of its walks

You often walk together and you like to see the paths you have traveled? You have a historic of his movements and can review all your journeys. You can also adjust the interval at which the GPS chip sends its position to maximize its battery life.

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You are alerted if your dog goes missing

Thanks to the input and output alerts, you know when he leaves or goes into an area: house, friends, neighbors, etc. You can set an unlimited number of zones, you will be notified and can act as soon as possible!

Locate your lost dog easily and quickly

Runaway or a nocturnal escape? The application guides you to locate him (distance and direction) thanks to 3 types of locations: Map, Compass and Increased Reality (allows to see where it is through the camera of your phone).

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Protective collar

Lightweight and compact, Weenect Pets is water-resistant and resists falls over 1 meter. Swimming, scraping, no problem, the anti-runaway collar Weenect Pets was created to monitor all the activities and movements of your pet!


Weenect Pets can be used on:

■ iPhone and Android apps
A personal space on our website accessible via Smartphones, tablets and computers.

Alerts are relayed by push notifications for applications and emails.



Weenect requires a GPS charging to operate (duration to be chosen in the options). Weenect Pets comes with a SIM card that allows the transmission of the beacon positions to our server. It is necessary to open a GSM line to operate the beacon and Weenect. It is therefore necessary to have a valid recharge. Refills are available in the options above when purchasing. No hidden cost, everything is included in the cost of recharging.

1 recharge for 6 months: 30 €
■ 1 recharge of 12 months: 50 €
(The tag has 1 month free subscription and is therefore ready to use). It is necessary to be outside so that the beacon takes its 1st position.



advantages weenect



Small size (48 x 40 x 16,5mm) & lightweight (43g)
■ Waterproof and shockproof protection collar
■ Battery 840 mA / H, 8 days of battery life! An alert is sent when the battery is low
Water-resistant: IP67
Global coverage
■ GPS accuracy: 3 m
■ Collar size: 32 to 57 cm (adaptable)



■ A Weenect Pets GPS tag
■ A fastening system
■ A charging cradle
■ A USB cable
■ A user guide



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You have questions ? Look at the FAQ tab on the left, otherwise place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible !

iOS and Android COMPATIBLE
 application weenect  application weenect 2 application weenect 3 application weenect 4

Application for locating and setting up the Weenect Kids GPS beacon, the Weenect Silver GPS beacon and the Weenect Pets dog GPS collar.

With the Weenect application you can:
■ Locate people you love at any time
■ Locate them in seconds if you lose them in the crowd using the map, compass or augmented reality
■ Define security areas, when entering or leaving these areas, you are automatically alerted
■ View recent trip history
■ View the history of recent alerts
■ Be warned in case of low battery, 4 automatic alerts to 40, 30, 20 and 10%
■ Select the range at which the beacon sends its position, 3 available modes
■ Remotely set your beacon
■ Be alert in case of SOS (only available with Weenect Kids & Silver)
■ Be called by the beacon (only available with Weenect Kids & Silver)

With Weenect everything is unlimited:
■ No limit on the number of positions consulted
No limit on the users number on the same account, to access the application it is sufficient to know the identifiers of the account
■ No limit on the number of beacons on the same account, follow all your family from the same application
■ No limits on the number of configurable areas
■ No distance limit, you can be in Paris and the beacon in New York

All alerts are relayed by push notifications (application), mails and SMS (optional).

Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Android: 4.0 or later.

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Adrien and Ferdinand, the two founders, met at school at the age of 5 years. 20 years later, at a family lunch, a discussion emerges with their mothers about the fears of lack of supervision when they were children: the idea of the GPS beacon for children was born!

The story started with Bénédicte, a mother of 4 children who joined the adventure that Weenect could revolutionize the daily lives of families.

Wennect was launched in 2013 and is today the reference in "familial geo-tracking", the team comprises 11 people.

Weenect helps families to be serene on a daily basis by offering GPS tracking solutions for children and adults, connected to their Smartphone and computers.

3 products are available:

■ Weenect Kids (for children)
■ Weenect Silver (for senior)
■ Weenect Pets (for dogs)

1. Where should I put the beacon?

The beacon comes with a collar. The tag is placed on the neck of your dog on the mounting bracket provided for this purpose.

2. What if the beacon does not pick up the GPS signal?

The beacon sending a position every minute on the move will always have an up-to-date position. If the beacon loses the GPS signal indoors, you will know its last position before it enters the building. As soon as the beacon leaves the building it will automatically search for a new position.

3. Does the tag work the same way everywhere?

Weenect Pets will work best in suburban, peri-urban and rural areas, such as suburban neighborhoods, parks, meadows, fields and open areas. The clearer the sky the better the GPS signal. High-level obstacles can block the camera's line of sight towards the satellite, which can create minimal mistakes in positioning.

4. What happens if there is no GSM network?

If the beacon loses the GPRS signal, it automatically resumes it once it is re-entered in a covered area. The tags work on 3 networks the quality of reception is therefore excellent. The beacon works in 80 countries.

5. What are the meaning of the light indicator?

The LEDs are the 2 lights present on both sides of the On / Off button (2), they will help you understand the operation of the beacon.

GPS indicator (blue LED (1)): The blue light indicates, when blinking, that the GPS signal is valid. If it does not blink, bring the beacon closer to a window or place it outside to capture GPS signals.

If the GPS signal is indicated as "invalid"
1 - Make sure your beacon is on near a window or outside
2 - Make sure your beacon is connected
3 - Check that the blue light of your beacon blinks

GPRS indicator (red LED (3)): The red light is an indicator of connection to the server, necessary to receive the positions of the beacon. When the red light flashes quickly the beacon is connected.


6. Why do I have to buy a refill?

By purchasing this tag you benefit a month of subscription WITHOUT commitment. The beacon is therefore already ready for use.

Weenect Pets comes with an integrated SIM card that allows the transmission of the positions of the beacon to our server. For each tag we open a GSM line. This explains why it is necessary to have a valid recharge for the beacon to work. Once a recharge has come to an end it is necessary to acquire a new one. Refills are available in purchase options.

No hidden cost, everything is included in the cost of the refill.


7. How to turn on or off the beacon?

To turn it on: Always light your beacon outdoors. To do this, press the On / Off button (2) for 3 seconds, until both LEDs (1 and 3) blink at the same time, then release the button.

To turn it off: press and hold the On / Off button (2) for about 15 seconds, wait for the 2 LEDs (1 and 3) to blink at the same time and then release the button.


8. Is there a distance limitation between my dog and me?

There is no distance limitation. You can be at home and your dog abroad and you locate it perfectly. However it is a GPS, to have a precise position (5 meters on average) the beacon must be outside. 

9. How to receive notifications?

In order to receive push notifications from the mobile application, it is important to accept them in the settings of your phone but also in the settings of the mobile application "Weenect". Your phone must also be connected to the Internet (3G or Wifi).

You can also receive each alert via email.


10. Comment fonctionnent la Réalité augmentée et la boussole

The direction and distance displayed by these features are calculated from the difference between the GPS position of your phone and the last GPS position of the beacon. The margin of error of the two positions affects the result if the beacon is close to the phone: wrong direction and wrong distance. Please use these features when the tag is away from you.




 You have questions ? Place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!


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