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Have you ever looked at your bag (with a hatred look!) to realize that your water bottle did not have the appropriate shape? Either you can not store it inside, or you squeeze it between your laptop and your books. Result: your bag is deformed, in some cases it is not pleasant (backpack) and you lose a crazy space. So most of the time, you throw away that bottle to get rid of that frustration.

The solution ? Memobottle :)



Resembling the shape of a piece of paper, the memobottle is a slimline, premium designed reusable water bottle which suitably slides into your favorite carry bag alongside your computer, books and valuables. Memobottle brings daily hydration to a whole new level of style and efficiency, it is of course completely waterproof.




Single-use bottle consumption has gone crazy in recent years, with 1500 plastic bottles used and thrown every second in the United States. This has a damaging effect on the environment but also on our budget. Bottled water is about 1400 times more expensive than tap water and often less regulated. In response to this, many have turned to the most environmentally friendly alternative - reusable bottles.


More than 50 billions single use bottles were sold last year

single use plastic bottle



We all know that plastic is the enemy of the environment. However, due to the monstrous amounts of energy required to produce aluminum and stainless steel products (considering the raw material of the product), reusable plastic bottles are actually 80% more eco-friendly than their steel or aluminum counterparts.



▪ BPA Free - Durable
Slimline - Transparent - Visible content
▪ Leak proof - Stands up unassisted
▪ Supports freezer and high heat (75 ° C max)
▪ Format A5: 14,8 cm x 21,0 cm x 3cm for 750mL
▪ Format A6: 10,5 cm x 14,8 cm x 3cm for 375mL
Format A7 : 7,4 cm x 13,7 cm x 3cm for 180mL
▪ Format Slim : 8 cm x 26,5 cm x 3cm for 450mL



Lay it flat, or stand it up - in all circumstances where the conventional bottle just makes no sense! The memobottle is the balance between environmental responsibility and improved life convenience.

The revolution of the bottle has just begun, are you in? ;)


Finally here is our long awaited MemoBottle ... we are thirsty, we are dehydrated, we immediatly test it!



Nothing to say: very well packed in bubble wrap with a small card thanking us for our purchase and our gesture towards the environment.

There is also a small illustrated booklet giving us advice for use and information about the history of the bottle and its reason for existing. The photos are very beautiful.

 memobottle deballage 2



First impression: the bottle is very sturdy! The plastic walls are thick and even by pressing hard it is not deformed. It changes from traditional water bottles that lose their shape very easily. As proof, we put a pot of tomato sauce of 800 grams on MemoBottle (the bottle was very little filled), it does not bend 1 mm under its weight. We are reassured, we knows that in our bags, nothing will come to deform it.


The cap is also thick and pleasant to the touch (like the bottle). The bottle is well sealed thanks to a blue rubber bottom inside the cap (fortunately!). MemoBottle deliver its bottles with 2 caps: 1 white and 1 black.

2 ways of drinking, take it horizontally or vertically. Personally, the vertical position is more convenient. It is recommended to wash it first by filling it and emptying it immediately afterwards to evacuate the odor of the new plastic.

It is possible to place the bottle flat or to stand it up, it holds by itself.

memo taille memo taille memo taille 3

We realize that there were technical challenges to reach this result, it is only a bottle of water but it satisfies us so much, it is a rather funny feeling.

Needless to say, it fits perfectly in a bag. 750mL is enough but an A4 version would be welcome for the thirsty.

memo bouchon memo remplit



Conquered at 200%! Design, practical and qualitative, Memobottle solves a simple problem (but so annoying) with an efficient product.



boire avec memobottle


logo memobottle

We are memobottle, a creative initiative based out of Melbourne, Australia and San Diego, California, working passionately to create the balance between environmental sustainability and improved life efficiency and convenience.

Jesse Leeworthy
memobottle Co-Founder Product Design Engineer

Jonathan Byrt
memobottle Co-Founder
Financial Consultant

With a strong focus on sustainable development and smart design, social business and the environment, Jesse is a Product Design Engineer at Tricycle Developments in Melbourne. He is also a sessional Lecturer at Swinburne University of Technology.

With an energetic thirst for adventure, Jonno is not the standard Chartered Accountant. He has several years of Big 4 accounting, financial and operational experience which is driven through team-orientated performance.

1. How thick are the Memobottle ?

All memobottles are 30mm (~1 3/16") thick. The wall section of the bottle is ~2.5mm(~5/64") thick - designed to be as durable and robust as possible.


2. What is the best way to wash Memobottle ?

Do not wash Memobottle in the dishwater. As the Memobottle has a few corners that are a little difficult to clean with traditional methods we would suggest the following methods:

- Use vinegar to clean it

- Use water bottle cleansing tablets (available at your local drug store). Just fill your bottle with water, drop the tablet inside and allow it to sit for 15 to 30 minutes. Then rinse and enjoy.

- We are also in the process of designing a specialized memobottle scrub brush - that's right.. it goes around corners. :)


3. Can I freeze water in my Memobottle ?

You certainly can! Like traditional water bottles it is a good idea to not fill full your bottle to the very top before freezing - as water will expand once frozen.


4. What is the temperature range of my Memobottle ?

The memobottle is made from Tritan - a very impact and heat resistant BPA free material.

- Tritan can withstand sub-zero temperatures to boiling.

Max temperature: 100°C/212°F
Min temperature: -40°C/-40°F


5. How strong are the Memobottle ?

 The bottles are made from Tritan material which is known for its high impact resistance - We've also made the wall thickness of the bottle nice and thick (approx 2.5mm thick) to withstand impact from dropping and squashing in your bag etc. Ensuring that the bottle is durable and will last a long time was one of the key design criteria of the memobottle.



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