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The wireless touch speaker to listen and share music

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Sugr Cube is a powerful wifi speaker for listening to music from your Smartphone or online through third-party applications. Use Touch or move it to control music playback. You can also share music remotely with friends and listen simultaneously.

wooden wifi speaker



Sugr Cube is designed without any buttons. Playback control is achieved with touch and motion. It feels natural when you touch on the glossy wood surface. It delivers the best music to you with perfect sound quality.

tactile speaker

Sugr Cube has been designed without any cables. It broadcasts music directly via Wi-Fi. Smartphones connect to it perfectly and with ease. The built-in rechargeable battery allows you to listen for at least 7 hours of music (at full volume without stopping) and weighs only 400 grams!



wifi wooden speaker

In the morning, Cube wakes you up with music. Just flip it if you would like to stop it. During breakfast, tilt left and right to choose your favorite radio. At work, simply tap it to pause when you have any calls. At night, Cube offers natural soothing sound to bring you a good sleep and it fades out automatically. Touch and hold it, you can share your music with anyone anywhere. Yes, everything is just so simple and natural...



You can transfer directly to your Sugr Cube music that you listen to online or from the Internet via Wi-Fi. It works perfectly even when your Smartphone is turned off. Sugr Cube is also Airplay compatible for your Apple devices!



Sugr Cube is designed so that you can listen to your music freely, all you have to do is simply tap it, flip it or tilt it.

play pause feature on tactile speaker

rewind forward music playlist tactile speaker

share music speaker tactile wifi



Just use the app to pair your Cube with your friends' ones, you can listen to the same music or playlist at the same time, no matter how far away you are from each other ;)

share music app



Sugr Cube embodies the rebirth of the wooden caise. All we want is to deliver the original flavor of music.

speaker made with high quality woods

Sugr Cube is a bass-reflex acoustic chamber sealed with 9mm thickness. We designed and simulated the vent tube to enhance the bass performance in a natural and efficient way. This technology is common in high-end speakers, while this is the first time it is applied to a portable speaker.

good sound

good sound

Sugr Cube is manufactured from the same factory that works for Focal (France), Dali (Denmark) and Klipsch (USA). The quality of the wood treatment and the assembly of the speakers have been proven worldwide and repeatedly on the market.



Sugr Cube

With the companion app, you can have easy Wi-Fi setup, as are other features (sleeping mode and alarm, music sharing etc.).

The app runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Android and other devices will be supported soon. One device can control up to 16 Sugr Cubes. You can put different Cubes in different rooms. 


Comparison between Bluetooth speaker, Wi-Fi speaker and Sugr Cube

Sugr Cube best sound quality  


Sugr Cube


media sugr cube



You have questions ? Look at the FAQ tab on the left, otherwise place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible !

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 application Sugr

■ Multi-part support
■ Simultaneous playback anywhere
■ Cube firmware update
■ Intelligent shutdown alarm
■ Automatic progressive extinction (with lower volume)

One device can control up to 16 Cubes. You can put several Cubes in different rooms.


Sugr is a company based in Dallas (Texas, USA), Shzenzhen (China) and Oslo (Norway).
Sugr is a complementary team of designers, software developers, application programmers and product engineers. Half of our team consists of engineers who have worked in the hardware department of Microsoft where the majority of Xbox accessories are built.
We love engineering but above all we love music! Like you :) Music makes you laugh, cry, dance, think ... but the most important thing is that music makes the world beautiful. That's why we want to share the power of music and create the best music experience for you!
At Sugr, we are committed to creating intelligent products that are the most suitable for listening to music. With Sugr, everybody, from baby to senior, can access music anytime and anywhere.
Enjoy the power of music!

1. Does Sugr Cube support stereo paring ?

Yes, with the companion app, two Sugr Cubes can be paired to a stereo set. It rocks!


2. Does Sugr Cube has internal or external memory?

There is 4GB built-in memory, it is fixed just like an iPhone. There is no external memory card slot on Sugr Cube.


3. What is the battery life of Sugr Cube ?

Sugr Cube plays at least 7 hours at max volume after a fully charged. Please be noted that playback time is music type dependent. If you enjoy soft music with medium volume, it lasts at least 20 hours.


4. Does Sugr Cube work when charging?

Yes, it works when charging.


5-6. How to connect Sugr Cube to the Wifi network and where to download the user manual?

Click here


7. I can import songs from the iTunes library. But how do I delete songs?

Sliding your finger to the left will delete a song, just like the standard iOS gesture.

8. How many songs can I import into Sugr Cube?

500 to 700 songs depending on file size.


9. Comment puis-je connaître l'état de la batterie par l'indicateur LED ?

The indicator light is located on the button. This allows quick and easy checking of the battery condition.

(A) When disconnecting the Cube and the charger:
- The red light flashes when the battery is low.
- The light flashes green when the battery is full.

(B) When you connect to Cube and the charger:
- The LED blinks red when it is charging.
- The LED blinks green when fully charged.

Note: Using only the charger provided by Sugr may have a better charging effect.

11. How to update the Software ?

A. First, after opening the Cube application, click the cube icon in the upper left corner that is just below the signal icon. If you can see the small red spot, that means there is a new update.

B. Second, click on the "Firmware" bar. The number on the right side is the version of your current software. Click on this link !


C. Third, choose "Server" after clicking "Firmware". After that, the only thing you need to do is wait.




You have questions ? Place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!


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