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What do you do when you have to go somewhere too far to get there by walking but too close to go by car, or if there is too much traffic? Many might say "Go Cycling!" "Or" take a board! ", but bikes can be bulky and skateboarding can be difficult if you're not used to it. We have a better solution: ZBoard 2! It is faster and easier to use than a skateboard, easier to transport than a bike and more fun than a motorcycle.  



ZBoard is the most advanced electric board and the lightest weight detector of the world. Our patented driving system is easy to use: you just have to lean forward to go forward andto lean backward to stop. That’s as simple as that ! On top of that, it is made of from a single piece of maple wood from Canada.

zboard views



■ The ZBoard board has 2 pads: one in the front and one in the back. Each foot pad detects the force applied to it and analyzes this information with an on-board computer connected to an electric motor.

Leaning on the front cushion will accelerate. Leaning on the rear cushion allows braking. However these are not just on / off buttons. They are completely controllable, which means that the more you lean forward, the faster you go, and the more you lean back, the faster you stop even on a descent! You can ride at a walking pace, or accelerate throughout your journey to a top speed of 32km / h!

■ When no more pressure is exerted on one of the pads, ZBoard will coast to a standstill (like a traditional skateboard).

 zboard beach zboard road



■ ZBoard 2 is lightweight and has friction-limiting wheels for long-term ride and a built-in handle for convenient transport (or to hang it with a padlock if you can not take it with you) .

■ All Zboard comes with a charger that plugs into a standard 110V-220V wall outlet. They recharge in 90 minutes (ZBoard Blue) and in 150 minutes (ZBoard Pearl). The charger plug is suitable for all countries.

the battery life? Slightly crazy: 26km for ZBoard 2 Blue and 39km for Zboard 2 Pearl!

Zboard electrical skateboard



■ As connoisseurs know, trucks and wheels have a strong influence on handling, stability and ride distance. After dozens of prototypes, our oversized trucks combine the perfect shape for optimum rebound, turning radius and wheel surface (no matter your cruising speed). They are molded in a single block of aluminum and are capable of undergoing hundreds of kilometers of pounding on the road. We have been careful that the trucks and wheels are never in contact with the board itself (no wheel bite or motor bite).

High quality trucks zboardTrucks zboard aluminium

■ The Zboard wheels are 90mm and 97mm, developed in urethane much wider than the width of the wheels of other skateboards. They are therefore more efficient on all types of pavements, wear less the bearings, increase the speed and are more shock-absorbing. Our wheels make it possible to overcome the faults of the road: cracks, gravels and anything that would be insurmountable for smaller wheels.

wheels zboard wheels Zboard



Safety comes first with ZBoard 2! Stay visible while lighting your way. Zboard 2 is the first electric skateboard with integrated LEDs at the front and rear. Drive with the LEDs off, on or flashing, the choice is yours: just press the button on the front of ZBoard.

■ The front white LED is equipped with converging beams illuminating at 2.5m in front of you.

■ The rear red LED is equipped with divergent beams to disperse the light and be visible over a very wide angle.

front and back leds zboard



comparing zboard pro and sf special

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WHAT'S IN THE BOX (everything is already assembled)

■ 1 Zboard (Blue or Pearl)
■ Premium urethane wheels (90mm and 97mm)
■ 6-ply Canadian maple board (manufactured and assembled in the US)
■ Front white LEDs and red rear LEDs
■ ZBoard charger 110-220V (compatible in all countries)



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Based in Hermosa Beach, our team is made up of mechanical engineers with a passion for skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. We come from backgrounds in Robotics and Product Design, and are trained in a wide variety of disciplines including CAD, CNC Machining, Computer Programming, and Electrical Engineering.


The idea for the ZBoard came to us while brainstorming for our senior project at the University of Southern California in 2009. We were tired of our bikes getting stolen and having to push skateboards up hills and over Los Angeles’ streets and our goal became clear: design a device that is faster and easier to ride than a skateboard while being more fun and portable than a bike.

This project culminated after a three-year research and development process: studies of how students and young professionals live and move, design an electric skateboard from A to Z and adapt it to everyday needs.


Backed by our widely funded crowdfunding campaign Kickstarter, we designed, built and tested the ZBoard in California. Enjoy the ride!

1. Do I put my feet on both foot pads at the same time?

No, we recommend you stand in the middle of the board and flare your foot out to the foot pad of choice.


2. What makes the ZBoard a green product?

Equipped with regenerative braking and an electric motor, the ZBoard gets a carbon footprint equivalent of up to 1500 miles/gallon.


3. Is the ZBoard waterproof?

Breifly riding the ZBoard over wet pavement pavement (eg. from sprinkler runoff) will not harm the unit but do not use it in the rain, on long rides over wet pavement, and avoid large puddles. Riding in any of these conditions can permanently damage your ZBoard.


4. How long will the batteries last when properly maintained?

Our lithium ion batteries rated for up to 500+ cycles. Replacements will be available for purchase.


5. Does Zboard have a warranty?

Yes. ZBoard has a 6 months warranty and the battery also has a 6 months warranty.


6. How large is the charger?

The charger brick is approximately 1.5" x 2.5" x 6" and it looks more or less like a laptop charger.


7. Will I be able to purchase the individual ZBoard components, if I need to replace them on my ZBoard?

Yes. The ZBoard's modular design makes it easy to swap in and out parts.


8. Can I push the ZBoard like a regular skateboard?

While the ZBoard will roll, it will not roll as well as a standard skateboard. You can push, just expect to travel slowly. We do not recommend pushing it for long distances.

9. What is the rider weight limit for the ZBoard?

We recommend 225 pounds or less. Heavier riders will not damage the board, but they'll likely not be able to hit the stated top speed. That said, we have many riders at weights that are higher than the 225 lb recommendation and they all enjoy their board.


10. Does the ZBoard go in reverse?

Yes - if you are at a complete stop and you press the rear footpad, the ZBoard will go in reverse. Speed in reverse in limited to 4 mph.

11. Can I do tricks on the ZBoard?

We do not recommend doing tricks on your ZBoard.

12. How does the ZBoard do on hills?

The ZBoard can successfully make it up most small to medium hills (think like a parking structure), especially when it gets a moving start. Success on hills is dependent on grade, road conditions, and rider weight. On downhills, the ZBoard will limit the rider's speed for safety. Also, the rider can bring the ZBoard to a complete stop on the downhill by leaning back to brake.

13. Can I ride the ZBoard if I am "Goofy?"

Yes, the ZBoard works for goofy footed riders :)

14. What other features does the ZBoard have?

The ZBoard includes integrated headlights and tail lights that can be turned to on, off, or blink modes, and dual built-in handles for convenience. The ZBoard also ships with a charger that works at any 110V wall outlet (220V chargers for European customers are also available).




You have questions ? Place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!


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ZBoard has a 6-month limited warranty and the battery also has a 6-month warranty.



If the product is in its original packaging, it has not been used and that it is not damaged or broken. All accessories (and documentation) must be intact and present. The return costs are at the customers expense.



We have thought of everything ! Pay with PayPal and enjoy free returns.




For any return request, contact the startup at support@zboardshop.com, they will communicate the steps as well as the return address.

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