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Gablys is an anti-theft and anti-loss connected keychain that allows you to easily monitor and retrieve objects that you have mislaid thanks to its tracker functionality. You can also use it as a remote control for all kinds of actions.

You can not watch your suitcase? Looking for your Smartphone? You have lost your keys ? Who has never experienced these situations ... fortunately Gablys is there for you;)



Gablys barrière virtuelle


Your Smartphone informs you as soon as you move away from your Glablys (you can define the distance - up to 15 meters).

Locate where your Gablys and Smartphone have lost their connection

■ Watch over your belongings and even your loved ones (children or your pet)
■ "Last seen" feature
■ An alarm informs you instantly when the link is broken
■ Range up to 50 meters (GPS beacon mode)


Motion sensing

Do not lose your objects with the motion sensor that alerts you when there is a theft attempt.

■ Place Gablys where you want it: in your wallet or purse, hanging on a bicycle or a door ...
■ Monitor your child's sleep
■ You are instantly notified in case of movement
■ The first portable alarm system


Gablys détecteur de mouvement
Gablys recherche inverse

Ring back

Use the Find feature and Gablyss makes a sound or highlight, or press the gablyss and your phone will ring.

■ Find the object to which Gablys hangs or find your Smartphone
■ Sounds and light.
■ Smarphone rings even in silent mode.
■ Track up to 8 devices.


Sound and light

The search is made easier thanks to the sound and a set of lights illustrated by 3 leds.

Even in dark places, finding your objects is childplay!

■ 3 multicolor leds
■ Buzzer


Gablys son et lumières
Gablys déclencheur photo

Camera shutter

Take pictures with your smartphone easier than ever before.

No need to turn your smartphone in any direction and the trigger, just press your Gablys.

■ Selfies or group pictures
■ Remote camera


Thanks to the Shutton feature, your Gablys becomes a smart button. Control what you want(New features added to each update).

■ Music player (iTunes,Google, Deezer, Spotify…)
■ Emergency Phone Call*
■ Phone Light
■ More coming soon

*Android Only


Gablys shutton




Gablys position GPS

Real-time position

You lost an item? Alert the community! As soon as a Gablys Guardian is in the range of your Gablys you will receive it’s position in real time. You can’t go on site to pick it up? No problems, you can ask the Gablys Guardian to pick it for you.

Gablys récompense

Reward who find your item

Sometimes it’s easier to ask people to pick up your item as soon as they are close. In this case you can create a reward for finding your item. As soon as you get your item back the Guardian will be rewarded.

Gablys communauté

Make money finding item

The exclusive Gablys Guardian system let you engage in the community, even if you don’t own a Gablys. Just install the Gablys App and you are a Gablys Guardian. Help finding a lost item and you will be rewarded!



Gablys Premium

gablys premium

Gablys Lite

gablys lite



■ Bluetooth 4 Low Energy
■ Motion detector
■ 3 multi-colored LEDs
■ Buzzer Piezo
■ Range up to 50 meters
■ Unique design
■ Battery CR2032 up to 6 months of battery life
■ Update via the mobile app
■ Weight: 9g
■ Dimensions: 30x50x8mm



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You have questions ? Look at the FAQ tab on the left, otherwise place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible !

Gablys received, Gablys unpacked

The packaging is of good quality : thick cardboard with matt coating with a soft touch.

 gablys packaging gablys déballage

What's inside the box

- Our Gablys (thankfully;) )
- A small synthetic recto-verso explanatory note reproducing the functionalities of Gablys in an illustrated way,
- A ring to hang it to its key chain or make it a key chain,
- 2 scratching with adhesive if you want to fix your Gablys on something (while being able to remove it afterwards with the scratch): a bike for example.

Small detail discreet but nice: if you cut the packaging according to the pattern drawn on it, you can make it a base for your phone: here is a smart way to make a packaging 100% green by giving it a second life !


The product

Gablys is aesthetic (in the shap of a water drop) and the finishes are very neat, everything has been assembled to the millimeter, no place to approximation and yet we are picky! There is a small discrete notch to open Gablys the day you need to change the stack.

Gablys petite taille gablys porte-clés gablys haut-parleur

Using the app

We download the application in 5 seconds, we create an account in 10 seconds and we read the feature tutorials in 1 minute (very appreciable to be able to use its Gablys at 100% of its capacities from the beginning).

We add Gablys by approaching it the screen (automatic detection). We then choose a photo associated with its Gablys as well as the sound of the ring related to it. Be careful to remove the silent mode of your phone to hear the sound of the music played when choosing the first time (No need to worry, after Gablys will ring your Smartphone even if it is in silent mode).

The application is really intuitive and pleasing to the eye, there is neither too much nor not enough, each button has its importance without being overloaded and lose the user.

We tested all the features of the Gablys and to be honest, we were amazed by its effectiveness! It responds perfectly: no bugs, no approximations, Gablys masters its product and the technology associated with brio.

 gablys application 1 gablys application 1 gablys application 1 



We liked (besides its basic functionnality) 

- The color of the wallpaper of the application that changes: hot (red) / cold (blue) depending on the distance to which one is from his Gablys

- The anti-theft mode: as soon as its Gablys moves, an alarm sounds (to activate or not on Gablys Premium)

- The function Find Gablys by making it light (LEDs integrated in the Gablys Premium)

- The remote trigger by pressing its Gablys to take a picture: TOP

- FAQs directly in the application

- Its compact size

- The battery level of the Gablys displayed on the application

- Approximate distance from self to Gablys

- Disabling all 1-touch notifications

- Making money by helping other members of the community to search for their Gablys (and thus their lost items)


gablys leds éclairantesgablys photo retardateur
Gablys LEDs mode to find it in the dark
Self-timer mode to trigger a remote photo


In conclusion, Gablys has nothing to envy to its North American neighbors, on the contrary, they even have a head start: French Tech can be proud.


Note: the technology used is Bluetooth (you will have to watch the phone from time to time and sometimes turn off Bluetooth when you do not necessarily need to be connected to your Gablys).

Noova Team.


gablys application

Very intuitive, the application is ergonomic and modern. We have focused on the user experience and all features are easily accessible. Disabling all alerts of your Gablys, for example, will require only a single "touch".



- Battery level display

- Supports up to 8 Gablys

- Name, photo and ringtone of each customizable Gablys

- Anti-theft by motion detection

- Android 4.4 and later

- iPhone 4S and later

- Great parallax effects

- Community Gablys Guardian

1. How do I add a Gablys ?

When a new Gablys is near your phone, it should display a "+" symbol on the dashboard.

Press this "+" and approach Gablys on your phone (the screen should turn red).

Once connected, you can enter a name and choose a photo for your Gablys.

Register and your Gablys is ready for use!


2. I have lost my Gablys, what now?

You lost your Gablys? No worries, our community is there for you.

To declare it lost, press the icon at the bottom right in map mode, you will be able to declare your Gablys as lost.


3. How do I activate the "Guardian mode" ?

The "Guardian Mode" allows you to participate in the community and earn money by finding lost items.

If you registered on the Gablys application, you are already in Guardian mode, whether you own a Gablys or not.


4. I have acquired a ne Gablys but it doesn't appear on the app, what now?

The new Gablys are "asleep" to not use the battery.

To wake it simply press the button. The Gablys rings to indicate that it is active: it will appear shortly in your application.


5. My Gablys appears disconnected while it is next to my phone

If the Gablys is in range of your phone but appears disconnected, please check the following:

The Bluetooth of the smartphone is activated.

Bablys battery level is correct.

Restart the smartphone and the Gablys app.

If, despite these checks, the Gablys does not react, contact our technical support department (


6. How much does the community helps cost to find a lost Gablys?

If you are requesting the help of the community to locate your Gablys, a participation of 1.99 € will be required. The Gablys Guardian who helped you will then receive 1 €.

If you request the restitution by hand, you set yourself the amount of the reward (from 11 €).


7. How many Gablys can taken into account by my application?

It depends on the smartphone model. To maintain consistency, the Gablys App application supports up to 8 Gablys.


For other answers click here



You have questions ? Place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!


Netwyse Labs is a startup from Bordeaux, established in June 2014. It is specialized in electronic design and mobile development.

It has its own FabLab in order to control the entire conception cycle, from prototype to serial production.

A major player in French Tech (French Tech refers to the players in the ecosystem of French startups), Gablys has a point of honor to develop and manufacture its products entirely in France.

logo french tech

1. Add a Gablys

2. Setting a Gablys

3. Delete a Gablys

4. Changing Gablys Battery

5. Photo function

6. Hot / Cold Radar


Shipped by the Startup within 48hrs.
Sent from France by followed up letter.
Delivered in 3 days
Delivery fees: 2€ in France / 5€ TTC abroad                       



Right of withdrawal : 14 days from receipt of the order.



If the product is in its original packaging, it has not been used and that it is not damaged or broken. All accessories (and documentation) must be intact and present. The return costs are at the customers expense.



We have thought of everything ! Pay with PayPal and enjoy free returns.




For any return request, contact the startup at, they will communicate the steps as well as the return address.

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