A complete kit to make your kefir at home!

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Kefirko is a home-made kefir kit that is clever and above all very simple to use. It was designed by Marko Borko and Andrej Glažar, two Slovenians engineers that love the drink. The kit can be used to make milk kefir, water kefir as well as sprouting.

 Kefirko Kit to make home-made kefir


Impossible to forget it once you made its acquaintance. Known to be a more powerful probiotic than yoghurt, the drink made from Kefir grains possesses an astronomical number of virtues. It is impossible to list them all, we therefore shall only name a few:

■ Kefir being good probiotics, improves intestinal transit and contributes to the balance of intestinal flora
■ It helps lactose intolerance, eczema and acne!
■ It is a great source of vitamins and nutrients of all kinds
■ It also boosts anti-tumour activity
■ Kefir can also lower your blood pressure and regulate your cholesterol levels

Bonus: many attribute to kefir the merit of the longevity of the peoples of the Caucasus who lived up to 110 years!


Kefirko Kit to make home-made kefir



But the best pro of this "miracle" drink is that it can be made very easily. So why Kefirko? Because it is all-in-one and much more practical than your regular kitchen accessories. And there will be significantly less mess in your kitchen!

Kefirko consists of a glass jar, a strainer lid, a top lid, a swizzle stick and a squeezer.

Glass jar: it can contain 2 kefir servings (600 ml). Its tactile marks will allow you to easily dose your liquid.

Strainer lid: Its slots serve as a sieve to hold kefir grains when pouring the beverage. They are finer on one side than on the other since wter kefir grains are smaller. Finally, its concave shape will allow you to rinse the grains directly in the lid.

Top lid: Aeration is the major criteria of kefir fermentation. The lid has therefore been designed to let the optimal amount of air through, without altering the preparation. It is also equipped with a mini measuring cup to measure the grain quantity.

Squeezer: Squeeze your citrus juice directly into the container by placing it on the strainer lid.

Swizzle stick: Very practical, this small utensil will be used to add the grains, to remove them from the sieve, to stir the kefir ... Knowing that it is necessary to avoid any contact with metal if you don't want to kill the microorganisms.


Kefirko Kit to make home-made kefir



Milk kefir or water kefir, both are made within minutes and can be drunk after 24 to 48 hours.

1. Put the grains into the jar and add water and fruits or milk. Count one part Kefir for one part liquid.
2. Do not screw the top lid completely, so that some air can enter, but not the gnats.
3. Let it ferment at room temperature for 24 hours. Close the lid totally, then shake Kefirko energetically.
4. If you are making a fruit kefir, use the squeezer to add fresh juice.
5. All you have to do left is pour it into a glass and enjoy it.

Pro tip: You can cover your glass with a waterproof lid and place it in the refrigerator for another 24 hours for a second fermentation.

In addition, once you've mastered the standard kefir, you can venture into its derivatives: kefir cheese, kefir milkshake, kefir granita ... Kids will love it! Then, if you lack creativity, you can always refer to the included +30 recipes booklet.



Kefir grains are alive. They develop and multiply constantly. That is why they're to be shared, bequeathed from neighbour to neighbour, and are transmitted from generation to generation. A beautiful tradition! You will thus find kefir grain givers and seekers on the internet.


Kefirko Kit to sprout seeds



■ Capacity: 800 ml / 27oz
■ Weight: 1 kg / 2,2 lbs
■ BPA free
■ Can be used as a seed sprouter
■ Machine washable
■ Colours: dark blue, light blue, orange, green, white, pink, violet
■ Included: 1 Kefirko, 1 swizzle stick, 1 squeezer, 1 printed booklet with 30+ recipes, 1 user manual

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Kefir is a thousand-year Eurasian fermented drink with miraculous virtues, particularly digestive. To facilitate its preparation, the Slovenian startup Kefirko, created by Marko Borko and Andrej Glažar and based in Maribor designed its glass kit.

A little after raising more than $ 50,000 on Kickstarter in December 2014, Kefirko began working on their second kit, aimed at facilitating cheese preparation. New triumph, it's more than triple the first campaign that the startup raised on June 22, 2017.

A real encouragement, especially since they plan to develop even more accessories in the future. It may be that the next Kefirko will help to make home-made kefir butter!


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