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The Albatros is a new kind of bookmark that follows your reading. No need to remember the page number each time you turn one it inserts itself at the right placeThe Albatros bookmarks were invented and developed by Oscar Lhermitte and are made in France.

Albatros bookmarks design innovating



Here's how we see things: the Albatros bookmark allows you to forget bookmarks.

Once you put it in your book, it will take care of the rest. If you read a novel and suddenly have to stop to take the bus, just drop the book in your bag, you will find the Albatros on the page where you stopped.



Albatros is made out of polypropylene and with repositionable adhesive, the bookmark can last a long time and without damaging any pages Thanks to its structure and shape, each time you turn a page, the bookmark follows. Inserting the Albatros bookmark in a book is done in the blink of an eye. Once you have finished reading the book, leave the Albatros bookmark in place for the next reader, or simply discard it. The product works on any book, pocketbook, sketchbook, diary, of different formats!

Albatros colored bookmarks



The albatross is delivered by pack. There are 2 packs:

6 bookmarks: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and pink.
4 bookmarks: red, blue, gray and yellow.

*The Albatros is not suitable for books larger than 4-5 cm (about 700 pages).



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Oscar Lhermitte is a French multidisciplinary designer based in London. He graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2009 in Product Design and from the Royal College of Art in Design Product in 2011. Oscar sees diversity as a driving force, he does not want to be constrained by only one area of creativity. His body of work ranges from industrial design to photography, video, exhibition curation, set design, art direction, and consulting.

Oscar Lhermitte is the co-founder and director of Sidekick Creatives LTD and was nominated Design Of The Year 2014 by the Design Museum of London.

Oscar curated the No Randomness exhibition for the 2015 International Design Biennale of Saint Etienne.

Appart from this own work, Oscar is also a tutor at the Royal College of Art. Together with Durrell Bishop, he is teaching in the Object Mediated Interactions platform in Design Products.

1. Will the adhesive damage my books?

No, it wont. The adhesive used is a removable one. You can stick it and remove it without damaging your loved books.

2. Can I reuse my bookmark in another book?

You could potentially use one bookmark for several books. However, the glue might become less sticky after multiple uses.

We see the Albatros bookmark as integrated in every book. When we have finished reading a book, we leave the Albatros inside so that the next time someone will read it, the bookmark will be there.

3. Does Albatros work on any book of any format?

The Albatros bookmark works on books, pocketbooks, sketchbooks, diaries, A to Z maps, of different sizes.

It is however not suitable for book thicknesses over 4-5 cm.

4. I have just inserted my Albatros bookmark in my book and it is popping out of the book when I open it, what do I do?

This can happen sometimes at the beginning. When the Albatros bookmark has been freshly placed, it is important to mark the inner fold. If you leave the book closed for a moment, the fold will be created naturally.



You have questions ? Place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!


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