Colourful, flexible and ultra-resistant magic glue to create, repair and reinvent

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Versatile, ultra-practical, this patented silicone-based magic paste is the product that will significantly reduce your waste. Think glue but more solid, Patafix but more adhesive, Play-Doh but much more flexible and resistant. Sugru is the adhesive paste that will help you to materialize your luminous ideas.

Sugru ultra resistant fixing glue flexible Repair DIY

In fact, you'll be able to play with a large amount of materials: ceramic, glass, metal, wood, plastic and even fabric! "Play" because handcrafting is trendy again (famous DIYs!) And also because it's the translation of the Irish word "Sugru".

Sugru adhesive paste crafts art creative DIY



Well, it's almost too simple, too bad for those who like the difficulty! After unpacking your Sugru, you have 30 minutes to complete your project. The humidity of the air will trigger Sugru's solidification process.

It is more than enough to repair your washing machine's joint, to make corner bumpers for your smartphone, to re-glue your shoes, to reinvent your child's toy, and so on.

Sugru ultra resistant and versatile glue

Then, count a one-day pause: this may seem long but it's worth the wait. 24 hours after, it is a flexible, completely waterproof, cold, heat and UV-resistant rubber that absorbs shocks that you'll get. Sugru is therefore as practical indoor as outdoor!

Sugru moldable heat and cold resistant glue



Sugru can stick your items forever. However, if you change your mind, you'll just need to remove the paste with a cutter or a knife as close to the surface as possible and scratch off any residue with a tissue or your fingernail. Finally, for beautiful creations, each one of their kind, Sugru is available in several colours varying from classic black to dashing pink. Let's play!

Sugru Pâte insulated flexible glue cable repair



■ Compatible materials: ceramic, glass, metal, wood, most plastics and fabrics
■ Operating temperature: between -50 °C (-58°F) et 180 °C (356°F)
■ Waterproof,stands up to extreme weather, UV rays, sea water
Electrically insulating (under 24 Volts, under 1Amp)
■ Pro tip: keep unopened Sugru packs in the fridge to triple the shelf life
Can hold up to 2kg of weight

Available in 2 different packs in mono-colour or mixed :

■ 3-Sugru pack
■ 8-Sugru pack

1. Is Sugru food safe?

Sugu is not classified as toxic, but it’s not food safe either, so it shouldn’t be used in contact with food or drink. Also, please resist the urge to eat it (or feed it to your pets).


2. Is Sugru skin safe?

Sugru contains a minuscule amount of sensitising ingredients, so can cause an allergic reaction in a very small number of people with sensitive skin or after constant, prolonged contact. For this reason, we don’t recommend Sugru is used anywhere it would be in constant contact with the skin, such as dental applications, prosthetics, headphones or eyeglasses, for example. Find more info on the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) - we have European and American versions available.


3. Can kids use Sugru?

Kids love Sugru because it's just like Play Doh when it comes out of the pack. But our current formulation is not certified as child-safe, so children shouldn't use it. (We are working on this. So watch this space.)

As for parents using Sugru around toddlers and small kids, we’ve seen lots of great parenting projects from our community such as making sharp corners safe, but we don’t recommend using Sugru if kids are likely to chew on it, as it could break off and cause a choke-hazard. And as it’s not food safe, it shouldn’t be put into the mouth.


4. I'm allergic to latex – is Sugru latex-free?

Sugru doesn’t contain latex, but we cannot guarantee that at some point in the manufacturing process an operator wearing latex gloves hasn’t handled it.




You have questions ? Place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible !

Sugru logo

Various events and conferences wanted to make the history of Sugru known since it is so inspiring. It begins with Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh, a 24-year-old Irish student who started her Master's Degree in Art at the Royal College of Art in London. It was in February 2003 that she came up with the simple but full of common sense idea of stopping buying new things all the time and recreate and reimagine what is around her. Jane then started to make a horrible paste (her words, not ours) made with smelly silicone caulk and waste wood dust. She nevertheless managed to enlarge her sink plug and make the handle of her knife more comfortable with it. The very first version of Sugru was born.

In 2004, convinced of the revolutionary product that she had just half-invented, this young student decided to bring together her boyfriend (now husband), her business partner and current executive director Roger, two retired scientists and a patent lawyer to improve her product and enjoy easy success. Despite a £ 35,000 grant awarded to the company by Nesta, the English innovation foundation, in June 2005, the journey to prosperity turned out to be a long and difficult adventure.

In fact, it was only 6 years and 6000 attempts later that Sugru (formerly "Formerol"), "playing" in Irish, received a real recognition with a 10/10 mark from Telegraph's technology as Sugru's team had sent them one of their first 1000 packs.

And the rest, is history : a succession of happy events, an explosion of demand, deliveries in more than 40 countries, 22nd place in the list of the 50 best inventions of 2010 before the iPad, at the 34th place, a campaign on Crowdcube that collected more than 3.5 million pounds ... Today, the silicone paste that fixes everything Sugru finally receives the recognition it deserves, and its inventor Jane too, incidentally.


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