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You love your pink toothbrush, your beautiful Gucci bag, your ultra-original (and 100% green!) water bottle, the coffee machine you've received as a wedding gift ... In short, you wouldn't replace them for some functionality. That's why, instead of buying a dozen of connected tags and objects, suggests you make your objects smarter with Mother.

Mother Connected Object with versatile sensors

Mother, it's like a matryoshka doll. Except that inside, there are no miniature Mothers, it is a whole intelligent system that allows it to control various "magic" sensors called: motions cookies.



Small, discreet and light, the cookie is the key element that will allow you to monitor your objects. In fact, thanks to built-in motion sensors and thermometer, it can inform you of different things. You'll just need to fix it on your current concern.

Mother Connected Object with motion sensors and thermometer

Anything detected by a cookie is immediately sent to Mother. It goes without saying that the data is completely secure and belongs exclusively to you. However, if it is too far away or if there is a power outage, it can store the data in its memory for 10 days.

Another strong point: the autonomy. Cookies want to be anything but an inconvenience in your daily life. For a whole year, you will not need to take care of it. Ideal for grandparents, who will not have to think about changing the cookies battery every month or worse, charge them every day.



It's very simple.

1 # For example, suppose your doctor advised you to drink and walk more. A cookie on your water bottle and you will be notified on your smartphone if you forgot to drink or if you aren't drinking frequently enough. Next, a cookie in your pocket (4 mm!) And you will have at disposal: a pedometer, distances travelled and calories burned of the day.

Mother Connected Object with versatile sensors sport activity

2 # There we go! You have an established and safe routine. You drink water automatically and you know the itinerary to reach 10,000 steps per day. Your cookies can now fulfil other roles. Your child, for example. He is at the rebellious age where one stays out late with the pals and where the hygiene is poor? A cookie on the front door and a cookie on the toothbrush and you will be able to fish for those informations from your office.


3 # Kids grow too fast (enjoy time spent with them!) And not sure that at 18, they'll still let you monitor their toothbrush. But don't panic ! This is still not a reason to throw away your precious cookies. We all have this airhead relative, it's what makes him/her loveable. Nevertheless, that's also what can hurt them. So to make sure they take their pills on time or have the heating at the right temperature ... a cookie on the medicine pack and a cookie on the wall!

Mother Connected Object monitoring reminder

Of course, your cookies will be useful to you in many other ways, let your imagination run wild: the cookie jar, the fridge, the dog, and so on. And if you have several concerns, worry not: Mother can monitor up to 24 cookies at the same time.



Needs are evolving and that is why Mother and her cookies are re-adjusting to your desires of the moment each time . Every need is associated with a mobile application that you can pause whenever you want. In fact, thanks to such a simple system you can take care of what is really useful today. Some days, it could be your sleep, then others your jewellery box, your coffee consumption ...

Mother Home Connected objects dashboard app

Better yet, if you want keep records of everything you've decided to monitor, check out the Senseboard. It's like a magazine where you can discover the headlines of the moment. And if you want to explore a little more about a topic, a click click and you'll have all the juicy details. And for easy access on your smartphone, simply download the Pocket Mother free app.



To be alerted of what happens around Mother and its motions cookies, you will have the choice between: notifications on your smartphone, text messages, emails or phone calls (additional charges applicable). Plus, Mother can also receive sound and light alerts if you wish.

Seduced? All you have to do is connect your Mother to your router or box, fix your cookies everywhere and enjoy a new life: healthy, a peace of mind and a secure environment.



■ Dimensions: 160 x 90 mm (6.3" x 3.5")
■ Weight: 450g / 1lb
■ Connection: wired Ethernet connection to your router
■ Power: 100 to 240 Volts input
■ Compatibility: iOS 7.1 +, Android 4.0 +, Window 8.0 +
■ Open API
■ IFTTT and nest compatible
■ Box content: 1 Mother, 4 motion cookies, 1 quick start guide

Mother and Motions Cookies


■ Dimensions: 50 x 22 mm (1.9" x 0.8")
■ Thickness: 4 mm (0.15")
■ Weight: 6g / 0.2 oz
■ Range: same range as your Wi-Fi network
■ Memory: 10 days
■ Battery: 1 CR2016 replaceable button cell
■ Autonomy: 1 year
■ Radio: 868 MHz (Europe), 915 MHz (North America)
■ IFTTT and nest compatible

POCKET MOTHER - Free download for iOS and Android

Pocket Mother iOS app

Pocket Mother Android app

Pocket Mother app store appPocket Mother android app

Requires iOS 7.0 or later

■ Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Requires Android 4.0 or later

The meaning of life was created by rafi Haladjian, co-founder of Violet, creator of Nabaztag the communicating rabbit and Franck Biehler, an early member of the Violet team. Several other members of the team have previously been part of Violet and have the longest possible experiences in the design of connected objects. ALBEBARAN Robotics is currently the owner of the Nabaztag brand. understood what is important in life during its ten years of experience. Some believe that the world can not live without connectivity and shares this vision, but with one exception. He believes that even with the virtual interaction that the world has gained, we can still live our daily lives, go for walks in the park with the children or go out for dinner without having to think about how to charge his Smartphone so that the beeper can inform us about the meteorological data. For, these gadgets can be part of our daily life by having more intelligence so that their knowledge and functioning alone are enough to add to our well-being. For them, "Connecting objects has been a thing heard for ten years. Connecting life is the real challenge. "


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