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Your bike is fast, sturdy, gorgeous. Once you're on it, you feel like nothing can ruin your day. Nothing except a dozen red lights, a hard location to find, a really important missed call, if it gets stolen, or worse ... if you get knocked down by a car. Well, the bike of the future makes it possible to escape all this. The bike of the future, it's your bike, equipped with SmartHalo.


Smart Halo cyclist accessory



SmartHalo is a connected circular device that you mount on your bike's handlebar. Its shape is simple and its interface minimalist. In fact, it uses a luminous halo to communicate directions and information to you. This design choice was made for you to stay focused on the essential: the road. Plus, it can benefit any bike: mountain bike, hybrid bike, city bike ...


Smart Halo GPS anti-theft bike



Despite a simplistic design, its functions won't be insignificant. Combined with its mobile app of the same name, your bike equipped with SmartHalo will become smart.

Forget your phone's GPS! There is nothing more stressful than having to take it out in a rush at each red light to make sure you're still on the right path. Once your destination is validated, you won't need to take your phone out of your pocket any more. In fact, every turn is indicated on SmartHalo through luminous patterns until the destination is reached. Plus, it chooses the quickest routes and the safest routes.

And if you have your preferences and habits, SmartHalo has a Compass mode. Thus, it will simply point to your destination, leaving you the choice of the path.


Smart Halo GPS anti-theft compass bike



Popular feature among connected objects, SmartHalo could not leave the fitness tracker out. It can indeed follow your metrics: time, distance, average speed, burned calories and total elevation. All this data will be on the app! However, if you want to keep an eye on your progress in real time, SmartHalo can display it before your eyes. Better still, you can also view your speed in the same way. To activate it? No button, just cycle. Same thing to stop, it is done automatically, when you stop cycling.


Smart Halo GPS anti-theft compass bike



Let there be light ! SmartHalo's smart lamp turns on automatically when it starts to turn dark and turns off when you leave your bike. How? Thanks to its sophisticated sensors which can detect your presence. Seeing, and above all being seen, is vital to travel at night.


Smart Halo LED light bike


Rush hour, it's noisy all around, everything moves, vibrates ... difficult to hear incoming calls on your smartphone! SmartHalo offers you to see them with the help of its personal assistant function. Whether it's your loved one who wants to know when you'll be back or your friend who's informing you of the last minute groceries you need to bring to the party, you will be alerted by a flashing blue light.


Smart Halo connected bike GPS activity tracker


SmartHalo wants to help you keep your bike for the longest time possible. In fact, it has an internal sensor that will trigger a strong siren on detection of a theft attempt. Do not panic when it's time to get back on your bike! It will recognize your smartphone and will automatically turn off. If you don't have it with you or in the event of a battery failure, you can enter a manual deactivation code.



SmartHalo is a sturdy device ready to follow your bike everywhere. And this despite the weather. In fact, it can withstand any weather condition: mud, snow, rain, etc. It will not hold you back from fully experiencing your cyclo-adventures. Same for its battery: its lasts 3 weeks of 1 hour rides per day. To recharge it, simply remove the device from your bike using the Halo Key ™.


Smart Halo GPS anti-theft compass bike



■ Height (SmartHalo): 26.5 mm
■ Height (with handlebar clips): 79 mm to 87 mm
■ Width: 96.5 mm
■ Depth: 66.5 mm
■ Weight: 195g
■ Sensors: 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetometer
■ Fits all standard handlebars : 22.2 mm, 25.4 mm and 31. mm
■ Interface: 25 high intensity RGB LEDs
■ Autonomy: 3 weeks
■ Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart, ANT+
■ Compatibility: iPhone 4S and up, Android smartphones equipped with BLE


SMARTHALO - Free download for iOS and Android

SmartHalo iOS app

SmartHalo android app

SmartHalo app store appSmartHalo android app

Requires iOS 9.0 or later

■ Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Requires Android 4.4 or later

CycleLabs logo

CycleLabs is a Canadian startup (Quebec) created in 2014 by 4 bike lovers: Xavier Peich, Olivier Bourbonnais, Maxime Couturier and Gabriel Alberola. These fellows started from the observation that the accessories revolving around bikes weren't suitable for the city. In particular, anti-theft devices and safety accessories that need to be mounted and dismounted each time.

That's how they got the idea of SmartHalo, an object connected to a smartphone that you mount on the handlebar. A small waterproof device that includes an alarm, a GPS, an automatic lamp, a fitness tracker ... In 2015, SmartHalo was introduced on Kickstarter and collected more than $ 530,000.


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If the product is in its original packaging, it has not been used and that it is not damaged or broken. All accessories (and documentation) must be intact and present. The return costs are at the customers expense.



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For any return request, contact the startup at, they will communicate the steps as well as the return address.

1. Ai-je besoin d’une connexion à internet pour utiliser SmartHalo?

La plupart des fonctions de SmartHalo utilisent Bluetooth plutôt qu’une connection internet. Ceci dit, la fonction de navigation nécessite l’accès aux données cellulaires.


2. Est-ce que SmartHalo va fonctionner sur mon vélo?

99% de chance que oui. Nous avons conçu SmartHalo pour qu’il s’adapte aux trois grands standards de guidon sur le marché : 22.2, 25.4 et 31.8 mm. Écrivez-nous si vous avez autre chose.

3. Est-ce que SmartHalo protège mon vélo contre le vol?

Oui! Nous prenons l’approche proactive, avec un système d’alarme qui détecte les mouvements. Si quelqu’un est un peu trop curieux de votre vélo, une forte sirène se fait entendre. SmartHalo vous reconnait grâce à votre téléphone et désactive automatiquement l’alarme dès que vous approchez.


4. Est-il sécuritaire de laisser SmartHalo sur mon vélo?

Oui. En tant que cyclistes, nous connaissons la frustration éprouvée par le vol, et c’est l’un des problèmes auquel nous voulons nous attaquer. Nous avons conçu un boitier ultra sécuritaire que seul vous, avec votre HaloKey™, pouvez enlever.

5. Est-ce que SmartHalo résiste à la pluie?

Oui! SmartHalo résiste à tout ce que vous lui balancez. Une fois installé sur votre vélo, ce n’est pas une petite pluie qui va l’empêcher de fonctionner.



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