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Rocki transforms your stereo system, car, boombox, alarm clock or home theater into a wireless music system: no need to replace perfect speakers!

And the best : you can now listen to Spotify using Spotify Connect directly from your Rocki.



Rocki allows your phone, tablet or computer to be the remote control of your speakers!

Use the WiFi network to play your own music stored on your phone, tablet or computer by connecting your Rocki to any audio system.

For iOS users: all streaming services can be accessed using AirPlay, so you can listen to music in a natural way.

For Android users: download the Rocki app for free to send your music from your phone to your speakers or from Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer,, FamilyStream built into the Rocki application. More streaming services to come!

For PC users: Play your local music via Airplay in iTunes or Spotify Connect. You can control the volume and playlist for all your speakers from your monitor.

rockie features

Rocki is connected to your audio system via a standard 3.5mm jack or standard RCA audio connectors and is powered by a USB cable charger with an integrated battery.



The only wi-fi streaming device that fits in your pocket and has a built in battery. Take it to a friend’s but watch out for spontaneous dance parties!




ROCKI uses wi-fi for streaming so you’re getting higher fidelity sound compared to Bluetooth and a much wider range.

rocki audio quality



The free Rocki application makes you a DJ. Use your phone or tablet to play music to any speakers. To download on GooglePlay and the Apple Store.

Click the APP tab on the left for more details.

Rocki mobile app iphone android



You have several speakers ?? US too ! No problem, you can easily use several Rocki (one per speaker), just select the right Rocki from the application depending on which speaker you want to broadcast! You can also play your music simultaneously on several Rocki.

You can give your friends / family acces to your Rocki so that they control it. Everyone can share their music wirelessly with Rocki. It's so convenient ... instead of plugging and unplugging phones each time to a jack plug to transfer each other's music!

rocki anywhere



■ Materials: plastic and silicone

■ Integrated Lithium-ion battery (more than 4 hours of use)

■ Standard 3.5mm jack plug to connect to your speakers and micro USB jack to recharge Rocki. Wifi connection from your smartphone / tablet / PC

■ Dimensions: 9.9cm x 5.3cm x 1.7cm

■ Weight: 60 g



Everything is included in the box: 1 Rocki, 1 auxiliary cable (jack), 1 RCA cable (white and red), 1 charger.

Power adapter included.

Color: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, purple, black.
rocki colors

rocki in the box



You have questions ? Look at the FAQ tab on the left, otherwise place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible !

iOS and ANDROID COMPATIBLE (Click "iOS" or "Android" to be redirected)
android iphone rocki application

The free Rocki (or AirPlay) application allows users to stream music from their phone, tablet, or computer. For iOS users, all streaming services can be accessed using AirPlay. For Android users, Spotify, Sound Cloud, Deezer, and many others are integrated into the Rocki application (with more services to come).

The Rocki application also allows to play your music simultaneously on several Rocki.

Compatible with:
-iPhone, iPod touch, iPad: iOS 7 minimum
-Android 4.4 and later
-format sound: MP3, FLAC, OGG, MP4, ...

1. Is Rocko easy to install?

Very :) Once you open the Rocki application, everything will appear to you as obvious.

2. How do I install Rocki on Android and iOS?

Android: Download the Rocki app from the Google Play Store and go to the settings. Click "Add a Rocki" and follow the instructions! Want to install Rocki without the application? Follow this steps.
IOS: Again it is very simple: follow these steps. Follow this steps.

3. Can I use several Rocki in my house?

Yes ! Put a Rocki in the living room connected to your HiFi system. The other in the kitchen, your bedroom or the bathroom connected to a speaker dock. With the Rocki app you choose where you want the music to play!

4. Can I play music on several Rocki at once?

Yes ! Very very soon thanks to an update of our application.

5. Can I use Rocki outdoors during picnic, while hip-hoping, on vacation, in my car ...?

Yes ! Rocki is equipped with an internal battery so you can enjoy it for 4 hours (or more if you use a mobile battery) without the need for an outlet !

6. What audio formats does Rocki support?

MP3, MP4, FLAC, OGG, ... anything your smartphone can play!

7. Is Rocki compatible with other applications?

Yes! Rocki uses open standards UPnP and DLNA to stream music and many other applications are compatible with this technology. In the Google Play Store you can also find Bubble UPNP that works great with Rocki and adds some features like NAS playback and Google Music.

8. How many Rocki can I use at home?

As much as you want (depending on the settings of your router)!




You have questions ? Place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!

rocki logo

Rocki is a Startup based in New York in the USA.

Co-Founders Nick Yap and Dennis List met in 2002 at a LAN party in the Netherlands. In 2008, Yap and List worked in a company developing a multimedia player. They first thought there was a market for this type of product at that time when people were connecting their devices via bluetooth on their TV. Yap and List have thus stirred their brains and brought to life a product that has an even greater impact in the connected world in which we live.

Rocki has developed a small device that allows you to broadcast all the music you love, with the speakers you already have, simply and transparently via Wifi. So you can send music remotely to your wired speakers ... thus they become wireless!

Rocki carried out a crowdfunding campaign and was more than successful when they raised $ 222,917 exactly!


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Delivery fees: 14€



Right of withdrawal : 7 days from receipt of the order.



If the product is in its original packaging, it has not been used and that it is not damaged or broken. All accessories (and documentation) must be intact and present. The return costs are at the customers expense.



30 days



1 year



We have thought of everything ! Pay with PayPal and enjoy free returns.




For any return request, contact us at, we will communicate the steps as well as the return address.

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