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Simple and elegant, Nope is a magnetized cover for camera lenses (MAC, PC and tablets).

nope camera lense cover


■ Tape loses its stickiness over time
■ Tape is easily forgotten, lost, or repurposed, leaving the camera exposed
■ Tape doesn’t look very professional and isn't aesthetic
■ Tape may leave a sticky residue

The shocking truth is that just about anyone can hack into your computer and turn on the camera without you even knowing it. The only way to guarantee your privacy is to cover the camera when you are not using it. That it is your space, so you should be the one to decide when your camera is being used. Nope will work with all your mobile devices.

nope different ways to hide your camera lense


The Nope features a subtle design which matches the beautiful aesthetic of top laptops and desktops. The magnet elegantly revolves around the base magnet like a planet revolving around the sun!

dimensions nope mini camera lense cover

dimensions nope

Nope micro with a macbook 15

Nope does not interfere with the total closure of your Macbook Pro or Macbook Air.

nope macbook pro

nope macbook air


One magnet of Nope is attached to your computer with thin 3M VHB tape. The other magnet is held in place by attractive magnetic pull. There is a thin space between the magnet and the computer, so the magnet (hiding the camera) does not touch the computer while moving or in place. It partially levitates and only a small part is held by magnetism.

The magnetism is strong enough to hold and stay in place and not so strong as to damage or affect any electronics. And all this without any scratches!

Nope imacnope PC



You will receive a Pack of 3 Nopes of 2 different sizes: 1 Nope + 2 Nope mini

Nope is available in silver or black

* It is necessary to use the supplied 3M small adhesive tape to attach the back of the nope base magnet on your device if it does not naturally magnetize.

Nope camera lense covernope camera lense cover



You have questions ? Look at the FAQ tab on the left, otherwise place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible !


Nope is minimalist and its packaging too. This is the first thing we see when we receive Nope!

Nope Bundajungle



The pack of 3 sets of Nope magnets (classic, mini and micro) is delivered in a packaging the size of a doubled business card. Inside, the magnets are glued lightly on an adhesive tape.

Nope aimants webcam intrusions



About the installation, simply remove the pair of magnets you want to use depending on whether it is for your PC / Mac or tablet (see the bottom of the descriptive tab of Product for the compatibility of your device according to the type of nope). We advise you to detach them with tweezers to avoid losing them.

- if the base magnetize naturally on your device: simply put the base magnet on your device
- if the base does not magnetize naturally on your device: put the base on your device by placing the small 3M adhesive tape provided behind the base to stick it on the device (the adhesive does not damage and does not leave Traces on the device).

Then place the small magnet of the pair side by side at the base (at the camera's webcam): it will automatically magnetize.
Thanks to the magnetism created by the 2 magnets, it is possible to move the magnet that hides the webcam if you want to hide it or not.

(See the video in the "nope installation" tab on the left)

Nope fixé à un MacBook



For each pair of Nope magnets, a magnet with an adhesive placed next to our webcam makes it possible to support the base magnet when we want to attach it to a device that is not magnetized in this location. For MacBooks, for example, it is not necessary to use this adhesive.

Nope pour éviter les intrusions via sa webcam


We may be surprised when we receive Nope who embodies the definition of minimalism to perfection (up to packaging). Still, Nope fulfills its role perfectly: it protect us efficiently and elegantly against any intrusion in our private life. And that's what we love :)
Noova Team.

bungajungle log

Bungajungle emerged from the desire for freedom from limitations. We design innovative products that will enhance your digital life.

Ananda Svarupa Das has successfully launched several participatory fundraising campaigns on Kickstarter: Bunglejungle, the design serving utility! Ananda teamed up with Dan Martinez (experienced industrial engineer), Karni Kahlon (market specialist) and Alicia Rami (administrative and creative consultant).

Dan brings 25 years of product design experience to the market.

Karni is our marketing and production specialist. For twenty years, he was manager of several companies where his objective was to bring 100% customer satisfaction.

Alicia's experience in a wide variety of professional environments has proven to be a very valuable asset in the evolution of BungaJungle.

1. Can Nope be used on tabletts or iPads ?

Yes, to use Nope on an iPad, attach a Nope Mini on the front camera and a Nope (classic) on the rear camera. Nope Mini fits perfectly on the front panel and Nope (classic) perfectly on the rear camera. It is best to use it with a shell so that the magnet is not attracted to any external metal.

It is necessary to use the supplied 3M small adhesive tape to secure the back of the nope base magnet on your device if it does not naturally magnetise with the nope base


2. Does Nope work on the screen of Macbook Pro/Air 15 " or 13"?

Yes, we tested Nope on both the MacBook Pro / Air 15 "and 13". Nope and Nope Mini are compatible and you will not encounter any problems when closing these laptops.

We use a 3M VHB adhesive tape to fix the base magnet. It adheres well to the glass and removes without leaving traces. The removable magnet partially levitates so that it does not touch the glass. The combination of smooth and light magnets and partial levitation prevents scratching.


3. Can the magnets be removed easily? There seems to be a risk for children who might swallow it…

 The base magnet is glued with 3M VHB tape. The removable magnet can be removed easily. There may be a risk for the children, so we recommend that it be used under the supervision of an adult.



You have questions ? Place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!


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