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If you've already had media and docks for your mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad or Android devices, you've probably experienced the same frustration as us. Fixing them and removing them are often difficult repetitive gestures and many supports are not designed to work with shells. Moreover, they are often unnecessarily large, of poor quality and cumbersome. There are suctions cups that do not hold ... practically never and take time to be fixed. In other cases, the suction cup becomes dirty, loses its adhesion and is affected by temperature.

It is for all this that we present to you ... NEUTRON!

neutron sur ordinateur neutron ordinateur



For all the reasons stated above, we have designed Neutron S and Neutron A. Neutron is very easy to use, to fix and remove. It works on all phones and all tablets. Neutron S and Neutron A are manufactured with precision, sculpted in materials used in aerospace: solid aluminum microbilled and anodized to marry the aesthetics of the best Apple and Android devices of today. The magic of Neutron lies in its armored magnets of permanent neodymium magnets. They never lose their grip and are not affected by dirt or temperature changes.

neutron voiture


Neutron appuie tête



Each Neutron S and Neutron A has patented magnetic shielding. This means that there is no magnetic field that will come into contact with your device, which makes Neutron S and Neutron A the most advanced mounting systems. The magnetic field is limited on the fastening disc. So for those who worry about the harmful effects of magnets on their devices, you have nothing to fear!



Neutron S can be mounted directly (without a fastening grip) on a metal surface (such as a refrigerator) or mounted elsewhere with the supplied 3M mounting strip. The tape  used is the same tape used by GoPro to fix their cameras. It has a surprising fixation force and can be removed easily and cleanly if necessary. It also resists temperature changes.

neutron mur maison

The fastening disc measures less than 2cm and is ultra thin with a thickness of 1 mm. Thanks to its fineness, it can be easily installed between your phone and its shell. The disc can also be attached directly to your Apple phone, Android, Windows Phone or its protective shell with supplied 3M VHB tape. Due to the weight of the tabletts, the disc must be applied directly to the back or the shell. The mounting strip and the disk can easily be removed without damaging your device.

neutron finesse



NEUTRON S : Available in 2 colors: light gray and dark gray

mesures neutron s

neutron s noir


NEUTRON A (below): By its shape, Neutron A allows you to attach your device to different locations of Neutron S (on a dashboard for example). The adhesive tape is located under Neutron A for an impeccable fixing.

Available in 2 colors: light gray and dark gray

neutron A noirneutron A gris


The fastening disc (below) is to be affixed to your mobile device and adheres with its 3M adhesive back. The attachment is the same regardless of whether you use Neutron S or A or both;) This disc is used to attract magnetically your devices to Bungajungle products.

The design is square with rounded corners and a micro-blended texture for a premium finish to match your devices. It is an incredible finesse ..!

neutron fixation seule


Thinking about fixing your phone or tablet? Whether you plan to acquire the next iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad Air or the next phone developed by Google, Neutron S is ready for the device of your choice! In addition to being perfectly suited to electronic devices, Neutrons S can also be used as a support for your keys, your kitchen utensils or anything else you can think of. Do not be afraid of change, adopt Neutron;)




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BungaJungle emerged from the desire to free itself from limitations. We design innovative products that will enhance your digital life.

Ananda Svarupa Das has successfully launched a participatory fundraising campaign on Kickstarter: Bunglejungle, the most versatile support! Ananda teamed up with Dan Martinez (experienced industrial engineer), Karni Kahlon (market specialist) and Alicia Rami (administrative and creative consultant).

Dan brings 25 years of product design experience to the market.

Karni is our marketing and production specialist. For twenty years, he was manager of several companies where his objective was to bring 100% customer satisfaction.

Alicia's experience in a wide variety of professional environments has proven to be a very valuable asset in the evolution of Bungajungle.

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