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The Jagger & Lewis startup created the first smart dog collar that’s able to understand their behaviors, monitor them, advise you and alert you as soon as possible when they are not doing well. Your dog is a full member of the family. Nobody knows him better than you. Only, we are not always with him and we would like to know if everything is fine when he is alone and to keep up with his daily life.

Jagger & Lewis smart collar



Thanks to the application available on iOS and Android, you will be able to follow the evolution of your dog’s behaviours, but also to be alerted when something is wrong. The application will give you many tips to improve your dog's well-being, challenges, and tools to better understand his behavior.





When you connect the device to your iOS (iphone) or Android-compatible application for the first time, you will have to answer a few questions to get to know your dog better: his age, his breed, his weight, what he eats, his habits...

The data linked to his behavior and his environment will then be sent to a welfare matrix which will interpret each new behavior through a welfare algorithm and thus assess his attitude to hunger, thirst, sleep, stress, pain and activity in comparison with his usual behavior and the behavior of dogs of the same type and size.


Jagger & Lewis connected collar for dogs



Even when you know your dog very well, some behaviors are beyond us and are hard to identify. Why is my dog yawning at this time? Did he scratch several times during the day? Is this due to a skin problem? Does he drink enough? All these behaviors have a meaning and through the collar you learn to identify and understand these behaviors and answer any questions you have about your dog.

In fact, this connected collar can alert you and especially advise you in the subjects of hunger, thirst, sleep, stress, sores... If watching over your dog is obvious, this is a simple and effective way to prevent some diseases while learning to get to know him better.



With the app you will first establish your dog’s profile on the first use because each dog is different!

Is it rather quiet or active? Does he have access to a bowl of water at night? What are his places he likes to rest, where does he sleep? Is he suffering from an illness? How long does he usually walk? Does he live with other animals? Etc.

These data will then be crossed and taken into account with the behaviors that the collar will detect to provide you with an evaluation specific to your dog and thus identify each event that will really come out of the ordinary.

The app’s database lists more than 300 breeds of dogs. This is unique in the marketplace, and essential to help us to better understand each behavior.




 Jagger & Lewis mobile app connected dog collar

Once notified, you'll be guided and advised on how to improve your dog's welfare. As an example, if he can't sleep much, discover why, and how you can make it better. Finally, take advantage of the Challenge mode that challenges you to spend more time with your dog, with several tips on how you can play together!





For example, if your dog barks all day when you are not there, day after day, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of some tips on the evolution of his behavior! To discover that your dog barks more or less than usual is to better understand him, to improve its well-being, yours and definitely your neighbors’.




Let us remind you that the Jagger & Lewis app doesn’t require any monthly subscription. Do you have several dogs? You can connect up to 3 collars on the same app. An app that is available for IOS and Android.



A team of skilled engineers and passionate veterinarians wanted to make the device as practical as possible and suited for all dogs over 2kg. It only weights 35 grams. No worries for the most adventurous dogs, it is robust and waterproof (CE, IP67 standards), an accessory that can follow him everywhere.




Without a subscription, you'll have access to the assessment of your dog's well-being, his behavior profile, and general advice. Our subscription plans give you access to absence mode, which allows you to follow your dog's behavior even when you're away from him.

Updating the data

Depending on your lifestyle and needs, you can choose to receive an assessment of your dog's well-being every 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or 2 hours. You will receive a warning more quickly in the event that abnormal behavior is detected, so you can rest assured he's doing well all throughout the day.

Monitoring in your absence

Are you spending the day at work? Taking off to do a little shopping? An evening out? With the Jagger & Lewis collar, you'll receive an accurate assessment of your dog's well-being while you're away and know exactly what he's up to at all times. In the event that any issue arises, you'll be notified immediately!



Jagger & Lewis connecter dog collar




■ Dimensions: 60 x 30 x 28 mm
■ Weight: 35g
■ Operating temperature: -20° to 50°C
■ Storage temperature: -30° à 60°C
■ Waterproof with the IP67 certification
■ Suited for all collars
■ Mobile app compatible with iOS and Android (will be available soon)
■ Battery: rechargeable with a 3 to 5 days autonomy.
■ Made in France
■ 2 years warranty

Included in 1 Jagger & Lewis box: 1 device, 1 USB cable, 1 attachment, 3 elastics, 1 start guide


Jagger & Lewis logo

At Jagger & Lewis, we invent technological objects and services for a simpler, richer, more fun daily life. Our first product is a smart collar for your dog that’s able to understand his daily behaviors and alert you when he is not well "(Alexandre Delille - CEO).
Founded in 2015, the team now has 14 people.
The creation of Jagger & Lewis comes from a common desire: the improvement of the well-being and peace in everyday life. Through the Jagger & Lewis smart collar, the team turned to a common passion: dogs. The first connected object that improves well-being, the smart dog collar allows all family members to better understand each other and live together.
A range of personalities and talents works every day to develop a product that will bring well-being, peace and modernity within the family.
From the veterinarian to the engineer to the community manager, each member of the team brings his professional touch and his benevolent gaze to offer you a quality product.

Jagger & Lewis launched a Kickstarter campaign in January 2017, their $50,000 goal was reached within 6 days before the end of the campaign!

After more than 18 months of hard work to fine-tune their collar, this team of dog lovers above all schedules the first deliveries for May 2017.


Shipped by startup.
Shipping in May 2017.
Delivery fees:
■ France: €10
■ Europe and Switzerland: €15
■ Rest of the word: €20



Right of withdrawal: 14 days from receipt of the order.



If the product is in its original packaging, it has not been used and that it is not damaged or broken. All accessories (and documentation) must be intact and present. The return costs are at the customers expense.



We have thought of everything ! Pay with PayPal and enjoy free returns.




For any return request, contact the startup at hello@jagger-lewis.com, they will communicate the steps as well as the return address.

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