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It's time to revolutionize the keychain !

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Make an impression with Orbitkey 2.0. Not only it is practical, but Orbitkey 2.0 also embodies elegance. Our goal is to create keys accessories that you can be proud to wear.

orbitket élégant



Orbitkey 2.0 turns your keyring into a compact, well-organized stack. You can organize your keys in your order of preference, which will help you find the right key quickly and effortlessly.

orbitkey organisé



Orbitkey 2.0 is really silent. It just will not make no noise! Perfect for keeping it in your pocket when you're jogging or when you go home late at night.

orbit key silencieux



Keys do not always fit well with your Smartphone or other precious items, Orbitkey 2.0 protects your belongings against key scratches.

fini les rayures orbitkey



OrbitKey 2.0 is available with an interchangeable bands and a wide selection of materials and colors. You can have several straps depending on your style and occasions.

personnalisée orbitkey



Orbitkey 2.0 is suited for both minimalists and traditionalists. Whether you have 3 or 7 keys, the Orbitkey 2.0 will remain compact and organized! Your keys can easily be stored in a pocket or bag!

orbitkey Flexible



Our custom locking mechanism helps solve the problems that traditional screws can cause. It is specially created so that your keys do not loosen over time and it also allows you to adjust the tightening of your key stack. It was also designed to complement the overall sophistication of the product.

lock system orbitkey



In case you are wondering, each Orbitkey 2.0 comes with an extra mounting ring to hang larger objects such as your car keys or your bike lock keys! (No extra charge)

transport de clés orbitkey



Orbitkey 2.0 is like a Swiss knife for keys ... spice up your Orbitkey 2.0 with a USB stick or a bottle opener!

clé usb avec orbitkey

It's our good-old bottle opener... ON STEROIDS! You can now carry 6 tools in one compact form.



spécificités techniques orbitkey

  • Weight: approximativaly 25g with 3 keys    
  • Dimension: 85mm long x 19mm wide
  • Material: Locking mechanism: Stainless Stell
  • Bands: Cowhide leather / Canvas / TPU Elastomer



You can use most of the classic keys with Orbitkey 2.0. If you happen to have keys with a hole diameter smaller than 5mm, let us know. We have some tricks for it to work with these as well;)


trou diamètre clés






Orbitkey aims to inspire and change the way people interact with their keys. Based in Melbourne, our Startup takes great pride in its mission to provide design and practical solutions that users will be proud to wear. In short, we want everyone to finally love their keys!


It first started when Charles made the first prototype to solve a problem: his pet hated the sound of the keys clashing together.

After sharing on the subject with our family and friends, we came to realize that the very popular "keychain" so familiar was far from perfect!

What began as a personal project became something much bigger after our project was very widely supported on Kickstarter.

Although we are all familiar with the classic "key chain" and we grew up with it, it was far from perfect. It was noisy, it was disorganized, it regularly damaged everything that came to its contact and it was unpleasant! All that Orbitkey is not!

We started experimenting with different materials and models. The initial design involved the use of Chicago screws, but we quickly found that they were unreliable as they came off over time. We then decided to create something of ourselves: a tool that could stand the test of time!

Our new model has an integrated mechanism that prevents the device from accidentally shedding. It can also be set to be compatible with a different number of keys. We tested many different materials for the bands and finally we chose the rubber TPU and leather. We wanted a material that was flexible but strong enough to perform the movement of the Orbitkey, and more importantly, we needed something that could prevent the keys from scratching our personal belongings!

Histoire orbitKey

1. Will my keys fit the Orbitkey ?

As long as the hole on your key is greater than 4.0mm and the length of the key from the hole to the end is shorter than 62mm, your key will fit the Orbitkey. Please note that the hole does not have to be a round shape. For any keys that doesn’t it on the Orbitkey, they can be attached to the D-ring that comes with every Orbitkey.

mes clés orbitkey


2. Ok for question 1 but i want to be certain at 1000%, how can i do it? ?

Solution 1: You can easily check by measuring the hole size with a ruler (hole at least 5mm in diameter)
Solution 2: If you have a caliper, it's even more accurate;)

orbitkey mesure trou
Solution 3: see image below, print the image below by clicking on this link

orbitkey solution3
Solution 4 and 5 :  Use a file or drill to enlarge the key hole. With the right tool, it will take less than 1 minute;) Otherwise, use the ring included in your box to attach this recalcitrant key!
solution4 orbitkey


3. How many Keys can I use?

The Orbitkey can cater up to 7 standard keys. For anything that doesn’t fit, the Orbitkey also comes with a detachable D-Ring to allow for extra or larger items.

4. Is the fastener ring (to attach its car keys to Orbitkey for example) included for free?



5. How and with what is Orbitkey delivered ?

All our Orbitkeys are shipped pre-assembled in a custom cardboard box so that you enter directly into the Orbitkey environment;). There are also mounting instructions inside the package.


6. Does version 2.0 accessories fit version 1.0 Orbitkey ?

Yes, all version 2.0 accessories will still fit the version 1.0 Orbitkey.

7. How do I clean my Orbitkey ?

Our leather bands are made from cowhide leather and age naturally over time (such as a leather coat). If you want to keep the leather, we recommend you clean it with a soft, dry cloth and limit its exposure to heat or intense sunlight.


8. Will there be other accessories to come ?

We are constantly trying to bring new models and accessories for Orbitkey. If you have any suggestions, we would love to hear from you! Write us a note at hello@noova.co or send us a suggestion on our Facebook or Twitter;)


9. Do you sell spare parts ?

Yes, contact us at hello@noova.co


10. Can I fix my loyalty cards on Orbitkey ?

Certainly, but it will depend on the size of your card and the position / diameter of the hole (the best is that the hole is at the end of the card and the center of the width).

11. I can not loosen my Orbitkey, what can I do ?

You probably tightened it too hard. To solve this problem, you need to twist one side of the tape counterclockwise with a full rotation while holding the other side of the tape at a standstill. Does that sound complicated? Watch this video it is very easy;)





 You have questions ? Place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!


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Right of withdrawal : 30 days from receipt of the order.



If the product is in its original packaging, it has not been used and that it is not damaged or broken. All accessories (and documentation) must be intact and present. The return costs are at the customers expense.



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For any return request, contact us at hello@noova.co, we will communicate the steps as well as the return address.


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