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It all started with the MacBook Air. We wanted to create an easy way to add memory to the MacBook Air, without dismantling it. The easiest way to do that of course is to use an external hard disk drive, but as that is not really integrated with the computer we thought we could do better. 

The MiniDrive is designed to be an integrated solution to that problem by using the SD card slot in the 13" MacBook Air.

The difference wiht a SD card? The SD card doesn't sink into the slot completely and comes out of it (problematic during transport and there is also the risk of breaking it ). The MiniDrive is designed to sit completely flush with the body of the MacBook, becoming a semi permanent part of your computer.



Adding additional storage to a Macbook shouldn't be complicated, but it can be.

The MiniDrive is our solution. It is easy to use, unbreakable, and allows you to add up to 128 GB additional space.

It weighs almost nothing and is perfectly suited to the slot dedicated to the SD card of your Macbook. We designed MiniDrive to make it as invisible as possible once inserted. Through countless hours of work, we have adjusted the color, shape and size so that it fits perfectly to your MacBook. You will barely notice that it's there ;)

nifty mac



The way we see it, a product made for a MacBook should be developed with the highest standards. Each MiniDrive is designed with surgical precision and the aluminum is hand polished before being carefully assembled, tested and shipped.



The MiniDrive integrates with your MacBook's native Time Machine. You can set up an automatic daily backup of your files in seconds without having to worry about anything.

MiniDrive is waterproof and shockproof and virtually indestructible unlike your Macbook! So if the worst happens, you always have your files backed up on hand reach and you will not lose months of work or your favorite photos!

time machine



We sell Minidrive with embedded MicroSD cards (you choose the capacity). However, you can also find microSD cards in many shops if you only want to buy our MiniDrive and add your own MicroSD card. For our part, we provide MicroSD with gold coatings on components for quick and secure transfer of files with your MacBook and for better durability of the card.

It is essential for us that the intrinsic quality and completion (inside and outside) of our product corresponds to that an Apple product.

To achieve this goal, we have created our MiniDrives with the same aluminum that Apple uses for its Macbooks.

Of course, the important thing is not only the design and completion, but also the proper functioning! So we selected the best performing components (supporting over 10,000 "insertions" and "retirements"). MiniDrives our products are accurately and made of aluminum used in the aviation industry.

nifty micro



MiniDrive is really easy to insert and remove. To get it out you will just take the tool provided in the box and pull it through the eyelet specially crafted before MiniDrive;)

NIfty boite


* MiniDrive increases storage capacity (also called internal memory) of your macbook not the RAM.

** There are no MiniDrive for MacbookAir 11 "

*** Our Minidrives are made depending on the model of your Macbook, enter your model before adding to cart, tank you ;)




compatibilité macbook et nifty modèle



media nifty



The startup sent us Nifty and we have received it ... very quickly (5 days to be exact)!


While Unpacking we found a packaging design soft to the touch, very nice and really neat. We find on the back some explanation Nifty for installation, but finally  we do not need it : it is very intuitive!

nifty mémoire macbook 

Continuing unpacking, there are 3 essential devices:

1. Nifty

2. A micro SD card inserted in Nifty (to slip in in 1 second)

3. A brilliant aluminum effect extractor to remove Nifty if necessary.

nifty mémoire en plus macbook

We begin by inserting the SD card in Nifty, it is easier than turning on his computer.


The next step is going to insert Nifty into the Mac ...
and CLIC Nifty has clipped perfectly as promised! It does not overflow and fits perfectly while blending into the design of the Mac brilliantly! Promise kept.

insérer niftynifty noovanifty retirer

Software perspective, Nifty is on the computer desktop and in the Finder, it actually acts as a USB key so that it is a real mini-board hard drive! its backup can be programmed over Time machine that will run in the background, really convenient!


We tested for you the speed of Nifty; we copied the compilation "Legend" Bob Marley 350MB: result, it took less than a minute, and it was closer to 20 seconds instead of 60! We said: "it is not large enough for us to realize the transfer speed of Nifty (on Macbook Pro Retina mid 2014)!" so we put a film 2,5Go: result, it has been copied in less than 4 minutes ... it suits us very well =)

Honestly ... no negatives points to make we LOVE it !

Please note, it is necessary
to be sure while selecting Nifty for its Macbook for it to fit perfectly. In fact every type of Macbook has its appointed Nifty. No panic, just select your type of Macbook in the options to receive the right Nifty;)

Small flat on the price but it is still much cheaper than adding 128GB on a Mac from Apple, less risky than disassemble your Mac and also ultra convenient!



compatibilité mac et nifty pour modèle de macbook

The story of Nifty or how we accidentally started a technology company:
Nifty started with a recurring issue and two madmen who thought holding a solution! This was followed by an incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign, eight trips to China, an addiction to coffee rather dangerous and MiniDrive finally came to life.


We are honored for the success of this idea that started as a hobby project. From the beginning, we wanted to create a simple design tool that would fill a hole like a slit and that fitted over 1 million computers.


The support we have received has helped us to make this dream a reality. Now we can devoted ourselves to create elegant and simple solutions to everyday problems.

Remember ... don't pay more attention to your memory! it is no longer a problem;)

1. What do I get with my Mini Drive?

All MiniDrives ship with a free 2GB microSD card and a Nifty Tool (to make removing your MiniDrive a breeze). If that’s not enough for your needs upgrading is simply a matter of getting your hands on a bigger microSD card. We sell the largest currently-available size – 128GB – on this website if that’s what you’re after.

2. How fast is the Mini Drive?

The MiniDrive itself takes a back-seat when it comes to data transfer. The two principle factors affecting speed are:
-The microSD card you’re using with the MiniDrive. Most modern microSD cards have read/write speeds of up to 90MB/s (and that’s getting faster each year).

-Your MacBook’s SD card reader. For pre-2012 MacBooks you can expect a maximum read speed of 60MB/s, while later models ramped that up to a blistering 6.4GB/s.

3. What micro SC cards can I use with the MiniDrive?


- microSD

- microSDHC

- microSDXC

Speed rating

- Class 2 to Class 10



- any


- any

4. Is the Mini Drive compatible with the iMac?

Indeed it is, but the model of MiniDrive you need will – confusingly we admit – depend on when your iMac was made. Get yourself a MiniDrive Pro model if your iMac was made between 2009 & 2012. For more modern machines you’ll want the MiniDrive Retina 13 model.

That said, unless you need truly portable storage – or you’ve got no space nearby – we’d generally recommend investing in a standard external hard-drive; the storage limits are higher and the relative price much lower.


5. Does the Mini Drive work with non-Apple computers?

Maybe… The MiniDrive has been engineered to suit Apple-specific SD card slot sizes and is tested on those devices. Assuming a non-Apple device has an SD card slot of similar depth it would, theoretically, work. We wouldn’t risk it.


6. Does the Mini Drive work with Raspberry Pi?

Yes: all Nifty MiniDrives work with the Raspberry Pi. The MiniDrive Retina 13 is the shortest fitting model.

* MiniDrive increases storage capacity (also called internal memory) of your macbook not the RAM.

** There are no MiniDrive for MacbookAir 11 "

*** Our Minidrives are made depending on the model of your Macbook, enter your model before adding to cart, thank you ;)




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