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Even with the lenses already developed by Moment, we are still missing something for our phone. As we access our pocket, get our phone, unlock it, adjust the scene, and take a picture, we have lost valuable time. Especially with a moving target, by the time you touch the screen you've missed the boat.

So we decided to solve this problem by making the iPhone 6 the first phone that really brings the best features of a traditional camera.

Meet Moment Case; The best way to take the best pictures with your phone

the moment case


Photographs of people who used Moment case:

photographs with the moment case

photographs with the moment case

How Moment Case?

Moment Case was first designed for the iPhone 6. We wanted to find 4 essential things that have disappeared in mobile photography.

1. Take the best pictures faster

the moment case

Touching the screen takes too long, especially with a moving subject.

Located on the top of the case, the Moment Case's shutter button is a multi-state button just like a digital SLR camera. You can half press the button to lock focus like never before. Or hold it down to unlock the burst mode.

What makes our approach unique is the fact that we have developed an electronic button, and not simply mechanical. Powered by a flat battery and connected to the phone via Bluetooth (low energy), we spent a lot of time making sure the button was perfectly responsive. Just as you would expect with a high-end camera.

moment case in action

2. More control

By combining the shutter button with the screen's touch features, we make advanced controls that weren't previously in the mobile photography accessible. You can use the shutter button to aim and your fingers to set the lighting. This leads to cleaner photos that require less editing.


more contrl with moment case

3. Protect the lens

We decided to integrate a lens that allows to draw your device at any moment without having to remove a protective cover while thinking about the design so that it is protected.


4. Keep it outside the pockets

moment case around the neck

With traditional cameras, the strap is both functional and elegant. Except in mobile photography, this aspect has completely disappeared, forcing us to look in our pocket every time we want to take a picture.

By making it easy to attach a traditional camera strap to Moment Case your phone is instantly more accessible. Attachable to your wrist or around your neck, you can take more pictures of important moments around you.

moment case

Our first Case Moment has only been developed for the iPhone 6, but we want to work on the iPhone 6+ very soon.

Technical specs:


We're a small team of 8 people and we work hard everyday to bring our dream to life!

We created Moment because we're convinced that photography's future is in our pocket.

We love to take pictures and it has become clear today that the camera we use the most is our phone. What we like about our phone is that it is always available, connected and instantly accessible. Despite its practicality, we put aside the creativity that a real camera can bring us.

So we embarked on an adventure that will turn your phone into a real camera! By equipping mobile phones with better lenses, an app and a case, we believe that together we can continue to make the world a happier place, frame by frame;)

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