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The Strop is an instrument that allows to lengthen your razors lifespan while enjoying the sensation and effectiveness of a fresh blade every time you shave.

The Strop comes from a time long ago, when barbers roamed the earth and dinosaurs needed a hot, close shave every few weeks. Every barber uses a strop for his straight razor to keep it in peak condition. But now man uses disposable blades and dinosaurs are extinct. There have been a lot of changes recently...

This is where we come in ! We’ve created a strop for the modern disposable razor. It keeps your blades aligned and in great condition.

We’ve used high quality, american-made raw denim and premium leather, accented with brass studs and hand-stitched in the USA. By using the strop, you’ll get 3-5x more use out of your razors, which saves you time and money.

The Strop roll is perfect for people who travel and is easily suspended on a towel bar.

the strop aiguiseur de lames de rasoir accroché au porte serviettes



Razor blades naturally get out of alignment during the shaving process. This causes irritation and “pulling” of the hairs on your face. This is the point in which most people will throw out their razor and grab a new one.

However, The Strop works by realigning the blades within the cartridge. Thus, you get the feeling of a new razor for every shave !

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The Strop works with ALL razors! (Male, female, disposable, classical, ...) except straight razors or safety razors.

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At ShaveFace, we’re trying to do our part for the planet. Even if, at first, we can save just a few of your razor blades from making their way into landfills and oceans, we hope to widen our impact to eventually reduce each user’s carbon footprint and lessen the amount of blades used per year.

Just by making a few small changes to your daily routine, we hope to make the world a little, teensy bit brighter.



You have questions ? Look at the FAQ tab on the left, otherwise place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible !

1. How do I use the Strop?

a. Hold the shaver as you would for shaving, the blade positioned at the top of The Strop with the handle toward you.

b. Blades should face the denim part and be in contact with The Strop.

c. Apply the same pressure as you would for shaving and slide the razor along The Strop, from bottom to top.

d. Repeat the movement 15 to 20 times for optimal results.

e. Rinse your razor after sharpened.

f. Repeat steps 1-5 before each use.

g. Then drink a cup of coffee.

h. Now you are ready to move mountains.

2. Will I really save money if I use The Strop?

Here are some numbers for you. Every man who uses The Strop save about $ 100 annually. Consider these numbers for a wider population: there are 3,246,335 million men old enough to shave in New York and about 2,984,533 of them use a razor to shave. If only 10% of men (298,453) used The Strop, they would collectively save 29,845,331 million $ per year.


3. What about my razor's lubriffication strip?

A straight-razor shave is considered the closest shave a man can get. Our strop was designed to realign your disposable blades the same way one might keep a straight-razor in peak condition. Does a straight-razor use a lubrication strip? Nope. They rely on the sharpness of the blade, the moisture of the shaving cream and the skill of the barber.

Low quality shaving creams take all of the moisture out of your face: think aerosol cans. The lubrication strip replaces some of the moisture that the cream removed from your skin. For the benefit of your face and every other face that touches your face, we recommend you invest in a high quality shaving cream to use with your disposable razor blades. If there is enough moisture in your shaving cream, the lubrication strip is unnecessary.

6. How can I add initials to my strop?

So, now you’ve purchased your strop (or 5…) and it’s time to let us personalize it for you! Make sure to send us the initials you want on each strop no later than February 26th. After that, you’re outta luck--But you’ve got more than a month to think about your personalizations. So much time! You can also personalize each strop with different initials. Did you purchase 3 strops? You can send up to 3 sets of initials and we’ll make some ShaveFace-magic.



You have questions ? Place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!

ShaveFace founders are James O'Brien (sweater enthusiast in all circumstances and Gillette Fusion razor: shaves 3 times a week), Casey Perkal (prefer the Gillette Mach 3 razor and shave once a week) and Tim Jeon (size karaoke, he shaves every day with his Harry blade).
Here at ShaveFace, we understand the value of a good shave and the value it can bring to the appearance of a man. Our products are designed in line with the life of everyday modern man. Through this process, we strive to reduce our environmental footprint while saving you money without sacrificing quality or esthetic!

We are proud to be part of your morning ritual :)


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