The self-cleaning bluetooth aquarium that grows plants

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OZARIUM is a self-cleaning aquarium which grows edible plants. Its technology is based on a farming technique called "aquaponics", whose operating principle is inspired by the workings of nature.

Several strong values are the basis for our concept and our aquarium:

■ Federate adultes and children around a responsible gardening activity
■ Improving urban biodiversity
■ Promote respect and love of nature
■ Empower food consumption




■ Feeding the fish inside the aquarium makes it produce ammonia-rich waste, toxic for it.
■ The bacteria inside the aquarium convert the ammonia into nitrites then into nitrates
■ The tank water is then pumped to the plants,
■ The plants feed on the nitrates necessary for growth and well clean the aquarium water,
■ The water, purified and oxygenated by its movement, then back into the aquarium.

aquarium ozarium cycle



Teaching your children the workings of nature has never been easier thanks to our aquarium. Grow plants and eat them! This is also the purpose of this aquarium :) Each OZARIUM will cultivate 4 plants simultaneously. Why not use it to cook?

aquarium ozarium ludique 



A new version is born, Ozarium LED, which is the declension of the "classic" Ozarium. This new connected aquarium is made up of an aquarium, a design holder, a powerful and wireless LED lighting, and an application for smartphones and tablets that will allow you to manage your aquarium and its lighting! (Application available early 2017).

The Innovative LED lighting integrated in Ozarium provides the optimum amount of light for photosynthesis of your plants. In order to consume the right amount of energy, a brightness sensor controls the lighting power of the LEDs: the more light around the aquarium, the less LEDs illuminate, and vice versa.

Ozarium LED Connecté

Available in Black or White, it will allow you to grow 4 plants.

* You can also transform your "classic" Ozarium aquarium into the connected LED aquarium by purchasing only LED lighting.


Yes, self-cleaning! The fish feeds the plants and the plants clean the water of the aquarium. No land to handle and no need of watering.

It is a 100% natural process, a real miniature natural cycle, which in addition is showing a simple way the workings of nature. You can get plants using 90% less water than that it would have taken to get the same result away. No chemicals are used to operate the aquarium!

ozarium écologique



■ Maintenance free
■ Water Volume: 9 liters
■ Dimensions of the aquarium: 30cm * 26cm * 19cm (L* W * H)
■ Low-power LED lighting
■ Colored gravel at the bottom of the aquarium
■ Aromatic seeds (basil, parsley, chives, dill and thyme)
■ Commissioning of the aquarium takes less than 15 minutes, just add a fish!
French Manufacturing

Each OZARIUM aquarium comes with aromatic seeds, and everything else needed to start immediately (except the fish).

* The aquarium requires electrical connection.



Choose between 5 decorations to decorate your Ozarium ;)

décorer Ozarium


Aromatic seeds : basilic, parsley, chives, dill and thyme
(200 seeds - threshed in 3-7 days)

Cherry tomatoes
(threshed in 3-7 days)
Wheat grass (250g)
graines aromatiques ozarium graines tomates cerises ozarium graine de blé ozarium
Food Betta holiday - fighting fish
(6 blocks of food offering each 7 days of autonomy)
Food Betta - fighting fish
betta combatant ozarium poisson Ozarium combattants


You have questions ? Look at the FAQ tab on the left, otherwise place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible !

ozarium citizen farm


Citizenfarm is a concept that aims to put nature at the heart of our lives, creating products whose functioning is inspired by the observation of nature.

These ecosystems suitable for "urban" use and accessible to anyone, are proof that it is possible to break the misconceptions between the city and the countryside and there is only one step.

The project is by using our design, your children and yourself will be able to rediscover the functioning of mother nature, while taking part in a friendly and fun activity.

These products will allow your kids to wake up, have fun and dream; on the other hand you will eat healthier and will share family moments of complicity.

And if all this makes you want to act for the environment, then we have already achieved part of our goal ...!

1. What is included in my OZARIUM?

OZARIUM includes everything needed to start using it as soon as you receive it. Just buy the fish, and watch the plants start to grow:

- Aquarium
- Culture tank
- Cover crop
- Pump
- Culture Pots
- Balls for culture pots
- Pebbles to the bottom of the aquarium
- Seeds


2. Is it really maintenance free ?

Yes, it is not necessary, as in a conventional aquarium to change the water, because it is cleaned and oxygenated by plants. Think still to add water occasionally because plants consume it.


3. Can I really eat the plants that grow on it?

Yes, provided that it is edible plants! The cultivation method of OZARIUM is perfectly natural and good for health.


4. Can I use other seeds than those provided ?

Yes, plants that grow best are those with no fruit or flowers such as basil, mint, but feel free to try all the seeds that you like, and in this case, share your experiences with us on our Facebook !



5. How many fish can I put in my  OZARIUM?

It depends on the breed of fish you want to put in it. Careful because some fish you buy small will grow and can reach their adult size quickly. This is the case for example of the betta fish, one betta will be perfect for your OZARIUM but no more.


6. I just turn on my OZARIUM and the water became cloudy, what's happening?

Do not panic, this is perfectly normal. The water becomes cloudy because the bacterial balance of the OZARIUM is not yet done. The water becomes transparent in less than a week. If this was not the case, there must be another problem, please contact us with pictures.


*Ozarium requires an electrical connection



You have questions ? Place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!


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