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Running at dawn, taking a bike for a night ride, breating fresh air and walking the dog at night ... would you like to be seen when you're out in the dark? Thanks to the Albedo100 Reflective Spray, even in the dark night, you will be visible. Applying this reflective spray on your clothes, accessories or objects, and even on your pet will greatly increase your safety as a road user. Do with peace of mind your favorite outdoor activities.



Albedo100 exists in 3 versions depending on the type of surface you want to spray: Permanent Metallic, Invisible Bright and Horse & Pets. It is above all a means of preventing accidents. This does not prevent you from creating nice patterns, and for the less creative, simple stencils will do the trick! The darker it will be, the more light it will reflect, and the more you are seen when drivers illuminate you with their headlights.

Albedo100 Lifestyle



Albedo100 reflective Spray for objects The Albedo100 Permanent Metallic is the one that applies on most of your objects from biking to fences and tree trunks to the stroller.

You can use it on a wooden, metalic, concrete or plastic surface.

It is gray when it is daylight, but reflects the light in the darkness. Note that this product is intended for permanent use, therefore, possesses indelible properties.

Available in 200 ml bottle.



Albedo100 relfective Spray for clothes Increase your visibility and your safety during your walks, joggings and night outs. Spray the Albedo100 Invisible Bright on your clothes, backpacks, shoes, etc., and you're done. Invisible Bright is more effective on wool, cotton, or jeans, but it adheres less to synthetic textiles such as nylon. Invisible Bright is invisible in daylight. It is resistant to rain water, but completely disappears during washing.

Available in 100 ml bottle.



Albedo100 reflective Spray for pets Albedo100 Horse & Pets is to apply on the dry coat of your four legged friends: dogs, cats, horses, goats ... in order to obtain the best effect. Rest assured, the components of the product are not hazardous if your pet licks its coat after application. It is nevertheless preferable to spray the Albedo100 Horse & Pets on the limbs or horns, away from the head of the animal. You can easily remove it with soapy water.

Available in 200 ml bottle.



Choose a ventilated area, shake the aerosol and spray the surface with a thin layer, and hold the spray vertically. After application, the nozzle should be cleaned by turning the bottle according to the instructions below.

Use of the reflective Spray Albedo100

Albedo100 TrackInvent AB


TrackInvent AB is a Swedish company known for developing the Albedo100 Reflective Spray range. By 2015, this spray was among the 30 most interesting innovations in the world. The notoriety of the product has risen a notch thanks to the LifePaint project, a partnership with the manufacturer Volvo for a campaign to raise awareness on road safety. Albedo100 is also in collaboration with the Finnish Association of Reindeer Breeders, and even participated in the Tour de France.

The idea of creating Albedo100 Reflective Spray came when the inventors discovered the recurrence of accidents and collisions with reindeer during the long winter nights. To be seen in low light conditions, for more security at night, TrackInvent AB has declined its flagship product in several versions depending on the medium: for objects, clothes, and animals.

1. Do we see the reflected light from any angle?

The spray reflects in the direction of the light source. This means that only the person behind the light source sees the reflective effect.


2. What precautions should I take to use the Albedo100? 

Use it only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Shake the aerosol well for 1 minute. Repeat during application.

Spray while holding the bottle in a vertical position at a distance of about 30 cm from the object to be sprayed. Apply a thin layer. The product dries in a few minutes at room temperature.

After use, clean the nozzle by spraying it upside down for 1 to 2 seconds.

3. What is the impact of Invisible Bright spray on clothing?

The spray disappears on washing and has no effect on the color of the cloth or textile pulverized. The effect lasts about one week after application and depends on the amount of product used and the frequency with which the clothe is worn. In case of intensive use of the clothe, spray it regularly for a continuous effect.


4. How to use the Metallic Permanent spray?

Make sure that the object to be sprayed is dry, remove dirt, grease and dust from its surface before spraying. The spray adheres to dry surfaces. For an optimum and long-lasting result on certain surfaces and certain plastics, apply a layer of primer before spraying. It is possible that the soft surfaces harden after spraying with Albedo100 Permanent Metallic..


5. How to use Horse & Pets spray?

Do not aim or spray on the animal's face. In case of intensive use, spray regularly for a continuous effect. The effect lasts approximately one week after application and depends on the amount of product used. Spray preferably on the limbs or moving parts of the animal (legs, tail ...) to make the most of the reflective properties of the spray.


6. How long does a spray last?

When you spray, you use about 1 ml / second. So you can do about 100 sprays with a 200 ml aerosol.


7. What does the spray contain?

Albedo100 Reflective Spray consists of a clear adhesive substance, reflective microspheres and propellant (butane / propane mixture). In order to optimize the adhesion to different surfaces, the formulation varies between the three different sprays.

8. Is it hazardous ?

Albedo100 Reflective Spray is not hazardous. Like other aerosols, it should be used as intended and not be left in children reach. Use in well-ventilated areas, preferably outdoors. Do not spray near the eyes, mouth or nose and do not inhale the spray.

9. Can Albedo100 Reflective Spray irritate the skin?

Albedo100 Reflective Spray is made from components that do not irritate the skin. For example, the transparent adhesive substance of the product is similar to that used in certain surgical operations. However, if you are sensitive, you should be careful to avoid direct contact with your skin.


10. Will it be effective if I go out in the rain?

Yes. But remember that Albedo100 Invisible Bright adheres well to dry surfaces when applying the spray. If you go out in the rain after application, the spray will not go away until you wash your clothes. On the other hand, for a kayak, it is better to use Permanent Mettalic, indelible.



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