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With its latest generation of LED bike lighting called Eclipse, Revolights confirms its lead! With this innovative device that installs on both wheels, lighting and visibility are more than ever optimized. Forget the small light or the projector fixed to the handlebars and the retro-reflectors that are perceived too late or hardly !

With Eclipse, you see everything in front of you, on the sides, and you have 360 ° visibility. Drivers can not miss you with your bike headlights. The forward-directed light illuminates the road and objects at heights (such as traffic signs) without dazzling others.

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An integrated magnet and accelerometer provides the system with the speed and orientation of the wheels, so that only the LEDs needed are turned on to light up the front and rear of your bike. When you slow down or brake, the sensors will blink on the rear wheels to warn other vehicles. This represents an additional guarantee of safety.

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Eclipse consists of 4 discrete LED rings. They are installed directly in pairs on each wheel with 4 fasteners. A removable and rechargeable battery (Micro USB) powers the lights. No cable, no battery, everything has been thought for a simple use in everyday life. In addition, Eclipse does not interfere with your anti-theft system.

Revolights Eclipse LED bike lightning



■ Made of Zytel 101
■ 24 LEDs per wheel, 8 are lit simultaneously
■ Weight: 348 g / wheel
■ Rechargeable micro USB battery, 4 hours of battery life
■ Compatible with mountain bike, road bike with 700c / 27 '' wheel
■ Option: Deep V 45mm rims

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Revolights Eclairage vélo

Revolights was founded in 2011 in San Francisco by Adam Pettler and Kent Frankovich. The idea came to Kent as he returned from his bike lessons. He realized that the lamp attached to his helmet lit up only a part of the road ahead of him, and that the obstacles below were not visible at all.

Thus he decided to create a device, placed on the wheels, in order to obtain a greater field of vision. After testing several prototypes, the Revolights were officially launched in September 2011 via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. An equity fundraising and two more participatory campaigns later, Revolights illuminates the cycling world with Eclipse. Soon, the device will be connected via Bluetooth to a mobile app with multiple functions that are as useful as practical.

Equipe Revolights, inventeur accessoires cyclisme

1. Is it compatible with all bikes?

The Revolights Eclipse model is suitable for bicycles with 700c / 27 "wheels. The spokes arragement must make possible the rings and fasteners fixation, must also be suitable for disc brakes. The LEDs are powered by a rechargeable battery via USB that attaches directly into the rings. To be certain of the compatibility with your bike, use this guide or watch this video

Revolights Eclipse

Revolights Eclipse


2. How long is the battery life?

4 hours and they are recharged via USB. Revolights is equipped with 1100mAh batteries.


3. Can Revolights handle wet and snow conditions?

The electronics are fully sealed effectively isolating them from the environment. That said, exposure to salt or alkaline dust on the roads creates issues for most electronics, Revolights included. Lithium batteries can also slow their discharge rate during long-term exposure to extreme cold.

4. How to install Revolights Eclipse ?

You can download this guide and watch the following video


5.How are Revolights theft resistant?
Preventing thievery was an important consideration during the design phase. Because Revolights consist of a solid-ring body welded together during fabrication, the wheel must be removed from the bike in order to remove the Revolights. When you lock up your bike and wheels, you’re also locking up your Revolights.

6. Are Revolights compatible with disc brakes?
Revolights are compatible with disc brakes.

7. Will Revolights work with fenders?
Revolights will work with fenders. However, if you have a rear fender the rear projection of light will be partially blocked from directly behind depending on how long the fenders are but the sides will still be completely visible.


8. How bright is the headlight?
Each LED is rated at over 35 lumens. Revolights est of 24 LEDs on each wheel, 8 of which of are lit up at any given moment, the most accurate description would be: 8 LEDs x 35 lumens each.

9. What is the weight of Revolights?
The complete weight is 11 oz per wheel (as much as a small bottle of water)



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