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The most fun, lightweight and resistant Made in France inflatable sofa

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Summer is here, the sun is with the zenith. The beach, the pool, the sunny days and the long afternoons under the sunshade are all yours. Given your overloaded schedule, you would need: a wide range of beach towels that take sand and water at every opportunity, a deckchair and a camping chair that won't fit the boot, a buoy ... The list is long. Don't panic ! With AirNap, you have everything you need, a revolutionary all-in-one accessory. It will be your beach mattress, your hammock, your sunbath, your floating island all at once ... In short, your happiness!



AirNap, you won't be able to do without it because you just need to inflate it for a few seconds, to hook both ends, and you're on for long hours of sluggishness! AirNap floats on the water, can be set up on a terrace, the sand. Your new inflatable, practical and light "lounge" mattress will provide you with the comfort, the rest and the pleasure you would expect during your holidays. And definitely not exclusively at the beach, you can also take it for a festival, camping, for a picnic ... With its safety ring, it is possible to anchor your AirNap to the ground with the parasol.


arinap unfold


With its practical carrying bag, it is as easy to unfold as to stow.

airnap inflate


You just need 3 seconds to inflate Airnap by letting the air in.


Simply join both ends and roll to close Airnap. Cloth should be stretched

airnap lock


Lock both ends using the bottle opener clasp.

airnap chill


All that's left to do is to have a good time and enjoy relaxation time. 




inflatble mattress airnap


AirNap has clever side pockets to store all your belongings (phones, bottles of water, books, ...) so you won't loose sight of them. It is also equipped with an ergonomic headrest, an elastic lateral strap, and even an inner anti-leakage bag.




AirNap is designed to float and resist pool chlorine. A safety ring has been integrated to allow it to be fixed so you won't worry about it during windy days. We use Nylon 310T which is much more resistant and UV-treated (unlike the competition that uses only Nylon 210T or 210D).

beach inflatable mattress airnap
airnap pool inflatable mattress


As a 100% French manufacture product, AirNap offers exceptional assets. It is made from a material resistant to ultraviolet rays, pool chlorine and salt. Thus, it will keep you company for many years to come. The technical textile is bought in Europe and it is near Lyon that we sew, flock, and pack our product which is currently the only "made in France" on the market.



■ Weight: 1.5kg
■ Weight carried: 250kg
■ Inflated size: 230 × 100 cm
■ Folded size: 20 x 35 cm
■ Textile material: 310T Nylon Taffeta /80 gsm UV-treated
■ Delivered with it's ultra-practical carrying bag
■ 6h without reinflating
■ 2 stow-away pockets
■ 1 cup holder
■ 2 floor securing loops
■ 1 bottler opener
■ Ergonomic headrest
■ Inner anti-leakage bag
■ Soft touch satin finish
■ French manufacture

AirNap matelas de plage gonflables

The (mounting) Sardine

The airnap® fastening kit, a.k.a The sardine fits perfectly into the your product's fastening ring. Its special shape allows you to secure your airnap in all types of ground. You will not have to pay extra shipping if you get it with your airnap.



AirNap, press and media



AirNap, inflatable made in France beach mattress

AIRNAP is a French brand that has decided to offer the very first inflatable made in France lounge mattress. By launching the first deliveries in mid-June 2016, its ambition is to create a buzz and make the AirNap summer's flagship product in France and worldwide.

Thus, this revolutionary mattress whose ease of use and comfort are put forward is made of a patented material treated with UV protection and endowed with such quality that it can withstand the most intense manipulations. AirNap has chosen 310T nylon used in parachute canvas manufacturing and to install its manufacturing and logistics workshop in the Lyon region.

Some privileged people have already had the opportunity to test it during various animations and festivals, and the least that can be said is that it attracts the curious and couch potatoes.


Shipped on June 30th, 2017.

Delivered within 1 week.

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Right of withdrawal: 14 days from receipt of the order.



If the product is in its original packaging, it has not been used and that it is not damaged or broken. All accessories (and documentation) must be intact and present. The return costs are at the customers expense.



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For any return request, contact the startup at, they will communicate the steps as well as the return address.

1. How to inflate your Airnap?


A. Completely unfold the product.

Take the product out of its bag and unfold it flat (it is normal that it is wrinkled).

B. Let air get in it.

Airnap is made of 2 internal plastic pockets used to contain the air and to make it airtight. You have to fill them individually, one to two loads of air per side. When using for the first time, the internal plastic bags may be slightly stuck. You have to carry out a first empty inflation in order to detach them. Do not remove internal plastic bags, they are used to tightly contain air.

Bring the most air inside, roll the bag totally and don't hesitate to use strength (the bag won't explode) and empty it before starting again for good. This step is optional and to be performed only the first time, it allows to tighten the internal lining.

For all the other times: Movement must be smooth, sudden gestures will not bring in more air. Avoid at all costs the techniques involving rotating yourself, or a rotation of the bag.

The movement must be done in a straight line, in order to get it right and understand the operation, we recommend you to walk holding the bag open and parallel to the ground. Repeat the operation on the other side. At the end of the movement, quickly close the pocket to keep the air inside.

C. Roller the end and close the loop.

Keep the end closed to keep the air inside and roll Airnap until it is well inflated. Simply bring the two parts of the fastening loop together to secure the air inside.

D. Chill

All you have left is to enjoy your product. Remember to place it on the right side, the logo text must be readable, if it is upside down, you won't be as comfortable. The seam is not at the same level on both sides of the product.

E. Fold

To fold the product, open the loop, unfold and roll it from the opposite end to the loop in order to chase the air. Once completely rolled, it can be folded in half and secured by closing the buckle, it'll make it easier store in the bag again.
2. On which surfaces can I use Airnap ?
You can use airnap on tons of surfaces. The only question to ask is, "Would I walk barefoot here?".

Grass: Yes
Molten lave: Nope
Broken glass: Nope
Drying tar: No ;)

3. Can Airnap support several people ?
Yes, up to a maximum load of 250kg! Beware, your weight is not the same if you throw yourself violently on it, the airnap must be used with grace and lightness. To fit in it, you just have to install along the width, like on a bench.

4. Does Airnap deflate quickly ?
The airtightness is created by the number of rolligns that are made to close Airnap, the long product of its category, offers you a wide margin of manoeuvre. You can easily spend several hours on it without having to adjust it.

If you think your product is deflating too quickly, please try to do more laps when you roll the bag before closing it. The more turns = the more airtight.

5. Does Airnap float on water?

Yes! Due to its shape, quite different from other models on the market, you are sure not to immediately fall into the water. You will have to be careful when climbing;)

In order to preserve its softness, we advise you to rinse it after each use with fresh water.

We advise you to tie your airnap if you wish to take a nap in the open sea. It is better to pass a rope around the fixing loop and to fix it somewhere ashore or on your craft.

6. How can I clean the Airnap ?
No washing machine for now but only water, soap and a soft cloth will do the trick to get through stains. The product can be washed with water (fresh) after use in a salty or chlorinated place.

7. Won't it fly away at the beach?
No! Well, only if you remember to attach it to the floor thanks to the hooking rings located on the lower part of the product, at the head level. You can use tent sardines, small pieces of wood, or what you looks suitable to you.

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