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You were already conquered by iKlips 1.0? Then you'll be completely charmed by our new version! iKlips DUO+ features a new design, a new lightning connector allowing it to adapt to devices with a protective cover, a clip for easy transport and keep it with you in any situation and a completely redesigned app . You can transfer and share data more easily and safely between all your devices: iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, Mac & PC.

iKlips DUO clé usb apple

iKlips is a USB (MFI certified "Made for iPhone"), which allows users to share and transfer files between iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac. Thanks to free iOS app, you can instantly store photos and videos from your iPhone or iPad and transfer them to your Mac or PC. No need for iTunes or iCloud or internet! This is THE USB stick for iOS devices the world's fastest.


The concept and the design of has been totally redesigned to operate with devices having a protective shell. No need to remove your case to use iKlips DUO+.


For your convenience, we have added a ring to attach it to your keychain or any accessory. iKlips stay with you every day.


iKlips DUO+ is fully covered by a silicone protection. Both ends (lightning + USB) which are fully protected since iKlips is molded in this soft silicone. You'll never have to worry about losing the cap;)


iKlips 3.1 has a USB 3.1 port that allows you to transfer the contents of your device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) to your PC or MAC in record time!

You can also :

Save your photos and your iTunes music 
Save to the cloud
Share your items on the go

iklips vitesse transfert


You will never be restricted with iKlips DUO+! ExFAT formatted, you have no transfer restrictions no matter the size of your file. Other FAT32 drives are limited to 4GB per file, which does not allow you to transfer large files ( i.e HD  movie)


Officially compatible with Apple devices (Made For iPhone) iKlips DUO+ is licensed and certified to meet the highest standards of performance and manufacturing Apple. Know that most concurrants iKlips devices are not certified MFi (Made For iPhone) and may have compatibility / quality problems.


iKlips DUO+ is equipped with MLC flash memory is simply the fastest memory in the world for Apple devices. In addition to its blazing speed, stability and quality enable you iKlips as long as you wish.

iKlips DUO clé usb apple


iKlips DUO+ is available in 4 colors and four storage capacities. This fully fit your use, style and look.

Coloris : Gold, Grey, Red, Pink

Capacité : 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB


The application iKlips DUO+ 2.0 has been completely redesigned, in terms of the interface that the user experience. Much more intuitive, it is compatible with the 3D Touch Apple, protection password, shared views, the multi-selection. It integrates the application even Apple Music to access your purchases iTunes.

iklips application apple


iklips caractéristiques


Compatible Devices (port lightning): iPhone 5 / 5C / 5S and newer, iPad Air 1/1 mini and newer, iPod Touch 5 and newer, iPad Pro
Several capacities available up to 256GB (16GB / 32GB / 64GB / 128GB / 256GB)
Dual interface: Apple Lightning / USB 3.1 - Easily share files between iOS, Mac and PC
Write Speed: 30/20 MB / s, USB 3.0 read / write speed: 140/70 MB / s.
■ An integrated clip allows the user to fix the clothing or personal affairs to have it always with you.
Certified Apple MFI (Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod).
Safe & Secure: no need for internet access, the data is never sent via third-party servers.
Low power consumption, saves energy of your iPhone / iPad.
Free iOS Universal app for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch.
Ultra Slim, aluminum design.
No integrated battery - no need to charge iKlips.

capacité de stockage iKlipscapacité USB


Logo Adam Element

Created in December 2013, Adam Elements offer innovative solutions for leading brands in the new technologies sector. Covering mobile devices, computers, connected clothing, smart devices, intelligent health products and other equipment, Adam Elements offers a diverse array of exciting products. We offer the best available solution based on our excellent R & D capabilities.

Based in Taiwan, Adam Elements offers an outstanding selection of intelligent mobile products.

With the rapid growth of the connected object market, Adam Elements has created three separate consumer brands: ‘AdamElements’, ‘AdamSelect’, and ‘AdamCare’. Each of these product lines meets the requirements of a growing segment and benefits from the strength of Adam Elements as an agent and product developer.

AdamElements won the Reddot Design Award. This product design competition has existed since 1954. Its "Award", the Red Dot, is an internationally recognised quality label. The best products receive the Red Dot: The most honorific design awards.

Red dot design award adam element

iKlips DUO - Download for free on iOS

app store application gymwatch

Requires iOS 8 or later

■ Compatible with ’iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

1. Download the application

2. Share a file

3. Format with Mac

4. Format with PC

5. Save photos and videos

Protect your data

Share email with iklips duo+

8. Protect your iPhone with a password

Adam Element Logo

Created in December 2013, Adam Elements provides innovative solutions for major brands from the new technologies sector. Covering mobile devices, computers, clothes connected, intelligent devices, intelligent health products and other equipment, Adam Elements offers a diverse range of exciting products. We offer the best available solution, building on our excellent R & D capabilities

Taiwan-based Adam Elements offers an exceptional selection of smart mobile products.

With the rapidly growing market of connected objects, Adam Elements has created three distinct consumer brands, "AdamElements", "AdamSelect" and "AdamCare". Each of these product lines meet the requirements of a growing segment and benefits from the strength of Adam Elements as agent and product developer.

AdamElements won the Reddot Design Award. A design competition since 1954. Its products are Red Dot "Awarded" which is an internationally recognized quality label. The best products receive the Red Dot: Most honorary of design awards.

Red dot design award adam element

1. Nothing happens when I connect my iKlips my iOS device.

iKlips works with iOS free app. Download the application to your device via the Apple App Store 

2. Is there a manual included in the box?

There is a tutorial in the 1.5.2 release that will activate automatically when you first launch.  

3. What are the iOS enabled devices iKlips?

- IPhone 5, 5C, 5 latest set 

- iPhone SE

- Air iPad 1 mini 1 and later

- IPod touch (5th generation) and newer

4. Can I transfer files to my iKlips without saving them on my iOS device?


5. Can I share my iKlips with a friend?

Yes, just right he an iOS device that supports iKlips.  

6. Do I need software to connect iKlips to my computer?

No, just plug it as a USB key. Nothing's easier !  

7. Which iOS versions iKlips the app does support?

The iKlips application supports iOS versions 8 and more recent ones.  

8. What video formats supports iKlips?

Mp4, m4v and mov  

9. What music formats supports iKlips?

Mp3, wav, acc, aiff and m4a  

10. What other types of files supported iKlips?

Pdf, txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, jpg, png, tiff, gif and bmp  

11. How do I copy photos or videos from file photos from my iOS device?

Select "Photos" or "Finder" and then click on the flower icon in the top right corner. Select the photos you want to copy to your iKlips and click "Done". This may take a little time when you copy multiple files.

12. Can I format iKlips without PC?

Yes, on the logo Adam then press "SETTINGS" then "formatting tools" Then Choose Your choice of system files (this manipulation delete all the content of your iKlips)

13. Can I Access iTunes contents with the iKlips applications?

Yes, the application can play audio content on iTunes however in compliance with Apple's policy, elements protected  

14. iKlips charged subtitles Integrated video files?

Yes (.srt)

15. Comment Move / copy FILES iOS my iKlips to my of clothing?

When you copy / move Initiation One, Just drag the file to the left, click on PUI copy ou Move, PUI press OK perform for this action. for Several files: click on the Edit button in the Lower part of the screen, then Select the Files Whether you want to copy / move, then Select Your Destination and click OK pour finish.

16. Comment save / copy the photos and videos SINCE gallery photos iOS?

Select the tab iPhone / iPad, or the Search The Original Pictures gallery folder copy or for the Move, click the Edit button in the Lower part of the screen, select the files, select the destination, then click OK to finish. For a complete automatic backup: click on the button just Adam (logo), PUI backup Select album (album backup) and confirm the Start Action.


17. Can I share files with my iKlips to other applications?

Yes, you can share files between applications. Click the share button at the bottom and select the application with which to share. You can also find this function by dragging files to the left and then clicking on the share button.

18. How to create new folders in iKlips?

Click the EDIT button on the tool at the bottom of the screen bar and select Create a new folder.

19. How to delete a file from my iKlips?

Drag the file to the left, click the large cross (X) to delete this file. To delete more, click EDIT at the bottom and select the files you want to delete and click delete.

20. Is iKlips protected by encryption or password?

Yes, find the file you want to encrypt, drag to the right, click Encrypt and enter the password and click Done. If you need to protect your application or iKlips device, click the button Adam (logo) and select encryption settings to configure your security options.

21. Can I select multiple files at managing my photos / files?

Yes, simply click the EDIT button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to activate multiple selections.

22. Does iKlips support Bluetooth speakers or Bluetooth connection in the car?

The iKlips 3.0 application now supports most Bluetooth speakers and car audio systems.

23. Using the full backup function, the entire contents of my photo gallery there will be removed?


24. Can I browse files on my iKlips without saving them on my iOS device?

Yes, touch iKlips or iKlips menu item tab to view and access all the files on your iKlips.




Free and delievered by the Startup.
Sent from Taiwan by DHL.
Time of delivery: 1-2 weeks.
No monitoring provided.



Within 15 days after receipt of the order.


If the item is defective or damaged, contact us to open a file back and send us your product.


2 years


We have thought of everything! Pay with PayPal and enjoy free returns by following this lien




For any return request, contact the startup at support@adamelements.com, we will communicate the steps as well as the return address.

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