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EYEBLUE glasses are non-prescription glasses that filter the light in order to prevent premature aging of the eyes. They lower in a selective manner the exposition to the harmful blue light rays of the screens around us(computers, tablets, phones...)

Just like sunglasses, wearing glasses to protect your eyes from the screen has to become a reflex. With the EYEBLUE screen glasses, you are protected 25 times better against screens!

Eyeblue glasses has 3 collections ; Men's, Women's and Kids. You can choose the pair you need and visualize the models at the bottom of the page.


Theses glasses are made by licensed opticians in the EYEBLUE workshop in Brittany. Received raw, the lenses must be shaped, assembled, and adapted to the chosen frames. All those different steps essential to the glasses set-up are subject to a reinforced quality monitoring.


Eyeblue opticians are available at any moment to answer your glasses, order, delivery related questions or for a technical support.

Fast and suitable answer, by call (from Monday to Saturday, from 10a.m to 7:30p.m, 06 20 47 55 08 or 09 66 12 93 16) or by mail contact@préservezvosyeux.com

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This young startup from Rennes was created in 2015 by the optician Jean Thomas and his wife. They got the idea when they realised that a lot more people suffered from visual strain."Our eye is not used to working this long. It is concerning, mainly with children". In fact, more than 90% if the 20-65 years old are connected and are 5 to 6 hours a day in front of screens. This use of new technologies leads to an overexposure of the eye to the harmful blue light, and consequently a premature aging of the eyes.

Therefore, they decided, in autumn 2015 to launch their own glasses brand, assembled in France in their workshop in Brittany. Equipped with Essilor photoselective lenses, they filter the harmful blue-violet light, but lets the blue-turquoise light through, called essential because she is a source of comfort, high spirits and weel-being. Preserving our eyes became the new priority of this young company, who thinks that protecting ourselves from screens is as imperative as protecting ourselves from the sun.

1. What's the use of Eyeblue glasses equipped with an anti-blue light filter?

Eyeblue glasses were designed to lastingly preserve your eyes from the harmful effects of blue-violet radiations emitted by numerous objects found in our daily environment: computer, tablet, phone, TV, LED lamp. EyeBlue glasses are equipped with Essilor Prevencia lenses that filters in a selective manner harmful rays for our ocular wealth, while letting helpful rays through for our eyes and general wealth. Originating from a brand new generation of optical products, Eyeblue glasses are computer glasses, rest glasses, and anti-fatigue glasses all at the same time. Those glasses are equipped with non-corrective lenses applies specifically to individuals from 7 to 40 years old who don't have any specific vision problem.


2. At what age are anti-blue light glasses necessary?

Before 10 years old, children's eyes haven't matured yet: the ocular environments are transparent and don't filter harmful light. Thus, retinal cells receive a significant amount of blue-violet light. Between 10 and 45 years old, the use of technological tools(TV, phones, computers, tablets) and some lightning sources leads the an overexposure of the eye to the harmful blue-violet light. After 45, the eye becomes more vulnerable because its natural antioxidants defense mechanism weakens. Therefore, a smaller proportion of the blue-violet light can cause retinal lesions. So it is actually recommanded to wear anti-blue light glasses de porter des lunettes anti-lumière bleue your entire life if you look at screens.


3. Do you need a prescription to wear EYEBLUE glasses?

EyeBlue glasses are equipped with non-corrective lenses. Therefore, a prescription is not needed to buy these screen glasses. You can directly equip yourself with protective glasses via Noova.


4. Can I wear EYEBLUE glasses with contact lenses?

 EyeBlue glasses, creating a screen against blue-violet light, are equipped with non-corrective lenses. Therefore, you absolutely can wear your contact lenses with the Eyeblue pair of glasses. Your contact lenses will bring you the comfort of a visual adaptation while the EyeBlue glasses will supply you with necessary protection against radiations emitted by the blue light. They will also protect your from dust and splashes.


5. Can I wear EYEBLUE when I'm not connected?

Even when you don't have your eyes on the screen(computer, phone or other), EyeBlue glasses continue to preserve your visual acuity by protecting your eyes from emitted radiations, inside by LED lamps for example, outside by blue-violet sun rays. Thus you can wear EyeBlue glasses outside of activities in front of a screen, in the daylight as much as nightime. You contribute to the care of your eyes. Light, and aesthetic, EyeBlue glasses were pictured and conceived to be easy and pleasant to wear in all circumstances.


6. Are EYEBLUE glasses adapted for video games?

The use of protective eyewear against harmful radiations by screens is highly recommended to lastingly preserve your visual acuity. EyeBlue glasses protect you from screen overexposure. They are popular among geeks and gamers because of its protection quality and the improvement of the perception of the renderrings because of the contrasts enhancement.



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