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Smart Herb Garden is an indoor garden that allows you to grow fresh herbs naturally. With the aid of the cartridges that comes with it, you can grow basil, thyme or parsley. You will have the choice between 19 refills that will satisfy your desires for sure.

After a resounding success on KickStarter, Click & Grow finally markets its Smart Herb Garden, the mini kitchen garden to grow at home!

And the best with the technology developed by Click & Grow is that you do nothing, just plug the Smart Herb Garden into an outlet and add water, the embedded technology wille take care of the rest!

The Smart Herb Garden comes with 3 Basilic refills, ready to be cultivated. Available in three colors (white, green and orange)

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Behind its sleek design lies a true concentrate of technology based on the NASA model.

Sun all year round

The Smart Herb Garden has two low consumption LEDs with a power of about 1000 lumens, integrated in an arm adjustable in height (3 positions). The spectrum of light produced by these LEDs is very close to natural light, and thus allows plants to enjoy an ideal sunshine, no matter the seasons or the amount of sunlight your room receive.

And thanks to its integrated timer, the cycle of growth of your plants is respected (16 hours of lights per day). The Smart Herb Garden plugs into mains plug(European plug).

Automated watering

A tank of about 1 liter is integrated as well as a totally silent system of automatedwatering which works by capillarity. Plants absorb exactly what they need, and the float will let you know the tank level with just a glance. When it is time to refill it, the lamp will blink to indicate it.

Refill system

Three pitches are available in this small vegetable garden to insert refills containing the seeds, soil, and the nutrients needed. To start your plantationsnothing is simpler, remove the lid from the refill and insert it into the Smart Herb Garden. All you have to do next is watching your plants grow!

Many refills are available, to grow all your favorite herbs, but also flowers, wild strawberries or chillies! More information is available on the "Refills" tab to the left of the text.

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The package contains :

1 x Smart Herb Garden
3 x Basil Refills

1 x startup guide



■ Power consumption: 6 Watt
■ Sound level: 0 dB
■ Capacity: 1 liter
■ Indoor use only.
■ Height adjustable up to 29 cm
■ Width: 30 cm
■ Depth: 12 cm
■ Weight: 1.2 kg


3 x "Tomato" Refills for Smart Herb Garden

Make your own cherry tomatoes grow! Full of fiber and vitamins, use them for your sandwiches, appetizer, salad, or cocktails.

Smart Herb Garden Recharge

3 x "Basil" Refills for Smart Herb Garden

Called the king of herbs, basil is a great source of vitamin K and gives taste to all your dishes, from pizza to salad and pasta. Irreplaceable spice, you can use it for the pesto, but also in the desserts to surprise your taste buds!


Smart Herb Garden Recharge

3 x "Chili Pepper" Refills for Smart Herb Garden

The freshly grown peppers help the body to manage heat and pain, and even have aphrodisiac properties. This variety is one of the strongest in the world, perfect for addressing challenges or cooking gourmet dishes!


Smart Herb Garden Recharge

3 x "Thyme" Refills for Smart Herb Garden

Thyme is the ideal herb to add to your meats, fish, marinades, mushrooms, eggs, beans, potatoes, and more! This herb rich in vitamins keeps its flavors even when cooked. Its medicinal properties are used in the preparation of relaxing herbal teas.


Smart Herb Garden Recharge

3 x "Dwarf Basil" Refills for Smart Herb Garden

The dwarf basil has the same contributions as the classic basil, but it is smaller and more compact. Source of vitamin K and antioxidants, it will give flavor to all your dishes.

Smart Herb Garden Recharge

3 x "Stevia" Refills for Smart Herb Garden

Originally from South America, stevia contains steviol, a substance very low in sugar but with similar taste, makes it an alternative to traditional sugar. Compatible with diabetic and hypoglycemic diets. To cook stevia, gather its leaves and infuse them into a liquid (milk, water) then add it to your preparations.

Smart Herb Garden Recharge

3 x "Melissa" Refills for Smart Herb Garden

Often called "citronella", lemon balm is a softening plant, known to reduce anxiety and improve sleep. Use it in your iced teas, in your cakes or even to prepare pesto.

Smart Herb Garden Recharge

3 x "Parsley" Refills for Smart Herb Garden

Parsley is one of the most popular herbs and used in kitchens all over the world. Rich in vitamins C, B, K and A, these nutritional properties make it a medicinal plant to treat arthritis and heart problems. Used in salads, soups, tomato sauces, taboule, or sauteed, it gives vigor to your dishes.


Smart Herb Garden Recharge

3 x "Strawberry" Refills for Smart Herb Garden

Cultivating strawberries at home means enjoying summer even in winter!

Fresh and delicious, strawberries are known to strengthen the nervous system, reduce fatigue and aging of the skin.



Smart Herb Garden Recharge

3 x "Peppermint" Refills for Smart Herb Garden

Peppermint is the James Bond of herbs, used in all types of dishes: desserts, tea, soups, salads, marinades and more!

Rich in manganese, copper and vitamin C, these refreshing leaves have soothing and purifying properties.

Smart Herb Garden Recharge

3 x "Chinese Mustard" Refills for Smart Herb Garden

Also called "brown mustard", Chinese mustard is used in many cuisines (Italian, Indian, Japanese, etc.). Versatile and good for health, it is rich in vitamins A, K, C and in dietary fiber. Add it in your salads and sandwiches to perfume your meals and give you energy.

Smart Herb Garden Recharge

3 x "Red Basil" Reffils for Smart Herb Garden

Concentrated in vitamin C and antioxidants, red basil is appreciated for its bright color and pronounced taste. Stronger than classic basil, it will give vigor to all your salads, sandwiches or pesto. It is one of the most versatile herbs in the world!

Smart Herb Garden Recharge

3 x "Oregano" Refills for Smart Herb Garden

Very popular in the Mediterranean, Latin American and Filipino cuisines, oregano combines perfectly with pizzas, marinades, vegetarian dishes and more! Source of antioxidants, vitamin K and iron, this herb is excellent for health.

Smart Herb Garden Recharge

3 x "Impatiens" Refills for Smart Herb Garden

Known for its bright red flowers, fuchsias, oranges and violets, impatiens are a debauch of colors.

Smart Herb Garden Recharge

3 x "Petunia" Refills for Smart Herb Garden

The petunias and their pretty colored flowers have the power to brighten any space.

Smart Herb Garden Recharge

3 x Refills "Rooster comb" for Smart Herb Garden

Originating in one of the warmest and equatorial regions of Africa, the Amaranth Rooster Comb is the perfect plant to add style to your interior. This flower in the form of brightly colored flames blooms quickly.

Smart Herb Garden Recharge

3 x "Moss Rose" Refills for Smart Herb Garden

Also known as "Portulaca", the Moss Rose is appreciated for the speed of its growth and for its splendid colored flowers to the paces of fireworks.

Smart Herb Garden Recharge

3 x "Marigold flower" Refills for Smart Herb Garden

Originally from Mexico, these magnificent flowers with flaming petals are used as spices in Georgian cuisine, to season and even replace the saffron.

Smart Herb Garden Recharge



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When the founder of Click and Grow, Mattias Lepp created the first "Smartpot", his greatest achievement was seeing the joy and excitement of children, parents, and even businessmen who were watching every five minutes if young shoots have emerged from the ground.

If we were to compare their company to a phenomenon or activity, the first thing the Click and Grow team thinks about is the bonzai. What matters most with this little tree is not the way it is pruned and modified but how this change influences who takes care of it. It requires making decisions, seeking solutions, and learning about oneself. These are the goals of Click and Grow: seek progress, change and solutions to different crop problems, so you do not have to.

Join the Click and Grow revolution, and watch your plants grow!


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