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Smart Garden PlantUI allows you to cultivate fresh and tasty products throughout the year. In 6 to 8 weeks, you can grow your own herbs and even fresh salads! Thanks to its intelligent lighting system and automatic watering pump, there is no need for soil or gardening skills. In this innovative garden, you can grow up to 6 plants (3 for the Smart Garden PlantUI 3) simultaneously.



LED Light

plant salad at home
The PlantUI 6 has 18 high-end LEDs (9 for the Smart Garden PlantUI 3) providing a spectrum very close to natural light, allowing your plants to benefit from optimum lighting, regardless of the time of the year!

Plants have different light requirements throughout their life, the LEDs integrated in PlantUI and its height adjustment system have been designed to stimulate germination and then promote the growth of your plants and green vegetables.

Smart watering

plant ui
PlantUI 6 uses the same irrigation method as professional greenhouses: it pumps water to the roots 1 to 8 times a day, depending on the stage of growth. It allows plants to get exactly the right amount of water, nutrients and oxygen.

The tank, the cultivating tray and the plant supports are all dishwasher safe (max 60 ° C)

Integrated timer

plantUI smart garden

Simply set "Night" mode by holding your hand on top of the light unit for 3 seconds. The lights will flash twice, then turn off automatically at the same time every night, and turn on again 8 hours later. If you want to change this time, the timer can be adjusted in the same way.

Vacation mode

You can leave your plants alone during your vacation! Simply add nutrients and water (maximum 3 liters) before you leave, then hold your hand on top of the device for 10 seconds until the lights become violet.

The PlantUI will then run autonomously for up to 3 weeks. When you return from vacation, just pass your hand on the device. Your Plantui will return to normal growth mode.

PlantUI Smart Garden white



Smart Garden works with ready-to-use PlantUI ™ capsules that contain seeds and nutrients. You can choose yours from our selection in the "Refills" tab on the left.

Seeds are not treated chemically, biologically or physically.

 PlantUI BasilicPlantUI RoquettePlantUI coriandre


The pack includes :
■ 1 x Smart Garden PlantUI 6 or 3
■ 2 x Blocks for height adjustment
■ 1 x Explanation guide to get your crop started easily!

Note: Refills not included.


Discover the premium version of the Smart Garden Plant UI 3.

Moomin garden 3

Plantui Moomin Garden 3 brings the joy of gardening to all sized kitchens. You just place 3 Plantui Plant Capsules in the device and the Moomin Garden takes care of the growing. The watering and lighting are automated. In 5-8 weeks you can grow your favorite herbs, salad greens and edible flowers from seed to full grown plants. No soil, no gardening skills needed!

■ Adjustable height: 21 cm / 30 cm / 37 cm
■ Width: 29 cm
■ Depth: 29 cm
■ Diameter: 29 cm
■ Capacity: 3 liters


■ Adjustable height: 21 cm / 30 cm / 37 cm
■ Width: 15 cm
■ Depth: 15cm
■ Diameter: 15cm
■ Capacity: 1 liters


3 x Basil Spicy for PlantUI 6:

Flavor warm, sweet and spicy, to mix with your salads, soups or sautéed. It complements both the taste of vegetables and fruits, especially tomatoes. It decorates and gives taste to your favorite dishes.

Growth: Fast-Medium (5-8 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge Basilique Épicé

3 x Oregano for PlantUI 6:

Very popular with tomato sauces and mixes very well with basil, thyme or rosemary. Oregano has antiseptic properties and can be used as an infusion in the case of colds or flu, and to stimulate digestion.

Growth: Slow (8-12 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge Origan

3 x Cress for PlantUI 6:

Watercress contains iron, folic acid, and vitamins A and C. Young growth can be cooked in all kinds of dishes, and larger leaves can be cooked like arugula

Growth: Fast (3-5 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge Cresson

3 x Basil for PlantUI 6:

Used in pesto and salad, you can also use it to decorate your pasta, risottos, pizzas and bruschettas. And for more originality, you can even sprinkle it on a salad of strawberries or peaches.

Growth: Fast-Medium (5-8 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge Basilique

3 x Thai Basil for PlantUI 6:

Different from classic basil, its flavors are softer and warmer with a hint of anise or licorice and according to some, pepper and cinnamon. Ideal for creative cooks, this flavor adds a lot of flavor to soups and oriental sauces, but also with sauteed dishes and noodles.

Growth: Fast-Medium (5-8 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge Basilique Thaï

3 x Parsley for PlantUI 6:

Parsley is rich in iron, vitamins K and C, and its antioxidant intake makes it a healthy seasoning. Chop and season it with your salads, sandwiches, or use it in your tabbouleh.

Growth: Fast-Medium (5-8 weeks)

Plantui Recharge Persil

3 x Rocket for PlantUI 6:

The rocket has a strong and peppery flavor and combines perfectly with different types of cheese, on pizzas or in sandwiches. You can also cook it like spinach, sauté it or steam it.

Growth: Fast (3-5 weeks)

Plantui Recharge Roquette

3 x Coriander for PlantUI 6:

Essential ingredient in Asian, Hispanic and North African cuisine, coriander leaves are usually used fresh as an accompaniment or as a condiment. It is a medicinal plant, recognized notably to facilitate digestion.

Growth: Fast-Medium (5-8 weeks)

Plantui Recharge Coriandre

3 x Mint for PlantUI 6:

Enjoy a mint tea, enliven your lemonades, or sprinkle your fruit salads or other desserts! You can also cook it with new potatoes, fresh peas, and also with roast lamb.


Plantui Recharge Menthe

6 x "Experimental" capsules for PlantUI 6:

Blank refills for experimentation.

PlantUI Recharge

3 x Thym capsules for PlantUI 6:

Thyme, an herb of many virtues, has been around for thousands of years. Nowadays it’s used for cooking and as a home remedy, for example as a cough reliever. Thyme is a somewhat modest-looking herb with small matte green leaves, a fresh fragrance and a minty aroma.

Growth: Slow (8-12 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge

3 x Sweet Blond capsules for PlantUI 6 :

Lettuce is a leafy plant with many variations. Our Sweet Blond belongs to the loose-leaf varieties, meaning that it doesn’t form a head. It’s a decorative baby lettuce with a sweet, mild, fresh taste. The crisp, light green leaves have pretty fringed edges. Sweet Blond grows fast, so you’ll always have something nice to garnish your cold and warm salads.

Growth: Fast (3-5 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge

3 x Garden Rocket capsules for PlantUI 6 :

Rocket, also known as arugula, is the rebellious cousin of the great family of cabbages. It has been grown since ancient times, and not only for the taste. For example the great Roman poet Virgil praises rocket for being able to ‘excite the desire of drowsy people’.

Growth: Fast (3-5 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge

3 x Basil Lemon capsules for PlantUI 6 :

It would be hard to imagine a tomato salad without some soft, green basil leaves. There are many basil varieties, and Basil Lemon must be one of the most charming ones. It has mid-sized leaves that are a bit paler than those of common basil, and a lovely fresh lemony taste and fragrance.

Growth: Fast-Medium (5-8 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge

3 x Kale capsules for PlantUI 6 :

For many our ancestors, kale was a super food too, but not in the same sense as now. The quick-growing and nutritious kales were sturdy and hardy: they could be kept in the kitchen garden, or as the Scots used to call it, in the kailyard, even under snow.

Growth: Fast (3-5 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge

3 x Tatsoi capsules for PlantUI 6:

Tatsoi or tat soi is sometimes called rosette pak choi, or flat cabbage, or spoon mustard. It comes from Asia, probably China. Tatsoi looks a bit prehistoric with its glossy, thick, dark green leaves that grow evenly forming a rosette.

Growth: Fast (3-5 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge

3 x Sage capsules for PlantUI 6:

Sage has a long and fine history in medical use. “Cur moriatur homo, cui salvia crescit in horto”, why did they let a man die when there was sage in the garden? But it would be so wrong to leave this fine herb to the medicine men only.

Growth: Fast-Medium (5-8 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge

3 x Basil Dark capsules for PlantUI 6:

It’s practically impossible to get fed up with basil. But when you’re looking for some change, try the decorative purple version. It has pretty, glossy leaves with almost a royal color that gets darker when the plant matures.

Growth: Fast-Medium (5-8 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge

3 x Shiso capsules for PlantUI 6 :

Shiso is an Oriental member of the large family of mint. It has decorative leaves with jagged edges. The flavour of shiso cannot be described fast: it’s a lovely, exotic and warm mixture of basil, cinnamon, lemon and mint.

Growth: Slow (8-12 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge

3 x Marjoram capsules for PlantUI 6 :

Marjoram, sometimes called sweet marjoram, has small, oval, grey-green leaves and a nice, spicy fragrance. In herbal healing, the essential oils of marjoram are used to relieve the stiffness of muscles and joints. And marjoram infusions are said to help in all kinds of troubles, from insomnia to seasickness.

Growth: Slow (8-12 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge

3 x Garden Cress capsules for PlantUI 6:

Our forefathers used garden cress to season their foods before the spice trade brought affordable pepper to Europe. Garden cress grows…well, like a weed, and some people think the plant’s name in many languages is derived from the Latin word crescere, which means to grow fast.

Growth: Fast (3-5 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge

3 x Chervil capsules for PlantUI 6:

With its delicate, graceful, carrot-like leaves, chervil is the darling granny of the plant world. Growing chervil is like growing light green lace. Chervil has a gentle flavour that resembles a mixture of aniseed and parsley with warm licorice-like undertones.

Growth: Fast (3-5 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge

3 x Leaf Radish capsules for PlantUI 6:

Some radish species are grown for their crispy taproots, others – like ours – for their tasty leaves. Radish leaves grow rapidly. The leaves of the leaf radish are dark green with a pretty red hue. Young leaves are virtually smooth, the older ones are slightly fuzzy.

Growth: Fast (3-5 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge

3 x Komatsuna capsules for PlantUI 6 :

Komatsuna, or Japanese Spinach Mustard, is a nutritious and beautiful leaf vegetable. It has probably been cultivated in Japan for ages. With its long, bending leaves, komatsuna looks pretty, especially in its baby stage (don’t they all?).

Growth: Fast (3-5 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge

3 x Capsules Mizuna pour PlantUI :

Mizuna is a stylish and fast growing leafy vegetable. It’s widely grown in Japan and enjoyed there as a green of the cool seasons. Mizuna can be eaten raw or cooked. The crisp, decorative leaves have fringed edges and blond stalks.

Growth: Fast (3-5 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge

3 x Capsules Sariette pour PlantUI :

Summer savory is an aromatic herb with small grey-green leaves, which has been used for over 2000 years. Fresh summer savory has a warm, sharpish, slightly peppery and resinous flavour. It tastes delicious with sausages, liver and roast lamb.

Growth: Fast-Medium (5-8 weeks)

PlantUI Recharge




logo PlantUI

PlantUI ™ Smart Garden has been designed to allow to grow an indoor vegetable garden in the easiest and most convenient way possible.

The idea came to Janne Loiske in 2007, while he held in his hands a fresh boot of beans, grown in the garden of his holiday home. Would it be possible to grow vegetables and herbs in the city? When the secret of happiness is so simple, should not it be accessible to everyone? Everyone deserves to have a garden. It is these thoughts that led to the creation of their company and their flagship product.

Particularly concerned with the problem of industrial food waste (in many supermarkets, more than 60% of vegetables are thrown away), the company also wants to fight against this waste of time, money and natural resources. These statistics are why the PlantUI team is convinced that sooner or later, people will eventually grow their own vegetables at home. May be in 2040, may be earlier ... If you want to join the movement, now is the time!


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