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Did you know that over 50% of women suffer from cramps during menstruation? Hot water bottles, ice packs, and often a heavy dose of painkillers become their best allies. However, some of these solutions are difficult to use away from home, while the painkillers can be habit-forming, expensive, and less and less effective over time.

Livia solves all of these problems perfectly! It is a discreet wearable device that delivers a drug-free, affordable, highly effective solution to menstrual pain.

Livia, how does it work



Simply apply Livia’s two gel sticker to the areas of the lower abdomen, where the pain is.  The device will then generate small, totally safe, electronic pulses that stimulate and occupy the nerves so they cannot transmit pain signals to the brain.

No pain . . . no pain!

Livia is not addictive and can completely eliminate not only menstrual pain, but the need to take costly painkillers.


Positives of Livia



Livia's designers have thought of everything: the product’s design is not only ultra discreet (it could easily pass for an MP3 player), but also super stylish,with a great selection of bright colors.

Livia couldn’t be simpler to use: as soon as menstrual pain is felt, just place the two gel stickers where the pain is, clip the Livia device on your belt and turn it on! The relief is immediate and can last up to 15 hours (which is service life of the Livia battery, which can be recharged via USB).





  • A Livia device in a soft colored skin
  • Two gel stickers with electrodes
  • A connecting cable for the electrodes 
  • A USB charging cable 
  • A storage case


Available Colors 

Available colors




You have questions ? Look at the FAQ tab on the left, otherwise place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to assist the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!


iPulse Medical, the company behind Livia, was founded in April 2015 in Tel Aviv by Nachum Chen, Software Engineer, and Nachum Zvi, developer and electronics engineer.

Although created by two men, this project is nevertheless 100% dedicated to women and their well-being, helping them regain control of their bodies. Accompanied by the prestigious  Dr. Bari Kaplan, Hospital Women Beilinson, they together developed Livia, the best device to remove menstrual pain.

After entering clinical trials of 163 women and breathtaking Indiegogo campaign (funded over 700% in one month!) Livia joined Noova to finally relieve women during menstruation!

Q: How does it feel? 
 Lovely. It’s been best described as “a feeling of gentle vibrations”.

Q: How long does it take for me to feel the effects? 
 No time at all. Once you attach the Livia pulse stickers you feel an instant relief. 

Q: Would I still need to take pills with Livia? 
 Nope. The purpose of Livia is to provide a drug-free solution for menstrual pains. It effectively alleviates pain through stimulation, so it removes the need to take painkillers.

Q: During which part of my period should I wear Livia? 
 There is no recommended optimal time to use Livia. You can wear it whenever you want. Just put it on when you feel some pain, and take it from there. 

Q: How does it work? 
 Livia’s technology is based on the "Gate Control Theory". Livia is transmitting a pulse that is keeping the nerves "busy". Busy nerves means that the nerve-gate is closed, therefore pain signals cannot pass through and are unfelt.

Q: Is Livia a tens machine? 
 Livia uses principles that are similar to a tens device, but it's frequency and wave shape are unique and optimized especially for menstrual pain.

Q: Can I use it out in public? 
 Most definitely. Livia is designed to be discreet and can be worn unnoticeably under any outfit.

Q: Is it relevant for every age? 
 Yes. Livia is relevant for women of all ages that suffer from menstrual pains.

Q:My menstrual pains are really bad, can Livia help me? 
 Livia eliminates strong menstrual pains and can even help endometriosis. In cases of severe pain Livia provides a significant relief, reducing pain by about 80 percent.

Q: Are there any limitations to use Livia? 
 Yes. You should NOT use Livia if you have a heart pacemaker or have a heart rhythm problem.

Q: Can I sit/ move/ exercise with this? 
 Livia doesn’t restrict your movement at any way, it’s designed to be clipped on and forgotten about.

Q: What does the Livia package include? 
 The Livia package includes 1 Livia device, 2 Livia electrodes, 1 Livia device cable, 4 Livia hydrogel pads, 1 Livia case, 1 USB charging cable.

Q: How do I pick my color?
 We will send you an email later on; you will be able to choose your favorite color there.

Q: Is it safe to use? 
 Yes, Livia is completely safe to use. We strive to meet the most stringent International standards and are near completion with the FDA and CE-Mark approval process.

Q: Was this tested with people? 
 Yes. Livia was clinicly tested on 163 women. The clinical trial was conducted by Prof. Bari Kaplan from Women’s Hospital - Beilinson to very successful results.

Q: Can it affect my fertility? 
 Absolutely not. The Livia process is external and doesn’t intervene with your cycle, your hormonal balance or anything like that. 

Q: Are there any side effects? 
 Safe Livia use doesn’t have any negative side effects whatsoever. It also doesn’t leave any marks on your body.

Q: How do I use it? 
 You simply attach Livia's pulse stickers to where you feel pain, press the 'ON' button and that's it. You can adjust the intensity depending on the level of pain.

Q: Will I need to change batteries? 
 No. Livia operates on internal batteries. You charge it by plugging it into any USB cable. Charges last for about 15 hours.

Q: Do I need to buy any extras or anything? 
 No. The Livia package comes with everything you need. Specifically: 1 Livia device, 2 Livia electrodes, 1 Livia device cable, 4 Livia hydrogel pads, 1 Livia case, 1 USB charging cable and that's all you need. No extras, no add-ons.

Q: What if my Livia doesn't work properly?
 We don't compromise on customer satisfaction and despite working hard to make sure every detail of Livia works well, we've added a 2-year warranty. Not that you'll need it :) 



You have questions ? Look at the FAQ tab on the left, otherwise place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!


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