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Because we are always traveling the world, sometimes the days are longer than expected, and we do not have a neighbor to whom we could entrust the "kitty" during the holidays, that is why Catspad was designed in collaboration with veterinarians to best adapt to the true nature of cats. In order to preserve the freshness of the croquettes a whole month, Catspad has a watertight tank. It allows to feed its companion with small well defined portions and weighed to the gram.

Catspad distributeur de croquettes pour chat



Catspad has a compartment to store the equivalent of 1 month of cat food. In reality, there is a reserve of croquette and a reservoir of water. Thanks to this fully automatic dispenser machine, you can feed your cat in the desired quantities at any time of the day. Nothing was left to chance !

Catspad distributeur pour chat connecté



To keep the freshness and crispness of croquettes a whole month, Catspad has a sealed reservoir. It allows to feed its companion with small well defined portions and weighed to the gram. The water runs down the wall before pouring gently into the bowl to create a movement that will attract cats. The water is constantly renewed. In addition, the pump is equipped with a filter that eliminates tastes and odors that would annoy the animal. Very easy to maintain thanks to a thoughtful design, Catspad is also equipped with a back-up battery in case of power failure. Enough to remain serene in all circumstances!



The features offered by the Catspad application definitely come out of this cat food dispenser. Thus, it is connected and one can do everything from an intuitive and complete interface.

It suggests 3 different ways to feed your companion: a click to fill its tin, a specific feeding program that takes place on the day, or at will (as soon as the tin is empty, it fills itself).

For water, it's the same thing. One can set the activation of the fountain: when the cat approaches (its presence is detected by a sensor), on a frequence or continuously.

The application Catspad allows to make a real follow-up of the feeding of your cat. You can view various charts and data directly on your smartphone. Finally, Catspad can distinguish the different cats in the same household and provide each with the most appropriate amount of food. Each of the cats is then recognized either through its veterinary chip, or if it has none, with a pendant to hang on any collar. It is thus possible to follow the diet of each individually.


catspad pour tous les chats

At any time, you can know the amount of food in stock in real time. When the level is low, a notification is received. This allows you to predict and never run out of croquettes or water.

Application Catspad distributeur nourriture pour chat



■ Size: 35 x 50 x 33 cm
■ Weight: 4 kg
■ Nutritional reserves: 1.7 kg
■ Water reserves: 8 liters
■ Works with any type of croquettes
■ Equipped with multiple sensors (RFID, weight, pressure)
■ Programmable by mobile application (iOS, Android)
■ Connected to the Wi-Fi network
■ Supplied with 2 pendants, a charger and 3 filters to keep the water of your Catspaw healthy (1 filter = 1 month). You can buy only filters if you wish.



Catspad distributeur connecté pour chat

Catspad Distributeur de nourriture pour chatFrench Tech Catspad

Julie Leleu and Brice Cavelier were enjoying their holidays together. Everything took place until the day when a misfortune happened. The friend in charge of looking after Mozart, Julie's cat, fell ill. That was the end of the holidays! No choice but to return in this case. Catspad, a smart and connected distributor of food and water for cats, is born of this fate.

A graduate of the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Toulouse, with a master's degree in Entrepreneurship, Julie is the co-founder of the Catspad. His tenacity, dedication and above all, his passion for his cat, have allowed her to offer to all cat lovers a way to ensure a good diet and a good hydration wherever you are. As for Brice, a training engineer with a passion for technology, he works tirelessly and in close collaboration with leading technology companies to improve the product by incorporating the latest innovations.

Today, a whole team devotes its time to the development of the product and the mobile application that makes the Catspad: a connected distributor elegant and perfectly integrated with its environment.


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Shipping will start June 2018

Delivery fees : 15 € in France, 25 € for the rest of the world.



Right of withdrawal : 14 days from receipt of the order.



If the product is in its original packaging, it has not been used and that it is not damaged or broken. All accessories (and documentation) must be intact and present. The return costs are at the customers expense.



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For any return request, contact the startup at, we will communicate the steps as well as the return address.

1. Should it be unplugged into an electrical outlet ?

Absolutely. However, rest assured. In the event of a power failure, a back-up battery takes over and the battery has a 1-month autonomy.


2.How does my smartphone communicates with Catspad ?

The Catspad is connected to the internet via the WiFi network of the house. It is therefore necessary to configure it during the first use. If your internet box is cut, then the Catspad will no longer be able to refresh the information on your mobile. However he will continue to take care of your cat: by distributing the quantities of food programmed, and renewing the water of the bowl once an hour. The objective is to continue to ensure the vital functions of the distributor namely to distribute water and food.


3. How to ensure that the water served is healthy ?

For a totally healthy water, the pump must be activated once per hour. The Catspad will activate the pump on its own every hour if your cat has not come to drink. So it will also renew the water available in the bowl!


4. How do I know there is enough food and water in the Catspad ?

There is a default alert when the level is low (reserve less than 3 days), you can also set other alert thresholds (7 days in advance to plan to buy back, for example) .

5. What is included when I order Catspad ?

You will receive 1 catspad (phew!) + 1 pendant for your pet + 1 charger.




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