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Bluetens was designed to become your well-being companion available 24/7, a sort of connected physio that you can request at any time. A mini box visibly connected to electrodes placed on the body, and an application for controlling the whole. Beware of prejudices, it is not size that matters! Expect to be surprised by Bluetens. It is distinguished from other connected objects dedicated to health by its ergonomics, practicality and breathtaking performance.



This is a medical device that has been designed, tested and approved by health professionals including physiotherapists. Through Bluetens technology, the electrodes produce a natural process by generating a configurable electric current. Note that these electrodes are adhesive pads with high quality for better conductivity and diffusion effects. Depending on the frequency, intensity and duration you have selected, the session will relieve your pain, relax or tone your muscles. 3 modes of action that will delight you every time.

Bluetens objet connecté appli massage musculation



Complicated ? Absolutely not ! On your Bluetens, there is a button, only one that is used to turn on and off the device. Then, to put the electrodes on your body, there is nothing to worry about. The application shows you howto do so with clear illustrations, then simply press GO. In addition, as all electrodes are not correctly placed, the electrostimulation program does not start. At any time, you can adjust the power thanks to the wheel positioned on top of the unit.



It is so compact that it fits in the bag in the drawer of the nightstand, is clipped to the belt, etc. Bluetens is always at hand, ready to offer you a relaxing interlude when you feel like it. And even if it is unloaded, just plug it for an hour for it to fully recharge via a USB cable. At home, at work, during sports sessions, the Bluetens app offers a whole range of programs, more than 100, which meet the most varied needs.

Discover MASSAGE NO STRESS, ideal to relieve pressure, tension and relax effectively, the TIRED LEGS TREATMENT, to promote blood circulation and relieve the calves, SUPER TONED TUSH or CONCRETE ADBOMINALS, to sculpt a figure of dream, and many others.

Bluetens objet connecté électrostimulateur



■ 1 unit Bluetens
■ 1 Blue Pack of 3 x 4 electrodes
1 USB cable for charging
■ 1 cable for connecting the electrodes snap
■ 1 manual
1 waterproof pouch



blueteens device machine

The health connected object

blueteens electrodes

8 Electrodes size M
1 x 8 electrodes (100*50mm)

12 Electrodes size S
3 x 4 electrodes (50*50 mm)     


4 Electrodes size S
1 x 4 electrodes (50*50 mm)

bleuteens device

LThe clip belt attachment
Protective shell

The Carrying case
Hard case




■ Size: 6 x 4 cm
■ Battery: Lithium Ion with 5 hours of battery after full charge
■ Chip Integrated Bluetooth




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■ 4,90 € for an enveloppe shipping (electrodes) for the rest of the world



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The manufacturer undertakes to refurbish or replace the product if there is a malfunction within 24 (twenty-four) months from the confirmation of the sale, upon presentation of the invoice which is a guarantee voucher.



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Bluetens - Free download on iOS and Android

Appli iOS Bluetens

Appli Android Bluetens

app store application gymwatchandroid application gymatch sensor
■ Requires iOS 8.0 or later version

■ Compatible with iPhone (from iPhone 4S), iPad and iPod touch

Requires Android 4.3 or later version

Bluetens objet connecté bien-être french teck kubb

The Bluetens team is composed exclusively of professionals in physiotherapy and medicine wishing to facilitate and democratize the use of electrotherapy in everyday life. It made a notable entry into national and international shows such as Réeduca, Medica but also MedPI and Websummit. With a device that is no bigger than a blue card, electrodes to be placed on areas of the body to be relieved and an ultra intuitive app, their invention seduced both professionals and individuals.

Bluetens, which is a revolutionary electrostimulator, has since obtained his medical certificate. Facing the euphoria of the public with "health and well-being" connected objects, it has its place by proposing various programs of physiotherapy, relaxation and strengthening muscles.

1. What are the safety measures to be taken before using Bluetens ?

■ Do not use Bluetens in water or in a humid atmosphere (sauna, balneotherapy, hammam, etc.).

■ It is forbidden to place the electrodes on the Sino-carotid region (at the front of the neck), transcerebral (through the head) or transthorax (through the rib cage), so as not to deceive you, be sure to follow the placement tips of electrodes, they are established by health professionals and correspond to the areas of the body where the Bluetens will be most effective.

■ Use only the electrode cable supplied by Bluetens.

■ Never connect the electrode cable to an external power source, as this may result in electric shock.

■ Do not use damaged or defective electrode cables.

■ Always use the USB cable supplied by Bluetens to charge the unit.

■ Never use the Bluetens or the USB cable if it is damaged.

■ Keep the Bluetens and its accessories out of the reach of children.

■ Do not allow foreign objects (earth, water, metal, etc.) to enter the Bluetens.

■ Do not use Bluetens while driving.

■ Never recharge the Bluetens while it is in use, a slider prevents simultaneous recharging and use, under no circumstances should you remove it, it is an additional protection.If in doubt do not hesitate to consult the advice of a doctor.


2. When is Bluetens use discouraged or contraindicated ?

People who have a pacemaker or who are epilepsy-prone must not use Bluetens. Pregnant women are also strongly discouraged from using it, as well as people suffering from hernisa or eventrations.

People with cardiac illness must avoid areas around the heart. You should not use Bluetens if you have:

– Implants or metal prosthetics in your body.

– Any heart irregularities or heart disease.

– Diabetes (loss of sense of touch)

– Serious blood circulation disorders of the lower limbs

If you have any doubt, please consult a doctor.


3. What are the risks in the long term ?

Electrotherapy and electrostimulation are techniques that have been practiced for many years and no major problems have been reported to date.

There are no associated risks as long as you follow the safety instructions. Occasionally harmless rashes may appear on sensitive skin. If this occurs, remove the electrodes and wash the area with soap and water. Rashes will disappear after a few minutes.

Bluetens is a medical device so you can use it with confidence.


4. Quelle est la durée de vie des électrodes ?

The number of times the electrodes can be used depends on the condition of your skin (hair, skin type, etc.), where they are placed on your body and the type of treatment or care applied. Regularly check the state of your electrodes, when the gel no longer adheres to your skin properly it is a sign that they need changing. For reasons of hygiene and to keep your electrodes in good condition we advise you not to share electrodes.


5. How to recharge the battery ?

The Bluetens works with a lithium-ion battery and is simply recharged using a USB cable with a Micro-USB jack. The charging time is one hour and offers you 4 to 5 hours of treatment.




You have questions ? Place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!

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