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Are you not anxious when you can’t find your key or wallet? When I lost something, I am spending 20 minutes looking at the most unlikely places, while most of the time it’s under a pillow, a stack of paper or in one of my jeans!

That’s why we invented TrackR Pixel. After 5 years of R&D andthousands of suggestions from a crowd of people, we are proud to present our Trackr Pixel!

About the size of a coin, GPS TrackR is a tag that can hold on to your door keys or other valuables objects in order to not lose them. With the TrackR application, you can find any lost object in seconds by the ringing or by using the Crowd GPS distance indicator!


If you are one those people whose mornings are rapidly converted into a treasure hunt for your car keys, TrackR Pixel is the solution for you. TrackR Pixel clings to keys to avoid galleys morning and ensures you will never be late. TrackR can also be attached to your bike or backpack. With TrackR, you will no longer look for your item in every corner!

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Hot? Cold? Boiling? The TrackR app shows you the distance between you and your lost item, allowing you to know where the $% @ & key is in your home! ;)

Just use TrackR app on your phone to make the TrackR ring.




But what happens if you lose your phone? We have the solution ;) You can use your TrackR to make your phone ring even when it is silent!

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You lost something?? The crowd and TrackR network will help you find it. When another user Tracker is within 30m of your lost item, you will receive a GPS notification.

The TrackR app is for tracking down any bluetooth device and TrackR bluetooth. We have the world's largest GPS network thanks to our crowd of more than 5 million people in helping to locate 40 devices per minute!

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Seriously ... you have again forgotten your phone ?! :)
You will receive a warning separation if you are moving too far from the object on which TrackR is hooked on. 


Discreet and elegant, we have made every effort to create a product successful in all aspects. TrackR Pixel is made of anodized aluminum for a smoothness and unmatched durability.



• Diameter: 26.2 mm
• Thickness: 5.6  mm
• Life Battery life 1 year (no need to recharge)
• Battery type: CR1616 replaceable battery
• Ringing volume of TrackR: 90 dB
• Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Power)
• Compatible devices: iPhone 4S and more recent, iPad 3rd generation and more recent, Android 4.4 and recent
Works worldwide
• Ability to use a third party application to find your item if you don’t have your smartphone 

TrackR was founded by two students from the University of California in Santa Barbara (TMP program) and engineering university. The founders, Chris and Christian, needed a machine able to trace their keys and wallets, but they also wanted to find their phone with this device. Thus, Trackr was born : THE solution to find all your important personal items.

TrackR - Free App for iOS and Andoïd

Appli iOS TrackR

Appli Android

■ Requires iOS 9.0 or later

■ Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Requires Android 4.4 or later

1. What is the scope for the function: to ring the phone with Trackr?

30m. In addition, the GPS crowd function takes over to find your lost item.

1a. What is the crowd GPS?

It's a new way to locate lost items with no monthly fees or expensive GPS devices. The crowd GPS requires another user close to the lost object so the Trackr automatically notifies its owner of its GPS location. Now, we hold the biggest network of crowd GPS worldwide and intend to maintain that position.

2. Is my phone is compatible with Trackr?

Trackr needs a tablet or a phone as well as the application open in the background. Bluetooth must be enabled (no worries our engineers have made it so it consumes only a fraction of your battery).

Trackr works with:

-iPhone 4s and later

-iPad 3rd generation and newer

-Android 4.4 and later

3. How many Trackr can I synchronize with my phone?

10 for Apple devices and between 1-10 depending on your Android

4. What differentiates Trackr Bravo from competition?

-With us you do not need a new Trackr each year because the battery is easily replaceable.  

-TrackR Find lost items, make your phone ring and you can ring your Trackr.

-We Propose Trackr on iOS and Android. For this reason among others, our network is the most extensive of all, so you receive more notifications!

5. Is there a monthly fee?

NO and the application is free ;)

6. Is Trackr waterproof?

Trackr is water resistant (rain, splash, etc.) But not waterproof. So do not bathe with it;)

7. What is the lifespan of batteries and is it replaceable?

The battery lasts for about 1 year and the battery can be bought in most shops. The battery is a CR 1616

8. My battery died before 1 year, what to do?

Contact us ;)

9. Does
TrackeR work in my country ?

Yes ;) TrackR devices work around every corner of the globe, as long as you have a compatible smart phone or tablet.



 You have questions ? Place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!

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