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80% of the population suffer from back pain! You who are reading, you may be part of it. Fortunately, this is not inevitable. Health professionals: physiotherapists and osteopaths are unanimous; One of the best solutions to significantly alleviate this pain is by adopting a better posture. In other words: we must straighten our back! Percko is an intelligent second skin that stimulates the back and encourages you to keep you straight.

Percko, t-shirt pour améliorer la posture



Since it is no longer a secret, the idea through Percko is indeed proposing an alternative to traditional back supports that support the muscles of the back and working for them. These systems then mostly weaken the back. Percko constantly reminded that it is important to recover. Through multiple tensor and discretion, the whole spine is stimulated from the pelvis to the neck.

Percko, t-shirt seconde peau anti maux de dos



Made from super thine textile fiber and patented foam Percko slips discreetly under clothing. You can wear it anywhere, any time, at home, at school, at work, in the car, during your gym sessions, etc. While being imperceptible, the shirt second skin acts mechanically to get you to straighten your back. Behind all this, years of research and innovative technologies in textile.

Atelier de confection du Percko



PErcko fonctionnement tenseurs



In a clinical study with Ostéobio and Cogitobio (results here) Percko shows significant results on the postural improvement: an improved posture is observed in 100% of people who tested Percko. Wearing Percko thereby cause a rib block recovery to bring it above the gravity line through the pelvis. The overall balance is improved, and the risk of muscle fatigue is reduced.

Percko, t-shirt seconde peau qui atténue les maux de dos



Suffering from back pain can be debilitating in everyday life, this means among other difficulties in finding your confort. With Percko, you adopt quickly a better position to suffer less rapidly. You gain confidence. Moreover, it is advisable to consult a doctor, especially if your pain is caused by inflammation.



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Percko, seconde peau pour redresser le dos


80% of the world population suffer from back pain. It is by becoming aware of this staggering that Alexis Ucko and Quentin Perraudeau decided to develop Percko together. Their goal: to create a revolutionary product halfway between textiles and technology to alleviate the pain, but also to straighten the back.


Quentin Perraudeau was a student at the INSA Lyon while Alexis Ucko graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. They followed together a set Central-ESSEC Specialized Master Contractor before embarking on the start-up adventure and creating Percko.


To go through with their ideas and ensure maximum efficiency, Percko products have been developed in partnership with health professionals as Cogitobio and businesses at the forefront of textile innovation as Toptexcube.


Quentin Perraudeau et Alexis Ucko, inventeurs Percko

1. How long should I wear Percko ?

It's up to you! Our product was developed to be worn every day or just once a week. But of course, the more you wear Percko more you adopt the correct posture and therefore you will strengthen your back. Percko has been designed and developed to accompany you throughout the day, whatever your activity. So if you go to the office, you work from home, you just go to the grocery store or even in sport, Percko is there to support you and to help you improve your posture. 

2. I have back problems, can I still wear Percko ?

By health professionals developing our product, we have ensured that our second skins allow everyone to adopt good posture and strengthen his back.

However if your back pain is caused by inflammation, please make an appointment with your doctor.

3. Why is Percko different from other products that improve posture ?

First, the Percko products are the first, second smart skins that have been developed by health professionals. They were tested on a panel of people to ensure the benefits of the product.

Traditionally, back supports support the muscles working at their site. This effect is cons-productive since instead of working on muscles, systems weaken the back of their users

Percko instead allows to work the back of its users by playing all of the spine, pelvis to the neck. 

4. Are there any electronics in Percko products ?

No, the Percko second skins are purely mechanical. It is a set of tensing and internationally patented foam that helps stimulate the posture of the user.

5. How do I maintain my intelligent second skin ?

No special maintenance is required. Percko machine washable at 30 ° C.

6. Can my 12 year old son wear Percko? What about my 74 year old mother ?

Yes of course! We have developed a product that suits everyone, whatever your age or morphology.
It is never too early or too late to start correcting your posture !




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