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RADMO is the most innovative solution when it’s about fixing his smartphone or his tablet on the dashboard of your car.

Radmo is a very durable support for mobile devices, mini-tablets and GPS. It fits perfectly and effortlessly into your car’s CD player (You can still play your CD)



Radmo Design

  • The patented design of Radmo is different from its competitor
  • Radmo takes only seconds to assemble! No need for tools, it’s 100 % scalable to accommodate any phone and mini-tablet.

radmo twin

  • Positioned and ergonomically geared for maximum visibility
  • Adjustable angle with the Radmo Twin and Mini-tablet
  • It lodges perfectly in the slot of the CD player without interfering the reading!




  • Keeps all the wind shield’s surface clear and doesn’t obstruct the driver’s and the passengers view : optimum visibility
  • Don’t fix it and the dashboard where the airbags are usually located
  • Radmo allows to charge your device safely while you are driving

radmo sécurité



  • Radmo doesn’t need the use tools to be installed
  • Adjust and tighten the vertical arms depending on the size of your device for a perfect fit

radmo dans la boite

Made of pure nylon, Radmo keeps your smartphone and tablet in place even on the steepest roads

A simple « drag » and « withdraw » in the CD player slot lets you listen to Beethoven (or ACDC) unhindered while enjoying Radmo.




modèles radmo




*Make sure that the CD player slot is accessible.

**If there is an edge above the CD player slot, you will need the L shaped arms ( necessarily Radmo Dual, Radmo Twin or Radmo Mini Tablet) that place your phone 2 cm away from the dashboard. Radmo doesn’t match to a curved or hidden CD player slot.


You have questions? Look at the FAQ tab on the left, otherwise place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!


We just received our Radmo. It is packaged in a small simple but beautiful cardboard box. It contains all the parts to assemble and enjoy the support.

The assembly is child play and only takes a few minutes… 5 for those who made the day before the party. Small adhesive protections are provided (to stick on the setting arm) so that the phone’s back doesn’t rub against the support. You will need scissors to get 2 (1 for each arms).

That’s it, all that remains is to slip it into our CD player. To test it fully, I leave my CD (The Last Album of Daft Punk) inside, and I follow my RADMO…easily! The promise is fulfilled, the support fits perfectly into my player without clogging my dashboard or my CD playback.

Having previously adjusted the gap between the arms of the support, I insert my phone (iPhone 6) ... it fits perfectly. Similar to that of Pierre (iPhone 6 Plus). The adjustment of the arm is very simple thanks to the 2 dials placed directly below.

test radmo


Radmo meets my expectations! The only downside is that I have a silicone shell, which makes removing the phone a little less smooth. To overcome this problem (thick phone, narrow CD player, telephone fine, thick CD), go to the "Radmo Mounting" tab for a few tips


radmo test

montage radmo

1. How do I assemble Radmo?

Radmo is very easy to assemble. You do not need any tools. Just adjust the vertical arm to the size of your phone.

Click the tab ASSEMBLY RADMO on the left for the assembly instructions


2. How do I install Radmo in my vehicle?

No installation needed. Make Radmo just slip into the slot of the CD player and slide your device in Radmo, everything will fit perfectly.


3. Do Radmo fits all mobile phone models?

Yes. Radmo adapts to all kinds of mobile phones.
Radmo Classic hosts devices up to 12 mm thick.
Radmo Dual hosts devices up to 16 mm thick.

Important note: devices larger than five inches / 12.7 centimeters, can be mounted in a vertical position in Radmo Classic.

The Radmo Dual accept devices in both vertical and horizontal positions.


4. What GPS / Mini-Tablets are appropriated for Radmo?

Radmo GPS / Mini tablet can fit most GPS devices Mini tablets: up to 20.3 cm and up to 340 gr. 

5. Does Radmo prevents CD’s reading?

No, Radmo does not interfere with the functionning of your CD player. You can play a CD while using Radmo. To replace a CD, you just have to remove and replace the Radmo; it's easy! 


6. What is the attachment width of Radmo ?

For Radmo classic: 12,7 cm.
For Mini Tablet / GPS: 20,3 cm.

7. Is Radmo waterproof ?


8. What is the maximum weight that Radmo can hold?

340 gr (on average a recent smartphone weighs 150 gr).


9. Can I charge my smartphone while using radmo?

Yes ;) In addition, it doesn’t interfer with headphone jack.

If you are using iPhone 5 or 6, place the mounting arms and the phone towards the right of the base (instead of the basal medium) to release the headphone jack. 

*Make sure that your CD player’s slot is available.

** If there is a edge above the CD’s slot, you will need the L-shaped arm (necessarily Radmo Twin, Dual ou Mini Tablet) that places the phone 2 cm away from the dashboard. Radmo doesn’t fit with a curved or hidden CD slot.



You have questions? Place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!


Radmo is an Israeli company based in Tel Aviv. The founders Or Reznik and Tal Reznik (crack

Radmo has developed the most innovative and safe way to dispose of its smartphone during car trips. Very easy to use and ultra durable Radmo is compatible with all smartphones, mini tablets and other devices. It fits perfectly into the slot of the CD player, effortlessly and without hinder use!

With a crowdfunding campaign more than successful, Radmo won and continues to win the drivers!


Shipped by the inventor within 48h

Shipped by Registered Post service d'Israel

Delivered in 2 weeks.

Delivery fees : 5 €


Right of withdrawal: 45 days from the date of the order.


If the product is in its original packaging, it has not been used and that it is not damaged or broken. All accessories (and documentation) must be intact and present. The return costs are at the customers expense.

1 year warranty



We have thought of everything! Pay with PayPal and enjoy free returns.



For any return request, contact the startup at hello@radmo.co, they will communicate the steps as well as the return address.

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