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The car is your means of transport, your tool of work, a part of your savings, in short, it is a good to which you hold. Without your car, your world is crumbling! So to have not your car stolen, CarLock brings a new wind in the anti-theft medium. No more alarms that scream and that do not dissuade anyone, steering wheel and wheel locking systems, etc. Complicated and cumbersome, CarLock is there!


CarLock GPS tracker anti theft



This "connected" solution, very easy to install and to use thanks to a wonderfully developed application and an OBD box (On Board Diagnostic), offers a multitude of functions to monitor your vehicle and its movements in real time and to reinforce your protection. His other asset? CarLock is not reserved for new or very recent cars. Although it is an innovative system, it is compatible with any vehicle manufactured since 1996.


CarLock mobile application car anti theft



Once the OBD box is plugged into your car and the application is installed on your smartphone, such as a GPS plotter, CarLock will tell you the exact position of your vehicle at any time. And that, even if you are thousands of miles from where it is. Super detector of movement and burglary, at the slightest suspicious event, engine started, car moved, attempted vandalism, etc., CarLock alerts you instantly on your phone so you can react as quickly as possible. With this real-time GPS tracking system, you will make the authorities search more efficient. Also in case of collision, the system will send a notification by SMS to your entourage in the second.

CarLock anti theft connected



CarLock is much more than an alarm or a simple anti-theft device. From the application, you have access to your detailed journey history and can correct bad driving habits such as acceleration or sudden braking, turns too tight, etc. There's nothing better to improve your eco-responsible driving.


Driving assistant CarLock



The CarLock bose is Plug & Play, easily plugged into the Car Diagnostic Port (OBD). And, to be able to communicate with your smartphone, it is preconfigured with a SIM card ready to be activated.


CarLock anti theft OBD


CarLock - Free download on iOS and Androïd

Appli iOS CarLock

Appli Android Car Lock

app store application gymwatch android application gymatch sensor

Requires iOS 7.0 or later

■ Compatible wiht iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Requires Android 4.0.3 or later

Protectus Technologies inc. inventeur du CarLock


Protectus Technologies inc. installed on the West Coast is the origin of a new vehicle security solution called: CarLock.

Car theft being a global scourge, the integration of connected applications within new cars to reduce their number is practically popularized by all car manufacturers. On the other hand, the vehicles that are already in our garages and with which we have been driving for a few years, no one thought of it, except Protectus Technologies inc. Which launches CarLock.

It is an OBD (On Board Diagnostic), very easy to install, connected to an application on a smartphone and allows to monitor the movements of a vehicle 24/7, in more than 90 countries.

However, Protectus Technologies inc. Has not just created an umpteenth anti-theft system connected, thanks to other driving assistance features, CarLock should seduce more than one owner and more than one driver around the world.

1. How do I install carlock on my car?

The device connects easily to the car's OBD connector (standard connector in all vehicles sold since 1996). Being connected, the device will automatically charge and you can easily put the case on another car.


2. What protection does CarLock provide?

■ Attempted car theft with stolen car key
■ New programmed key - Attempted flight via OBD port
■ Attempted interference (Radio Frequency)
■ Relay Attack (PKES system)
■ Attack by cloned key


3. Do the box and the app suffice or do have I to pay something else?

To take advantage of the features of Carlock, you must subscribe a monthly subscription without commitment at a single price of 6,90 €. This covers mobile network connectivity, updates and maintance of the cloud.


4. What about the car real-time location?

The location of the car is updated every 20 seconds when the car is moving. When the car is stationary, the location is also updated periodically. The delay between the detection of an event and its notification really depends on the quality of the mobile network, but it is less than 1 minute.


5. Can the CarLock device affect my car's onboard computer in any way and does it affect the battery?

No, the device only uses the OBD connector for charging and does not affect your car's onboard computer in any way. The CarLock device has different power saving modes, so when the car is idle will consume only around 2mA. Even if your car is idle for a couple of weeks there should be no problem.


6. Do I need to keep the app running for CarLock to work?

No, that's the magic of CarLock! Once you set it up, everything works automatically. The notifications and alarm will work, even if the CarLock app is not running


7. Can I use CarLock on my motorbike?

It depens on the type of the motorbike. For some motorbikes it is possible to use CarLock with an adapter cable. Please send us an email at


8. Can I lock/unlock my car with CarLock?

No, CarLock lock/unlock functionality refers to locking and unlocking your car's location, not the actual car doors.


9. Will the CarLock app notify the police if my car gets stolen?

No, we currently only support notifying the user.




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