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Pregnancy is 9 exceptional months in the lives of future parents. While awaiting the arrival of baby, one watches for the slightest movement. Every little sign and every appointment with the midwife or gynecologist is always a moment of excitement. Why not prolong these moments of happiness? Without moving from home, at any time of the day, listen to the beating of his heart, hear his small movements in your belly and share these magic moments with the future dad and your entourage.



Cocoon Life is a device combining innovation and elegance, intended for pregnant women to be in greater communion with the baby from the 12th week of pregnancy. Listening to heartbeats and the sounds of movements becomes very simple. It is even possible to record the sound and then share it with the Cocoon Life application.

Cocoon Life is in no way harmful to the health of you or your baby.

cocoon life listen to your baby



At home, sit comfortably on the sofa or on the bed. Connect the earphones to your Cocoon Life, turn it on, put your Cocoon Life on your stomach and let yourself be amazed by the sound that the life in you emits! For a richer experience, connect the USB cable to your smartphone or tablet and to the Doppler. All you have to do is launch the application. To facilitate the sound transmission , it is advisable to use contact gel such as that supplied with the device.

Cocoon life foetal doppler



The first model: Cocoon Life Smart with rounded shapes with a pink touch is suitable for future moms who wish to take time to listen to the sounds emitted by the movements and the heart of the baby. An expanded and powerful sensor ensures optimum sound quality. Rest assured, the ultrasounds emitted by your doppler are 15 to 60 times less powerful than those to which you and your baby are exposed during ultrasounds. They are therefore absolutely safe to use.

Cocoon Life pocket listen to your baby



Cocoon Life is also a free application that has been designed to listen, record, share and archive the heartbeats and sounds of your baby's movements. Later, relive all these emotions by re-listening to the recordings. It is also a very practical tool to organize your pregnancy and to help you plan appointments and all events related to the arrival of your baby. Used independently of your foetal doppler, the Cocoon Life app, which has been developed with obstetric professionals, facilitates the sometimes stressful daily life of future mothers.

Cocoon Life application



■ Listening and displaying the foetal heart rate
■ 3 MHz fixed probe (picks up more frequencies than the Life Pocket model)
■ Complies with European regulations (CE marking)
■ Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 45 mm
■ Weight: 50 g (6LR61 9 V batteries not included)
■ Warranty: 1 year.


■ Foetal Doppler Cocoon Life
■ Contact gel
■ Headphones
■ A smartphone compatible cable
■ Operating instructions

app store application gymwatch

android application gymatch sensor

Requires iOS 7.0 or later.

■ Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Requires Android 3.0 or later.

cocoon life logo French tech bionic bird


Based in Toulouse, the LATL Technology startup specializes in the design of connected products designed for the families well-being and health.


After two years of work, the team formed by a gynecological obstetrician and several engineers realized the dream of many future parents by creating the Cocoon Life range: the Cocoon Life Smart and the Cocoon Life Pocket. It is a foetal Doppler linked to a free mobile application that allows all pregnant women to listen to their baby's movements and heartbeat anywhere and at any time and to hare these magical moments with their loved ones.

1. Can I hear my baby's heartbeats during my pregnancy?

Foetal Doppler is a simple way to listen to your baby's heartbeat during pregnancy. In medicine, it is used to monitor the baby's heart during pregnancy and during the "work". The sound heard does not correspond literally to the baby's heartbeats, but in fact to the blood flow circulating at the level of the heart or the umbilical cord.


2. How do I listen to my baby's heart?

Simply place the foetal doppler at the location indicated on the positioning diagram in the Cocoon Life Pregnancy app or in the Cocoon Life doppler records.

Attention: the location will evolve according to the progress of the pregnancy and therefore the position of the baby in the belly of the pregnant woman. It is then necessary to carry out movements with slight pressure on the belly until finding the foetales heartbeats .

The use of an approved ultrasound gel (also called contact gel) applied to the skin in the listening area is essential. It facilitates the transmission of ultrasound and thus the detection of the baby's heart.

 3. At what point can the heartbeats of the baby be heard through foetal doppler?

It is between 8 and 10 weeks of pregnancy that the blood flow is strong enough to be perceived by the foetal doppler (10 to 12 weeks of amenorrhea, the third month of pregnancy). Nevertheless, it is recommended to use the fetal dopplers for listening / recording at home from the 12th week of pregnancy. If the heart beats at less than 100 pulses per minute then it is probably the heart of the mother.


4. At what moment can I listen my baby sounds ?

You can listen to baby sounds whenever you want! This is all the magic proposed by our foetal dopplers. The only two conditions to be respected are not to exceed two minutes of consecutive listening, and to have passed the first 10 weeks of pregnancy.


5. Is there a risk for my baby when I use Cocoon Life ?

Absolutely none if you are using a doppler in accordance with the European directive on medical devices or FDA approved. For more than 40 years, dopplers have been used for medical purposes without side effects. The ultrasound intensity emitted by a fetal doppler is 15 to 60 times lower than that of an ultrasound performed during pregnancy.


6. What do I do if I can't hear my baby with my foetal doppler?

Either the fetal doppler is incorrectly placed (refer to the positioning diagrams in the Cocoon Life Pregnancy application or in the doppler records), or a special pregnancy ultrasound gel must be added.


7. How long can I listen to my baby with Cocoon Life ?

For the sake of format and file size, the duration of recording with your connected Cocoon Life doppler is limited to 2 min.


8. At what rate does a baby's heart beat during pregnancy ?

The foetal heart rate is much faster than the maternal heart rate. Between 120 and 160 pulses per minute in general.



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