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SolSource concentrates the solar energy it receives from its 5 curved reflective panels. 92% of the sun's rays are converted into heat. Its output is 7 times higher than standard solar panels. And these are simply the best performance in terms of solar thermal technology.

Solsrouce solar barbecue



Thanks to its patented reflector technology, SolSource reaches cooking temperatures in no time. Forget all prejudices about solar cookers that do not heat. In 90 secondes, SolSource reaches 350°C : ideal temperature for grilling.The sky just need to be clear. You can then use it to grill your meats and stir-fry your vegetables on sunny days.

On a covered weather, SolSource is ideal for smoking fish or meat. Using other tricks, you can also prepare cakes or "bake". Share family meals or a barbecue with your friends under the sign of ecology and sustainable development.

solsource solar cooker



The designers of SolSource have had the brilliant idea of reserving a User Zone that greatly facilitates access and allows to cook comfortably and safely. SolSource's heat-resistant and rust-resistant enamelled backing can accommodate most kitchen utensils. But that's not all, a small mirror as well as an adjustable telescopic rod, allows to correctly align SolSource with the sun so as to maximize its performance.

Moreover, it is incredibly robust, washable, it disassembles and stores quickly and without tools. SolSource has been designed for everyday use and is able to withstand sand storms!

solsource barbecue ecofriendly



1. Put a stove on SolSource. Turn SolSource to face the sun. You will know that it is well positioned when you see a bright light appear on the small central mirror.

solsource barbecue ecofriendly

2. Our reflector panels direct sunlight to your stove with 92% efficiency.
3. Your stove heats up at the speed of light, you are ready to cook. Be careful it's very hot ..!



You too, are part of those who want to leave a positive ecological footprint and join the community. Discover or share sunny recipes. Join the adventure and exchange with all those who use this 100% eco-friendly barbecue (0 CO2 emissions) throughout the world like you.

solsource environmentally friendly barbecue



■ Grill a Steak in 5-10min
■ Boil 1L of cold water in less than 10 minutes
■ Achieves a temperature of 350 ° in 1-2 minutes
■ Center tray: supports up to 18 kg load



■ Dimensions: 1,5m x 1,2m x 0,94m
■ Weight: 14 Kg
■ Material: Steel / carbon
■ Color: Black



■ Dimensions: 1.3m x 0.28m (dxp)
■ Weight: 4.5 kg
■ Material: Plastic
■ Color: Gray



presse solsource one earth design

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1. Assembly part 1

2. Assembly part 2

3. Assembly part 3

4. Line up Solsource according to the position of the sun

5. Adjustments when the sun is strong or weak

6. Reversible stove support

7. When you don't use Solsource


One Earth Designs works closely with Harvard University, MIT and the Norwegian Institute of Technology to deliver the best in solar thermal technology.

We are convinced that if everyone were to change even an ordinary gesture like the cooking of food, it would definitely change our ecological footprint on this Earth.

We always keep in mind our fundamentals which are Human, Planet and Performance to design everyday objects and accessories that will turn negative impacts into positive impacts. For this, we draw our inspiration from nature and produce 100% recyclable products. The final product must adhere strictly to ethics and environmental standards.

One Earth Designs scored the 4 highest scores ever at the Global Impact Rating System. He is also on the B Corps list "Best for the World List", which puts 50 companies working for the sustainable economy in the limelight.

54 prototypes had to be developed before arriving to propose a product that satisfies the team of One Earth Designs in all points of view and in particular in terms of performance. SolSource is supposed to integrate the daily. It is in the Himalayan chains, under extreme conditions that SolSource was born, it was designed to follow the nomads in a rough but real lifestyle.

Our teams are located all over the world, and we involve our friends, families and the entire consumer community in building a company dedicated to sustainable development. Our differences in culture and environment are our strength. We are citizens of the world who devote our lives and spend our energy for the Earth and its people.

One earth design solsource

1. How long does it take to assemble Solsource?
Out of the box, it takes one person about 45 minutes to set up SolSource for the first time, and 15 minutes once familiar. A helper is needed to hook the dish onto the main frame. For storage or transportation, SolSource can be partially disassembled into the dish, tripod, and metal frame parts, and reassembled in less than 5 minutes.


2. Is SolSource portable?
Two people can easily carry SolSource short distances by lifting both sides of the metal frame. For transportation by car, SolSource can be disassembled and stored in the back seat or trunk.


3. How should I store Solsource?
SolSource can be kept outdoors. When outdoors, the dish should be covered or taken off the metal frame and placed upside-down for safety purposes. To prolong the life of your SolSource, One Earth Designs sells a specialized cover built to withstand extreme conditions.


4. How much space does Solsource need for use?
You should allow approximately 4ft by 4ft square area to setup and use SolSource.


5. How do I align Solsource?

To do this, refer to the video on the SolSource alignment. Be aware that it must be realigned every 20 to 30 minutes.


6. Can I use Solsource in cold weather?

Yes. As long as the sky is clear, SolSource can be used in below-freezing temperatures.


7. Can I cook in cloudy weather?

If you can see shadows, you can cook. If clouds frequently pass by, it will make cooking more difficult.


8. Is Solsource stable in high wind?

Yes, in moderately high wind, the tripod legs can be staked down to the ground.


9. Is SolSource stable on uneven surfaces?

Yes. However, it is not recommended to use SolSource on very uneven surfaces because pots may slide off the pot stand.


10. Does the reflective panels get hot?

No. The reflective panels will always remain cool and safe to touch..


11. How fast does it heat up?

On a clear sunny day, SolSource boils 1 liter of water in 10 minutes, reaches grilling and baking temperatures in 5 minutes and searing temperatures within 10 minutes.


12. What kind of cookware can I use on Solsource?

SolSource can be used with nearly any kind of cookware that you would use on a traditional stove. This includes pots, pans, kettles, grill plates, woks, or anything that is wide enough to fit on the pot stand. The SolSource base can support up to 40 pounds, which corresponds approximately to the weight of a full 20-liter stockpot.

The best materials to use are those that conduct heat well, such as cast aluminum. Cast iron and stainless steel will also work, as well as special alloys. For best performance, always try to use a cooking vessel that has a dark-colored or matte base. Cookware with a glossy or reflective base (like a shiny copper kettle, for example) will not heat up as quickly.

Always make sure that the cookware can withstand high temperatures, just like on a stovetop. This means that materials such as untempered glass and plastic should not be used for SolSource cookware because they may melt or shatter.

13. Do I need other accessories?

Sunglasses with UV protection should be worn, as well as oven mitts to avoid any burns.


14. Can I bake with SolSource?

Yes. You can use SolSource to bake by placing the baking tin on a stand inside a large closed black pot such as a dutch oven. The large pot will work like an oven. Turn the baking tin regularly for even heating and browning.


15. Is solar-cooked food safe?

Yes. Food cooked on SolSource is just as safe as food cooked on a stove top, and should be handled with all of the same precautions.


16. How do the reflectives panels hold up to hot oil, grease and food splatters?

In general, spilled liquids, food, and oil will not damage the reflective panels. The reflective panels are impact and scratch-resistant, and have a high melting temperature.


17. How do I clean Solsource?

The SolSource reflector is optical, so you can apply the same techniques as if you were cleaning a window or eye glasses. Here’s what we recommend: Pour warm water over the reflective dish to wash away most non-oil dirt. For oil and hard-to-remove dirt, spray water and use a soft cloth with gentle or mild detergent, then rinse the soap off with water. Do not use abrasives such as a coarse sponge or cloth, or corrosive chemicals such as bleach.


18. How long will SolSource last ?

Solsource is designed for a long life, and the reflective panels maintain 90% of their original reflectivity over a simulated six-year lifespan under accelerated weather and use conditions.



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