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GHOSTDRONE is the easiest drones to fly . There are no bulky remote control to carry, everything is done in a single touch from your Smartphone. Best of all, GHOSTDRONE is compatible with GoPro cameras. It creates an incredible and intuitive flying experience: perfect for  beginners  as for experienced pilots, many accessories are available such as spherical camera and VR glasses to you!


ghost drone smartphone

Control by Smartphone and GoPro compatible

No need of remote control: control your drone from your smartphone with the little G-Box (included). Use the supplied set camera or your GoPro.

ghost drone inclinaison

Tilt mode

This is a first for the drones! Controls the Drone with the tilt of your smart phone. 

Automatic tracking mode

With automatic tracking mode GPS, Ghost Drone will automatically follow you when you turn and change direction, always keeping the camera pointed at you !

ghost drone retour automatique

Automatic return mode (boomerang)

Activated if the connection with the drone is lost. No need to worry about losing your GHOSTDRONE!

Night mode: LEDs on the drone to follow it while it's flying.


ghost drone HD

HD shooting

The first ball camera (included with the model and Aerial + VR) 4k video
12 million pixels
F / 2.8 aperture
93 ° wide angle FOV

ghost drone point en point

One click commands

Easy to fly: only 1 click on your Smartphone is needed. Check the orientation and height of the drone on the application with ease. Point your finger on the map and the drone flies up there.

ghost drone surplace

Hovering flight in one click

Acts as a "brake" to hold Ghost motionless in the air in emergency situations.

ghostdrone précision

Precision control mode

Possibility to adjust the position of the drone in any direction over short distances.

ghost drone données

Data Synchronization

Within 1000m of distance, the flight data are displayed in the application and show the flight status of the drone.


ghost drone matériaux de qualité 


The glasses GHOSTDRONE allow you to  see through the eyes of your GHOSTDRONE for incredible immersive experience . The video is  broadcast live  from the drone's camera on your mask up to 1km at 5.8 Ghz. Just  look up and down to control  the viewing angles of your onboard camera.


Zero latency  for an unique and real time flying experience in the first person. The front camera allows you to  switch between live aerial view and front view.

ghost drone VR lunettes

ehang camera virtuelle VR


Each drone is paired with a G -Box to allow communication between your iPhone / Android and GHOST Drone in delivering  effective communication signals . Compact and lightweight, the G -Box was designed for you to enjoy your GHOSTDRONE flight without worrying about the extra weight .

It is by putting G-BOX in your pocket that you can use the auto-tracking mode!  It is 75mm x 75mm, so you can easily store it on you ;)

ghost drone GBOX



The intelligent battery  4500mAh  turns off automatically when loaded to ensure better longevity of your battery. The maximum flight duration is  25 minutes . The battery has  LEDs that display the percentage of remaining battery, the charging time, the battery status, etc. It is much easier to know it's performance.

ghost drone cardan caméra

The cardan shaft 3 axis compatible with the official ball camera Ehang and GoPro provides unparalleled stability for perfect videos. The camera can shoot in 4K  (low distortion at 1080p @ 60FPS, 25FPS @ 4K, 2.7K).


THE 2 PACKS AVAILABLE (compatible with iOS and Android)

ghost drone modèles




■ Compatible iOS 7.0 and higher / Android 3.0 and higher

■ Diagonal: 360mm

■ Height: 100 mm

■ Height with landing arms: 190mm

■ drone weight (without battery): 650g

■ 4S Battery - 14.8V

■ Propellers 2 reversible blades

■ GPS: uBlox, 6 compasses parallel compacted

■ Engine: EHang EH9812 & EH9812R reversible motor

■ Gbox (communicator): 80mW 2.4GHz standard Bluetooth Communicator

■ Power Consumption: maximum power flight control 5W (5V @ 1A)

■ Rated power flight control: 1.5W (5V 300mA @)

■ Operating temperature: -15 ° C to + 70 ° C

■ flight Accuracy: Vertical: ± 0.4 m Horizontal: ± 0.4 m

■ Wind resistance <11 m / s


ghost logo

EHANG means "100 million flights" in Mandarin. We are an international team of adventurers and passionates of flight. We founded EHANG to eliminate barriers of drone using so that everyone can enjoy aerial photography.

Drones are traditionally expensive, difficult to control and easy to crash! We developed our first product, GHOST: the drone for everyone! GHOST faces these challenges so that everyone can discover the joy of flight and becomes the pilote of his dreams.

Ghost is controlled via an intuitive smartphone app with unique features such as the mode of inclination and automatic tracking mode, providing users a fun flying experience and an easier control of the camera.

ehang équipe



Travel light with just your phone! Leave the auto mode to the steering, so you can focus on the perfect shot. Point your finger on the map and the drone flies there. No bulky handle to carry: just your phone and a small G -Box makes the relay.


Take-off, flight and landing are all pre-programmed for you. The app will alert you when the battery is low. This makes the flight easier so you can concentrate on getting great photos and videos.

Contrôlez la hauteur et l'orientation de votre drone en faisant glisser les barres. La barre verticale contrôle l'altitude, la barre horizontale fait pivoter le drone sur lui-même et fait bouger la caméra pour obtenir l'angle parfait.

Control the height and orientation of your drone dragging the bars. The vertical bar control altitude, horizontal bar rotates the drone on itself and moves the camera to get the perfect angle.


Control the angle of your GoPro to film versatile videos. The vertical bar allows you to tilt the camera to the sky or at the ground. The horizontal bar allows an inclination on the right and on the left.


For more advanced control, use the micro control function to make fine adjustments on the drone in any direction. The phone screen is ideal to fly on long distances, but too small to make the "point to point" with exact locations.
Use the microphone control mode to adjust the position of the drone in any direction over shorter distances. Slide in the direction you want the drone moves and watch him go. A "slide" up GHOST will move forward (red light). A "slide" down GHOST will move backward (blue light). In Auto mode, GHOST advance in the direction of travel in any direction (no reverse gear).

- IOS Compatible: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

- Android Compatible: Requires Android 4.0 or later.


Click here to see the official tutorial video of GhostDrone

1.What are the differences between the two versions of GHOSTDRONE 2.0?

2.0 GHOSTDRONE aerial is designed for those who own a GoPro and want to make aerial filming. Our 4K camera is also included, so you are ready to shoot even if you do not have a GoPro;)

GHOSTDRONE 2.0 VR provides immersive experience the most extraordinary, thanks to the glasses.


2. Is the new G-Box compatible with both iOs and Android mobile devices ?

The Ghostdrone 2.0 G-box is compatible with both iOS or Android devices. Just slide the toggle left and right on the side of your G-box to switch between Android and iOS. .


3. What is the battrey capacity ? How long is the charging time ?

GhostDrone 2.0 features intelligent flight battery 4500 mAh Lithium polymer 4S. The LCD displays the battery information such as battery capacity, voltage, remaining capacity, etc. The charging time is about 60 to 70 minutes, which will also be displayed on the screen when charging.


4. What is the maximum flight time?

Flight time varies according to the flight environment and flight mode. Under optimal conditions, the maximum flight time for GHOSTDRONE 2.0 is 25 min. Please note that adding on the car, camera or other accessories will reduce the flight time.


5. How far/how high can GhostDrone 2.0 can fly ?

The maximum flight distance is 1 kilometer (approximately 0.6 miles) in any direction. The actual flight distance depends on the flight condition (weather, wind, environment etc.) And to ensure a safe flight, please never fly your drone out of the view.

6. If I get a phone call while the GhostDrone is the air, will the GhostDrone lose signal and crash ?

The Ghostdrone will auto hover when someone calls you. You can take the phone call or hit decline and return to flying. If the battery hits a critical low level (20%) while you are on the phone the Ghostdrone will activate return home automatically.

8. What if my phone dies while the GhostDrone is the air ?

The Ghostdrone will automatically return to the take-off point after it loses signal with the phone for more than 5 seconds. The Ghostdrone will not activate auto land until the battery level is at 7-5%.


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