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Flash Me products allow to use QR Code on a daily basis in a very intuitive way. These next generation barcode highly recognizable to their square shape makes it easy to share information. Just flash or scan your Flash Me with a phone for example and that's it! Your interlocutor now knows more about you, your social profile, your medical data, your coordinate details, and so on. You decide what information you want to share. In addition, you can add, edit, and delete the shared data at any time.

flash code flash me



It is very simple, when you receive it, scan the QR Code for the first time with your smartphone and then configure your Flash Me. It comes in many forms and allows a wide variety of uses. In a family environment, in a group of friends, in a professional or even medical context, your Flash Me becomes a practical accessory.

flash code useful and convenient accessory



Flash Me Manhattan is composed of an elastic bracelet and a unique laser-engraved QR Code, share your photos, videos, blog or Facebook profile with your (new) friends.

flash me ManhattanFlash me Manhattan



The Bali Flash Me model incorporates a braided cotton cord in Bali and a zinc alloy piece. Strecth your wrist ... With this simple gesture and a smartphone that can scan your QR Code, you can share your business card, your website, your profiles on social networks or medical information. It is fun, it saves time and it can also be used in case of emergency.

flash me bali


Flash Me Sydney is particularly appreciated by parents. During a walk or in a shopping mall, if your child gets lost, one can easily find his name, your phone numbers and addresses with this nice silicone bracelet. Flash Me Sydney is suitable for children aged 3 to 7 years.

flash me Sydney


This is a real gem. Available in gold or silver finish, Flash Me Paris, it is the bracelet that is offered to your charming prince or your beloved. It may contain your secret, a blog just for you. The access can be limited by a password.

flash me paris loversflash me paris couple


The QR Code printed on this small sticker of 4.5cm x 2.5cm makes more "lively" the message that accompanies a gift. Record a video, add a photo or type a small text for an original and successful surprise!

flash me stickerflash me sticker 2



The Pet Tag clings to the collar of your dog or your cat to facilitate its identification during a runaway or a loss. The Pet Tag contains a unique QR Code as well as an NFC chip.

Flash me pet tag



This Flash Me keychain with a QR Code and an NFC chip can be attached to your bag, phone, key ring, your home, or any other item that belongs to you. In case you have forgotten or lost your object, the person who will find it can quickly and easily contact you.


flash me i-Tag




You have questions ? Look at the FAQ tab on the left, otherwise place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible !

 french tech meemento


Through its range of Flash Me products, Meemento, a Paris-based company, wants to introduce the use of technologies like the QR Code or the NFC in our everydays life to share information easily around us.


The QR Codes are these two-dimensional barcodes that are flashed with a reader such as a smartphone or a tablet. As for NFC technology, it is a technology that allows to communicate 2 devices: a Flash Me and a telephone for example, simply by bringing the two together.


Flash Me connects the real world and the virtual world. Meemento allows us to set the Flash Me so that it displays previously saved information: a visiting card, a blog, a message, contact information, information about our pet, etc.

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■ France : € 1.50 for the first item + € 0.50 for each additional item
■ Rest of the world : 2 € the first item + 1 € for each additional item


Right of withdrawal : 14 days from receipt of the order.



If the product is in its original packaging, it has not been used and that it is not damaged or broken. All accessories (and documentation) must be intact and present. The return costs are at the customers expense.



We have thought of everything ! Pay with PayPal and enjoy free returns.




For any return request, contact the startup at contact@flashme.io, they will communicate the steps as well as the return address.

1. Where are my data stored? Are they secured?

Our software platform is hosted at O.V.H (https://www.ovh.com)on a dedicated and secure server. OVH is the number 3 internet hosting company in the world with more than 17 datacenters in 16 countries. Your data are well protected and backedup daily. They are secure and can only be accessed through the unique URL attached to your product.


2. If I lose my product, can I block it or delete its data?

Should you want to erase all the content on your product, no problem. Send us an email at contact@flashme.io (using of course the same email address that you’ve used to activate your product) and we will reset your product for you. All its data will be definitely erased from our servers.


3. Who can have access to the data/information stored in my bracelet?

All the data stored in your product are linked to a URL. That URL is accessible only when your product is scanned. Of course, you could also share that URL by other means. Also, we can provide you, (upon request) with a copy of your QR code by mail, to use it on other media than our Flash Me product.

4. How can I activate my product?

When you flash / touch your product for the first time, with your mobile phone, you will see your activation page. Depending on the product you have, you can choose the module you want to use (business card, internet link, photo, video, medical data, contacts, blog ...) and then fill it in with your data. That's all. When you have finished this step, you will receive a mail with a link allowing you to modify the setting of your product as many times as you want. You will be able to modify your data or even change your module. Your product is then activated. When it is again flashed / touched, what you decided to share will be displayed simply and quickly on the phone that scans you.


5. I did not receive my activation mail

Consider looking at your record of junk mail. If you do not see it, write to us at contact@flashme.io and just give us the number of your product, we will send you the mail again. The number of your product is represented by the last 8 digits of the url associated with your qr code / chip nfc.


6. I have lost my password, what should I do?

Contact us at contact@flashme.io with the number of your product (represented by the last 8 digits of the url associated with your qr code / chip nfc) and we will send it back to you.


7. How to modify the data or module of my product?

After activating your product, you have received an email with a link that allows you to return to the activation page of your product. You can then modify your data or change the module you want to use. You can also access your activation page from our website www.flashme.io by selecting "setting my code". You will then be asked to enter your product number and password.


8. What is a 1 QR code ?

A qr code is a barcode, like those you see on the products you buy at the supermarket, but a little different... first they have 2 dimensions (they are square), which allows them to store more information than "traditional" barcodes, including website addresses. In addition, they are easily readable thanks to your mobile phone.


9. What is an NFC chip ?

NFC or near field communication, is a simple and intuitive technology that allows you to use your mobile phone for innovative purposes. An NFC tag can be linked to information such as a web page, social networks and all sorts of other information in general. NFC technology links the physical world to the virtual world. By placing our products next to a mobile phone, the connection is made, simply and quickly.


10. How to decipher a QR code or scan an NFC chip?

There are many applications that can read QR codes, they are all free. We tested several and we recommend i-nigma (easily available on appstore or google market place). Otherwise, go to www.i-nigma.mobi with your mobile phone, and the correct version for your phone model will be automatically offered to you. Once the application is downloaded, open it and approach the QR code as if you wanted to take a photo. As soon as the image is clear, the qr code is automatically recognized, and the browser on your phone will then open to take you to the address stored in the QR code. To scan an NFC chip, simply activate this protocol on your mobile phone (a bit like activating wifi or bluetooth). Then bring your phone closer to the product, touch it ... And the contact will be established, quite simply.


11. Can I be scanned without my noticing?

Not really, to scan a QR code, we must approach it. The QR code must "not move" for a few seconds ... so it does not seem possible that this will be done without your consent. Same for a NFC chip. It must be touched.


12. Do all Flash Me products have a QR code and a NFC chip?

 Not for now, we offer these two modes of communication only on the sticker, the pet tag and the i-tag. Our bracelets currently only contain the QR code technology (without an NFC chip).



You have questions ? Place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!

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