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The Kubb intrigues! Under this perfect geometry, a cube of 12 cm of side, it contains the summum of the digital technology. It is a computer designed and manufactured in France that the most demanding will appreciate as it is different and performing.

Kubb computer



Nothing was left to chance to give life to Kubb. After years of research and numerous prototypes, it is the culmination of a colossal work carried out within BLEUJOUR in Toulouse. On the performance side, hang yourserlf tight! Kubb lights up in 3 seconds. Then, several configurations with an Intel Core processor from i3 to i5 are proposed. For storage, you will also have the choice between an HDD hard disk or an SSD + HDD combination for extremely fast task executions.

A heat sink backed by a Blower fan ensures the cooling of the microprocessor. Moreover, the rotation of the fan is countered by thermoregulation so that never exceeds 18 dB of sound level. As for its power consumption, it needs 16 times less energy than a standard PC, just under 25 watts.

Kubb is powerful and silent. It does not heat up and consumes almost nothing!

minimalist computer Kubb blue navy



Kubb is equipped with Wifi Intel Wireless Display technology to communicate with your Internet Box or to transfer the contents of your mobile device to your large HD screen without using any cable. With Bluetooth, you're also connected to your smartphone, tablet, or printer.

Moreover, with Kubb, you have 4 USB ports, including 2 USB 3.0. On some models, it also has an on-board battery that protects it from power outages, peaks or voltage drops and allows Kubb to operate autonomously for about 30 minutes in case of electrical problems. In your everyday life, just plug in or connect a screen, a keyboard and a mouse: that's it, your computer is ready!

compact computer Kubb black



Kubb does not go unnoticed with its rough and compact shape, its elegant and neat finish. It is a decoration object in its own right. Each hull is individually welded by French craftsmen. It is interchangeable and according to the chosen model, it is men and women, artists of metallurgy, ironwork, boiler making, cabinetmaking or leatherworking that shaped it. This timelessly looking PC has its place on your desk, whatever your style of decoration. Kubb is available in several colors and finishes, each one as original as the other. Choose yours!

Made in France computer



Detailed technical sheet according to the models in the left tab "Technical sheet"

Kubb i3 Rear panel Kubb i5 rear panel
kubb i3 kubb i5

kubb connectivity



modèles Kubb ordinateur



KUBB partnered with Pantone to decline 3 ultra-limited editions. This unprecedented association gave rise to:

Spectra Yellow: a bright yellow shade symbolizing energy and warmth, humans being captivated by the brilliance of the sun. Spectra Yellow invites us to bathe in its golden glow and its vitality.

spectre jaune pantone kubb


Seaport : A color associated with the depths of the ocean that conveys a message of restorative calm. As a constant presence in nature, Seaport represents reliability, confidence and a sense of permanence.

seaport pantone kubb


Coy : An inherent balance between a warm pink tone and a cool blue, reflecting osmosis and well-being as well as a soothing dimension of order and peace.

coy kubb pantone



Kubb presse media




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kubb collection wood i5

Kubb Logo french teck kubb


Jean-Christophe AGOBERT, creator and founder of BLEUJOUR, has developed this extraordinary computer: Kubb.


It took 18 months for its inventor to achieve perfection in the Toulouse premises of BLEUJOUR and give birth to this compact PC with sleek design. In order to develop Kubb, the company has focused on local design and manufacturing, to integrate handcrafted parts into a product that is as high-tech as a computer. In any case with Kubb, she managed to showcase French know-how and design.


But let's not be mistaken, BLEUJOUR did not create a gadget. Beyond its elegance, Kubb is a powerful computer, powerful, silent and consumes very little energy. The inventor and his team have put Kubb at the heart of innovative technological solutions. This makes him a high-end PC.


Kubb, it is a successful bet, a perfect marriage between aesthetics and French technology. Jean-Christophe AGOBERT wanted to surprise, it's done! When you see a Kubb, there is no other computer that looks like it. It is unique.


Kubb fondateur


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