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It is now by the strength of your legs that you will be able to recharge your phone and your small electronic devices. The Atom is a device that attaches to your bike and provides you with free electricity when you ride.

The Atom, pedal your bicycle for recharging your smartpone



The Atom is an absolutely brilliant invention composed of a main core attached to the rear wheel of your bike. A Li-Po battery is located on this main part. This is what you charge while you are pedaling and which in turn recharges the devices you connect to the Atom. Rest assured, you will not have to access the wheel each time! A cable that you attach to the bike frame with velcros (supplied) allows you to easily connect your devices via USB.

Recharge your smartphone while cycling



Much more than an innovation to recharge your devices. The Atom stores the electricity you make during your walk or bike ride. This energy, you can use it right away by plugging your smartphone, GoPro, GPS or a lamp through a USB cable. But what is great is that you can also use the battery alone. It is detachable! This is really handy when you know how fast some devices are discharging. And the icing on the cake it is green energy!

the atom rechargable battery on a bike



You take the bike to go to work or study, you are an amateur cyclist who appreciates the rides with bicycle or even a pro of the bike? Enjoy outdoor living and this free energy. Transform your cycling and relaxing hours to produce clean electricity!

Siva Cycle The Atom



Are you a geek or just someone who lives with the times, in a connected world? Then THE Atom is the accessory you need to never run out of battery and stay reachable wherever you are. Whether it is for charging your iPhone, your Android smartphone, filming your bike rides with your GoPro, strolling with your GPS, Atom accompanies you everywhere.



■ Battery of 1650 Mah
■ USB charging
■ 5V @ 800 Ma charge rate stay reachable wherever you are.
■ Works with luggage racks, grids, baskets, ...
■ Does not work with disc brakes and backpacking bikes



Siva cycle the atom



You have questions ? Look at the FAQ tab on the left, otherwise place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible !

Install The Atom in 2 minutes, you will not need tools nor technical skills;)

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Producing clean and affordable energy in a hyper-connected world is the goal of Siva Cycle, a start-up in Oakland, USA. DAVID DELCOURT and AARON LATZKE are the two founders of Siva Cycle. David is responsible of trade & marketing, is an environmentally friendly entrepreneur and father. It is no surprise that he is a  bike fan. Aaron develops the technical and creative part of Siva, he likes to make functional things beautiful.

They imagined the Atom. It is an innovative product that integrates to the wheel of a bike and recharges our small electronic devices: an Android smartphone, an iPhone, a GoPro, a GPS, and so on when you ride. Simply connect your device directly via a USB cable.


team siva cycle the atom


The flagship product of Siva Cycle was quoted and congratulated by the major American media: CNN, The Wallstreet Journal, Techcrunch and Scientific American.

This startup has a certain future at a time when the search for green energy has become a global issue. Producing electricity through our own efforts is so obvious, but Siva Cycle has realized it!

1. Will the Atom work with fenders and/or a rack?

The Atom works well with fenders as it mounts inside the confines of the frame. Aaron has fenders on his bike (a Surly Cross-Check) and the Atom fits great. For racks, depending on the type of rack and the mounting point on the frame, there may be a need for a small spacer (~5mm). We've tested it on all the bikes we can get a hold of and the 5mm rule has been holding true.


2. How much resistance does the atom add?

The resistance is very small, and is proportional to how large your charging load is. At full generating capacity, it is akin to riding with your tires at 70 psi instead of 90 psi, or pedaling up a 0.3% grade. In our use around town, it is very difficult to tell that it's on the bike.


3. Can I charge the battery pack away from the bike, say with a USB cord from a wall outlet?

We are designing the Atom with the ability to charge the battery pack from a standard USB port from any source (e.g. wall charger for smartphone or computer). We don't want to limit the use of the Atom. So in that spirit, the battery pack can be charged on the bike or on your desk, used on bike rides or hikes; your choice of how to use it.


4. Is the Atom weaherproof?

The Atom will have provisions in place to keep the wet, weather, and mud where they're supposed to be: on the outside. We are utilizing industry standards for seals and bearings that have well documented track records for water and corrosion. Also, the Atom is designed in a compartmentalized fashion to create a tiered level of defense against the elements.

The Atom holds up to a waterproofing standard of IP-4 which means that it can withstand splashing water from any direction.

In other words, the Atom will hold up to anything you can throw at it, so long as you're not submerging it. Rain, even if heavy, will be no problem, battery or no battery. The Atom will be with you producing power no matter the weather ;)

5. Will the Atom work with disc brakes?

Currently the Atom is not optimized for disc brakes. The path to adapting the Atom for disc brakes will entail moving the product body from the rear axle to the front axle. Due to the nature of how disc brakes reference the calipers on the frame, there is simply no room for the Atom and the brakes to coexist in the same space. As a work around, you may be able to utilize the non-disc side of the front axle as our point of access onto the bike. This varies however from bike to bike. As we transition the device to the front, the form factor will be adapted as we design for durability, protection from impact, and other elements that the front axle placement presents.


6. How many charges before the battery pack would need to be replaced?

The Atom’s lithium-polymer battery pack is rated for 2-4 years of use from the manufacturer. This is the same quality battery you’d find in any high end electronic device: iPhone, Droid, Galaxy SIII, etc. These batteries have a published lifetime of 300-400 cycles from dead flat to 100%.




You have questions ? Place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!

OUT OF STOCK - If you’d like to get notified when Atom is available, please send us an email at



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