The GPS collar to never let your dog get lost !

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The time when you panicked because you did not know where your dog was is over!

No need to ask the neighbors or wake up the whole neighborhood. All the dog owners were waiting for it. Rustytracker is finally here! This small lightweight case, but so performing will bring you serenity and quietude.


Rusty Tracker dog



Through years of research and development, this high-tech marvel clinging to your pet's collar, combined with the Rustytracker application, will allow you to spot and track it everywhere all the time. The app is free and available on Android and Apple devices.

Enjoy all the features by subscribing directly from the application. If your four-legged companion is fugitive in nature, you can geolocate your dog in no time. During a walk for example, do not be afraid to lose your pet, follow your dog in real time from your smartphone.


watch your pets with Rusty Tracker



It only takes a few seconds to calculate the exact position of your dog since the Rustytracker is equipped with a GPS receiver. The position history can be consulted on the mobile app and allows you to know its position during a given period of time.



Always on the application, define the virtual enclosure of your companion. This is a certain perimeter around your home, for example. As soon as he leaves this enclosure, the Rustytracker sends you an SMS or an email instantly. This is possible thanks to the SIM card integrated in the collar.



These are 2 features that are very successful because they greatly facilitate everyday life.

Pack Mode : If you have several dogs each equipped with a Rustytracker collar, you can follow the entire pack on the same smartphone.

Family Mode : Moreover, if you are 2 or more wanting to keep an eye on one or several dogs, nothing could be simpler! The Family Mode allows several smartphones to follow a dog or more;)

watch your dog with Rusty Tracker



The Rustytracker has a standby time of 300 hours. To recharge it, it has a USB cable provided. Know that it can not be snatched thanks to its double hook in which the dog's collar passes. In addition to this, it is ultra resistant. Certified IP65, it is protected against dust and powerful water jets from all directions. You can groom your dog with total peace of mind;)
At the request of our community, we now supply a silicone strap to protect the RustyTracker case: it will be even more durable!



■ Dimensions: 70 mm x 37 mm x 20 mm
■ Weight: 65 g
■ Network: GSM / GPRS
■ Bands: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
■ GPS sensitivity: - 159 dBm
■ GPS accuracy: 5 m
■ Water-resistant IP65 (protected against dust and water jets)
■ Transparent silicone strap (even more water-resistant)

pets tracker features




You have questions ? Look at the FAQ tab on the left, otherwise place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible !


As for the material: the collar is quite imposing but allows a good visibility and a good grip. On the other hand, the adjustment of the collar for the first time takes a little time to be perfectly adapted to the size of the dog's neck.


It took a while to charge it before the first use but the battery life is really impressive.

The light indicators are very clear and practical, which makes it possible on the go or otherwise to see well if we pick up the signal and if we are well connected.


It is very intuitive and easy to understand at first glance. There are not a lot of stunning options, which allows you to quickly understand its features.

The application works very well remotely but you have to be careful to set everything correctly. Similarly, when you turn on the collar, make sure that it is connected and that it catches the Internet otherwise it does not work.

Anthony our tester could very well see the stroll of the dog carried by Jeanne at the other end of the city, with a precision almost perfect (more or less 5m)!

The application makes even more sense for owners with a lot of land and can give more freedom to their dog.



Application in both MAP and PLAN view

The plan is very well visible and positions with surprising accuracy our dog tester. This is all the more obvious when we use the compass. She pointed out exactly the direction of the dog!

application MAP rustytracker application rusty tracker plan


SMS exit area: just click on the link that returns the position

One defines first a perimeter zone which designates the zone to be "not crossed" for example. We tried by setting an area around our home and from the moment the dog leaves the zone, the application automatically sends us an SMS with the GPS position of our animal ... It is very reactive! We are warned almost instantly, we are reassured :)

rusty tracker application zone de sortie et d'entrée

Compass function: The dog is at the end of the red arrowThe dog is in green and the blue circle represents the area not to be crossed.
rusty tracker application boussolerusty tracker application zone de sortie

Compass function: The dog is at the end of the red arrow.
rusty tracker application boussole
The dog is in green and the blue circle represents the area not to be crossed.
rusty tracker application zone de sortie

NoovaTeam with the participation of Jeanne, Anthony and Hoover ;)

The Rustytracker app is free and available for Apple or Android smartphones.
After installation, register your companion. Fill in your dog's name, race, tattoo number, etc.
Create your virtual enclosure (security perimeter defined by you). Possibility of creating several virtual enclosures and possibility of tracking up to 9 dogs simultaneously.


Combined with the GPS collar, it has the following functions:

■ Instant position request

■ History of positions

■ Real-time tracking of your pet's movements


Download the Rustytracker app on Google Play or the App Store.


rusty tracker application

rusty tracker android

Rusty tracker application apple

Rusty tracker application android

Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

■ Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Requires Android 3.0 or later.

logo rustytracker

The GPS tracking collar Rustytracker is the result of a passionate story.

Gérard, Head of an IT services company and Gyro Gearloose of IT development. Hervé, leader of a transport company, passionate about animals and who whispers in the ear of his dogs.

Three years ago, Hervé's dogs were gone. Carried away by a car one winter morning after they ran away from home.

Hervé meets Gérard who, touched by his story, adapts his traceability system of which he is the leader in France, to a connected object: Rustytracker was born.

Today, and in a few months, the level of 1000 orders has passed. 4 people market and provide technical support for Rustytracker.

Whether in family mode (different family members can follow the same dog) or in pack mode (several dogs followed by the same application on Smartphone), Rustytracker wants to be at the reach of all with a very affordable price for an advanced technology, proven for 8 years by the airlines and adapted to a tracking collar to never lose a four legged friend.

This company based in Malta has developed an innovative system to achieve this. The ingenious combination of a case attached to an accessory that a dog is used to, namely its collar, with the various technologies of geolocalization and transmission of information by the telephone networks is the secret of this success.

Rustrytracker is presently on the French market which counts nearly 8 million dogs and is conquering all Europe. This GPS collar is a real practical solution for all dog owners, but also for dog handlers or hunters.

1. How to become a user of the Rustytracker tracking collar in 4 steps ?

■ The user purchases the Rustytracker
■ The user downloads (freely) the Rustytracker application to his smartphone (Apple or Android). The application offers a very intuitive interface in French (also available in video via youtube).
■ The user subscribes directly to the application installed on their smartphone to a subscription offer. Two options are available to the user: a subscription of 12 months to 5,49 €  / month or a subscription of 24 months to 4,99 € / month. The collection service is operated by Paypal, world reference operator (no risk of fraud)
■ The user hangs the box on the collar at the neck of his dog and can benefit without limit from all Rustytracker services.


2. How to position the Rustytracker collar ?

Rustytracker is equipped with a locating case adaptable to the collar included in the packaging or attachable to the existing collar of the dog using its double hook.


3. Can the collar adapt to all dogs ?

Rustytracker ET-09 weighs 65 grams necklace included, so it is suitable for dogs of all sizes.


4. How long can it run continuously ?

The battery life is 300 hours in standby mode. It is recommended for intensive use to charge it every 4 days. Alerts are sent to you by SMS (free for the subscriber) which give you the remaining percentage with the current position.


5. How does the dog tracking work ?

Technically, Rustytracker primarily works on the use of GPRS technology. This allows positioning every 15 seconds. The excellent network offered by our partner SFR Business Team provides coverage on 99% of the French territory and 92% of the population.

Rustytracker also includes a positioning mode by SMS in the event that the animal ventures into a zone said "WHITE" (not covered by GPRS).

To be sure to follow your companion (s) to the trace, Rustytracker also has a compass indicating the direction to follow and the distance between you and your favorite pet.

Finally, Rustytracker allows you to see or review the history of the routes carried out over given periods (example: route of the day, the week, yesterday, the month, etc.).


6. How does the virtual enclosure work ?

By default, a virtual enclosure designates the address you specified when registering for a subscription. But Rustytracker allows you to create as many virtual enclosures as you want. You can activate or deactivate the enclosure with a single click. An SMS will alert you when your pet leaves its enclosure with a link that positions it at the moment the SMS is send to you.


7. What does the subscription offer include ?

Partner of PAYPAL, you must have an account or create your account from our Rustytracker application. Rustytracker's monthly subscription includes unlimited real-time GPRS tracking with up to 31 SMS messages offered every month, allowing you to receive an SMS as part of a virtual enclosure release, but also in the event of a loss of network coverage, to be able to transmit an SMS position request to Rustytracker.


8. How do I turn on and off Rustytracker ET-09 ?

Simply by pressing 3 seconds the dog's paw image (wait until the green and blue lights appear and blink). In the same way, to switch off the device, you must press 2 times consecutively on the dog's leg drawn on the housing.


9. What is the maximum distance for tracking my dog ?

Rustytracker has no distance limit to follow your 4-legged friend. Tracking is conducted on GoogleMap. You will find your position by 1 blue point and your dog's by a green tag. By touching the green tag, your dog's name is displayed.




You have questions ? Place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!


Delivery fees : 4 €.
Delivered in 5 days.
Sent from France by Colissimo with tracking number.



Right of withdrawal : 14 days from receipt of the order.



If the product is in its original packaging, it has not been used and that it is not damaged or broken. All accessories (and documentation) must be intact and present. The return costs are at the customers expense.

If Rustytracker is defective, we will send you another ET-09 Rustytracker collar and deactivate the defective one. You do not have to return it to us. The delivery of the replacement collar is totally at our charge. You do not have to re-subscribe either. A free activation code will be sent to you upon receipt of the Rustytracker collar.



We have thought of everything ! Pay with PayPal and enjoy free returns.




For any return request, contact the startup at, they will communicate the steps as well as the return address.

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