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All our rings are made of high quality Titanium or ceramic: they are therefore ultra light, solid and hypoallergenic. They are also waterproof up to 50m.

NFC Ring models 


Take your compatible Android phone out of your pocket, slide your finger on the back of the phone and your NFC Ring unlocks it by magic (only possible on Android at the moment). It could not be easier. NFC Ring comes with 2 unique NFC transmitters inside the ring, one for public information and the other for more sensitive things.

unlock smartphone with nfc ring unlock computer with nfc ring



Want to use your ring to open your house? No problem, just have a lock that has NFC technology, install it and your NFC Ring will unlock it.

unlock door nfc ring



You can use your NFC Ring to share information via Wifi, links to sites, links to photos, contact information or whatever you think that can be safely transmitted to your friends' smartphones and tablets.

You can also use your NFC Ring to launch applications with custom settings, making it even easier to use your devices. How about turning on Wifi or Bluetooth, for example, by a simple hand slip?



NFC Ring will never need to be recharged, ever.

specificities NFC Ring



◙ The NFC Ring V1NTAGE

Color: Transparent on both sides.

The ring that is not afraid to show its true face! With two transparent transmitters, this ring reveals to the world its technological progress and will astonish all those who will see how it beautifies your finger. The V1NTAGE model will appeal to all geeks;)

Materials: Titanium without Nickel

Technical specifications here and datasheet here

NFC Ring VintageNFC Ring Vintage 2NFC Ring Vintage 3


Color: black on one side and transparent on the other.

The best of both worlds ! Wear it on one side to subtly show the technological power you have in hand or on the other side to be more discreet as James Bond would.

Materials: Titanium without Nickel

Technical specifications here and datasheet here

NFC Ring SignatureNFC Ring Signature 2NFC Ring Signature 3



Color: black on one side and carbon fiber on the other.

Our most popular ring is equipped with a tenfold operating range. Forged from the thighs of a Shaolin warrior, this ring defines a new standard of design. This thin ceramic ring is ideal for people who want a larger operating range without compromising the size. Its non-conductive ceramic material provides a safer environment for those who work with electricity near their fingers.

Materials: Anti-scratch ceramic (capacity 1Kb)

Technical specifications here and datasheet here

NFC Ring eclipseNFC Ring eclipse 2NFC Ring Alpha Signature 3 


Color: transparent on one side, black on the other.

Free your inner Ninja with this amazing NFC ring. Embraced by the first moon, this ring embodies the ultimate grace. The Horizon ring is part of our 2016 range, which means it works very well on all devices at a greater distance.

Materials: Anti-scratch ceramic (capacity 1Kb)

Technical specifications here and datasheet here

NFC Ring HorizonNFC Ring eclispe 2NFC Ring eclipse 3 


Color: black on one side and transparent on the other.

The ring to control them all! This ring is wider than the V1NTAGE or SIGNATURE models. With 13mm width, it is made for those who have big hands and who need their fingers to be clothed with something proportionate. In addition, the antenna is wider than in other NFC rings, which will allow to interact with more devices and in a more powerful way.

Materials: Titanium without Nickel

Technical specifications here and datasheet here

NFC Ring Alpha SignatureNFC Ring Alpha Signature 2NFC Ring Alpha Signature 3 


Colors: white, transparent on one side and black on the other.

If the Horizon model is the Ying, the Helios model is its Yang. The best of both worlds. Turn it on one side to show the technological power that your finger holds or turn it on the other side to clear its chic black-and-white look. Be bold.

Materials: Anti-scratch ceramic (capacity 1Kb)

Technical Specifications here

NFC Ring heliosNFC Ring helios 2

■  NFC Ring Payment Technology

Colors : Whit or Black ou Noir


nfc ring taille

NFC Ring Control (download here)

Read and write from your NFC Ring. Create links to your favorite social networking profile or read your NFC Ring. NFC Ring supports Facebook, Youtube, twitter, generic web site links, Etherpad.

You can use the application to write any link, such as your own blog or a news page. Use the link and Sweet Spot of your ring.

Ring Control NFC is an open source software. Source code is available

nfc ring control app
Compatibility : Android 4.0 or later


NFC Ring Unlock (download here)

Unlock your phone or tablet by holding your NFC Ring on the Sweet Spot of it. NFC Ring Unlock can be used in conjunction with other locking screens. You must have purchased NFC Ring to use the application.

nfc ring unlock app
Compatibility : Android 4.0.3 or later

nfc ring logo

We are a team of hackers who believe that traditionalism belongs to the past, we also believe that the jewelry industry does not offer enough functions given the cost of raw materials.

We built the first NFC Ring to interact with a digital door lock. It quickly became apparent that the same technology could be used to unlock mobile phones and share information.

The original ring was designed by the founder of McLear Ltd, John McLear who received funding from Matt Mullenweg (the founder of WordPress) and then launched the ring for the Kickstarter community. This crowdfunding campaign sold more than 10,000 rings in 30 days, placing NFC Ring on the frontline of the portable technology market.

The team at McLear Ltd has grown rapidly and is in a new exciting place with a bright future, backed by their community and paving the way for portable technology.

John's overall approach is to open up as much as possible and allow as many people as possible to benefit from the technology.

John is also an open source advocate, founder of Primary Technology and Etherpad Foundation, a curry lover and a great tea drinker;)


1. Is the ring waterproof?

Yes, tested up to 50 meters.

2. What king of metal is the ring made of? 

Our rings are made from high quality Titanium.


3. What is the storage capacity of each transmitter?

144 bytes, 1152 bits of "genius";)


4. What is the type of NFC used?

We are currently using the NXP NTAG203.


5. I have tiny scratches on the titanium surface, is it possible to make it as new

You can easily polish the scratches with a rag and some types of nail files.
6. How do I choose the size of my ring? 



1. Can other devices interact with the ring?

Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Both have available NFC modules that work very well with the ring.


2. Which devices have been tested with it? 

We have tested it on a number of devices such as the Samsung S3, S4, Nexus - you can take a look at the complete list of compatible devices.


3. With which device can the ring be used

Any NFC-compatible device. Then the possibilities are almost infinite.


4. Does the NFC Ring work with my iPhone?

NFC Ring works only with NFC devices. Even the iPhone 6 (with NFC payment capabilities) does not seem to favor regular NFC interaction at the moment.


5. What is Sweet Spot? 

The Sweet Spot is the place on your device where the ring is most easily detected. Often, this is just above the NFC antennas. We provide a Sweet Spot sticker to help you locate it.

6. My ring is not recognized right away. What can I do

Try turning your ring on your device's SweetSpot. It takes a little practice before you got the hang of using your NFC ring.


9. Does my ring work with my phone if I have a shell?

It depends a lot on the type of phone you have and the thickness of the outer shell.



1. Is the application included in the price?



2. What operating systems are supported?

There is an application on Android and Windows Phone 8. You can also use the ring with Blackberry, Android and there are modules for Raspberry Pi. The unlocking feature is exclusive for Android.


3. When will I receive the code to use the NFC Ring Unlock application?

An activation code is available in the NFC Ring Control App. Simply touch "save" and then follow the on-screen instructions.


4. I have problems with the NFC Ring application. Where can I get help?

Visit our forum


5. Is there an unlock application for Windows Phone 8?

There are currently none because of the limitations of Windows Phone 8.


6. Is there an application for iOS?

There is currently no official application for iOS because iPhones and iPads currently do not have NFC technology.



You have questions ? Place them in the "Discussions" tab on the left to benefit the entire community, we will respond as soon as possible!


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