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There comes the day in the life of a baby when he has to eat solid food. For parents, that means more cleaning. For a baby, that means more food on his face. His meals are messy. Why? Because most of baby spoons are just smaller versions of adult spoons: they are not ergonomically designed to help a babywhen he eats solid food !


Spuni is not a simple spoon. It is shaped like a tulip in order to trigger the instinctive reaction of locking that babies develop during breastfeeding and with feeding bottle. Baby sucks his food on the spoon and there is less food wastage. So each meal becomes a nice experience for everybody.





  • Adapted to baby's mouth size
  • From 4 months and older
  • The tip of the spoon is adapted to sensitive gums
  • The ergonomy is designed for adult hands as well as baby's hands
  • Non-toxic, hypoallergenic and dishwasher-safe

Spuni's design incites babies to close, keep, suck and swallow the food on the spoon. This way, babies eat the correct ration of food at every mouthful.

Spuni efficiently resolves the first stressful moments between parents and their child ; it's a must-have for every newborn baby !



We have chosen not to use any silicone or latex to reduce allergy risks. Materials have been selected based on the experience of professionals in the areas of material science and environmental health. We have decided to use exclusively thermoplastic elastomers of medical grade to produce the outer layer of Spuni: the same material used for pacifiers and teats. All materials are non-toxic and approved by a certified laboratory to be Phthalate, BPA, BPS and PVC free.



1. First wood prototypes

prototype en bois spuni

2. Plastic prototype

prototype imprimé en 3D spuni

3. Prototypes of different sizes

Spuni plusieurs prototypes



Spuni spoons are delivered by2! (refer to the picture at the top of the page to see the available colours)

spuni colors



bébé heureux :)

This test has been done by a Mom because nobody in NOOVA team has children! We needed an informed user ;)


The unpacking is minimalist. It emphasizes the acidulous colours of Spuni spoons. Furthermore, colours are complementary in each package.


Cuillères SPUNI vendues par NOOVA spuni cuillères bébés


Spuni spoons are small and ergonomic. Bright colours, soft texture: I think they are perfect for the youngest. They have been invented by a couple of engineers of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology is an excellent university). After hundreds of prototypes, they finally found the best model for a baby: portions suit well to his mouth. In addition, SPUNI is made with hypoallergenic materials to preserve our babies' health.

Cuillères SPUNI vendues par NOOVA


On this photo, I tested mashed carrots with my little neighbor who is just starting dietary diversification. Her mom loves the small size and the softness of the spoon (similar to teat's texture). It's so easy to put the spoon in her mouth ! Baby can suck (as she does with breast or feeding bottle) and this reassures her !

Spuni adaptée à la bouche d'un bébé

But I have to tell you that they are also perfect for children under 3 years, who love to fill their spoon to the rim and spill food all over the bib, the table and smear their cheeks at the same time... You know what I mean ?

Spuni cuillère pour yaourt et compote

On this photo, a 2-year-old boy is eating a petit suisse. He cannot get large mouthfuls so it's perfect for him !

spuni cuillère ergonomique

On this photo, a 2-year-old girl is eating compote. This baby is used to spill her food everywhere and to eat like a pig but she succeeded in eating compote without spilling it. Great job!

As you see, I am won over these beautiful spoons and I love bright colours so... I adopt them ! :)

Mom & NoovaTeam.

"Making a product for infants, especially one that touches both mouth and food, is a serious matter," says Co-Founder of Spuni, Marcel Botha. "As we engaged experts in the fields of material science and environmental health, we chose the best available and safest materials for the manufacturing of the first generation spoon."

Spuni's patented tulip design naturally encourages babies to latch onto, and suck and swallow food from the spoon, offering babies a more manageable portion with each spoonful.

Spuni effectively solves a primary stress point between parents and infants; a must-have spoon for all new parents.


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