How to track the status of my order ?

We will notify you by email for each step of your order: confirmation of order and confirmation of dispatch. In any case, go to your account to see the status of your order and the tracking number if available.

Do not hesitate to send us an email if you have a question about the status of your order or if you need to know precisely the delivery time of a product (transit time), we will be happy to answer you.

Before contacting us because you are afraid of not having received a reply, do not hesitate to look in your folder "Spams" or "Undesirables" of your mailbox in case an email slipped into it unfortunately. We respond very quickly.


What is the shipping and delivery time ?

The products referenced in our section SHOP are sent by the inventor from his warehouses within 48 hours, upon your payment received. The treatment is a little longer by check / bank transfer. We are a MarketPlace, the inventor is therefore master of its shipping policy and associated fees. We will inform you of the shipment and will send you the tracking number if there is one.

The period of shipment of the products in PREORDER varies from 1 to 3 months (the inventor is generally in phase of end of production). For pre-order products, at the top of the product sheet in the "DETAIL" tab an approximation on the date of dispatch is mentioned. For example, "Shipment scheduled for September 2016".

Once the product has been shipped, the delivery time (whether in the SHOP or PREORDER section) varies depending on the shipping method (economic, fast, very fast), the shipping destination and the carrier. The products are mostly shipped from 4 corners of the world, so it usually takes more time than a national shipment. You will receive your nugget as soon as possible, no worries;)


How do I know the conditions of return of the inventor ?

Go to the inventor's product page. In the middle of the page, on your left, you have a RETURN POLICY tab that allows you to know the conditions of return of the inventor. For NOOVA as well as for inventors, the satisfaction of our community is the priority and everything is thought for you to be filled. We will ALWAYS find a solution for you to be 200% satisfied.

If you have any questions please contact us directly on hello@noova.co 

What if my item is missing, damaged, defective or I have no received the correct item?

If you receive a package and you are missing an item inside, first check the condition of the package. So you can determine if there is a theft or missing product.

Then, contact NOOVA directly on hello@noova.co with photos of the packaging received, products received and as much information as possible.

If you receive an item that does not correspond to your order or is defective / damaged, the first thing to do is to contact us on hello@noova.co with pictures and the problem described in detail.

Depending on the problem and the elements you send us, we will find a solution with the inventor and he will give you the terms of return of the article concerned.

In the event of an error on his part, the return shipping costs are the responsibility of the inventor and you can request a reshipment of the good product or a refund. 

How much time do I have to return a product ?

According to the Hamon law, you have a right of withdrawal of 14 days from the reception of the parcel. Return shipping costs are your responsibility. However, the inventors generally extend this period to 30 days to allow you time to make your decision (see the "delivery & return" tab of the product concerned to know the exact time).


When is my money withdrawn when I order on NOOVA ?

You can choose from several payment methods. You will be charged as soon as your order, ie before shipping. This is necessary so that we can pay your payment to the Startup, which then takes care of sending you your treasure. Indeed the Startup supports the costs of preparation, shipping and logistics, so it is necessary for it to have the payment before.

For payments by check and bank transfer, we will wait to see your transfer to our bank account or your check to our account to process the order.