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What is the difference between SHOP and PRE-ORDER ?
We are a MarketPlace for creative technology; All products come from Startups and Independent Inventors from all over the world. You buy on our platform but it is the Startups themselves who take care of shipping your purchases. On our site you will find innovative products at different stages of development that you will not find in the local supermarket or in the traditional e-commerce signs! We have entered unexplored territories ... and we are delighted to share with you our adventure! Here are the differences between the sections SHOP and PRE-ORDER: SHOP: Visualize a product of the section SHOP ... Imagine you with ... It's good it's home! Everything is in stock and shipped as quickly as possible by the inventor himself.) PRE-ORDER: The difference with the SHOP section lies in the fact that the design of these objects has just been finalized. Succeeded in a crowdfunding campaign or proved that there was a demand for and enthusiasm for their product in another way (incubator, accelerator, competition, price). These products are now entering production phase, requiring a short lead time from 1 to 3 months before shipment. By ordering these products today, you pay less than their future public price and you will be part of the early adopters who will own it before everyone else: it's innovation at the earliest! You also avoid stock-outs during public launch and you are assured that your product will be shipped in the first. This step comes after their funding period and allows independent inventors to start (or even continue) to sell products before their official launch. In addition to having the product preview, it is also a support that you bring to these startups who try to improve your daily by innovating constantly for you ! Close
I developed a nice object and I would like to list it on NOOVA, how do I do this ?
Go to the PROPOSE YOUR PRODUCT page, click on the LIST YOUR PRODUCT button which will redirect you to our contact form. Write us directly on hello@noova.co By providing us with information about your product (links, photos, descriptions etc.). We will reply as soon as possible and if we are conquered, we will be happy to share this invention with our community! ;) Close
When I add several products in my shopping cart, shipping costs accumulate, why ?
NOOVA is a marketplace, which means we manage ALL (listing startup products, sales, etc.) except for delivery. Once the order is taken into account on our platform, it is sent to the Startup who manages the logistics and sends you the product (s) you have purchased. The Startups also define their cost of delivery. So if you buy several products, you buy them from several different independent startups, they are located in different places in the world and you pay therefore the shipping costs for each product. Close
How to contact an inventor ?
Go to the inventor's product page. In the middle of the page, on your left, you have a DISCUSSIONS tab that allows you to contact the inventor directly. You can go to the page DISCOVER OUR STARTUPS, and search by Startup to find the product. Close
How to know more about Startups referenced by NOOVA ?
Go to the page DISCOVER OUR STARTUPS, and discover the history of each of them. You can also find out more by clicking on the "INVENTOR" tab from a product page. Close
Can I buy a gift card ?
Want to offer a NOOVA Gift Card to a loved one? Superb IDEA! This service is not yet available on our shop but NO PANIC: contact us directly on hello@noova.co And we will make sure that you remain the much loved friend ! Close
You like a product but you do not want to buy it right away ?
Add it to your wishlist by clicking on the heart ♥ and find it in your profile page. You can also make a selection of the products you love there. Close
What if I want to unsubscribe from the Newsletter ?
First, we would be deeply sad to know you are weary of our newsletter which wants to be every week more exciting and innovative in the products offered. But you have the right! You can unsubscribe from your account, from the email or by contacting us directly on hello@noova.co . We will remove you from our list upon your email. Close
The information I'm looking for is not in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), how do I do it ?
We have a CONTACT US page, the link is at the bottom of any page. You can then contact us through a form. You can also write to us directly at hello@noova.co . A third solution is to use the Chat to have us live ;) Close
I'm a fan of NOOVA, how to make the most of it ?
First of all a great THANK YOU to you. Then you can subscribe now to our Newsletter, Like our Facebook page and follow us on Instragram. You can also write directly to hello@noova.co To share with us what you like with NOOVA. We will answer you with pleasure and that is, if you are not too far, maybe you could come and have a coffee on our premises? Continue to share the CREAM OF THE CROP ! Close


How to track my order status ?
We will notify you by email for each step of your order: confirmation of order, confirmation of payment and confirmation of dispatch. In any case, go to your profile to see the status of your order. Send us an email if you have a question about the status of your order or if you need to know precisely the delivery time for a product (transit time), we will be happy to answer you. Before contacting us, do not hesitate to look in your "SPAMS" folder of your mailbox in case an email has slipped into it. Close
What is the shipping and delivery time ?
The products referenced in our SHOP section are shipped by the inventor within 48 hOURS. We are a MarketPlace, the inventor is therefore master of its shipping policy and associated fees. You have an approximation of the delivery time mentioned at the top of each product. We will inform you of the shipment and will send you the tracking number if there is one. The shipping time of the products referenced in our PREORDER section varies from 1 to 3 months (the inventor is generally in the production phase). At the top of the page produced in the tab, an approximation on the date of dispatch is mentioned. For example, "Shipment planned for summer 2015". Once the product has been shipped, the delivery time (whether in the SHOP or PRECOMMANDE section) varies depending on the shipping method (economic, fast, very fast), the shipping destination and the carrier. The products are mostly shipped from foreign countries, so it takes more time than a national shipment. The transit time is written in the tab "DELIVERY & RETURN" of the page of each product. Close
What if my order is still not delivered taking into account the time indicated on the product page ?
If the shipment type includes tracking, you should have received an email with a tracking number. Otherwise, your tracking number may be in your order detail in your Noova space. If no tracking number is given, there is no tracking number associated with the product concerned. The products are shipped from the warehouse of the Startups directly, which explains the delay and independent delivery costs for each product (the warehouses are very rarely located in France since the Startups come from the 4 corners of the world!). The startups that we offer on our platform have a success that is sometimes fulgurating and has the consequence of emptying their stocks for a short time. Know that they do everything to satisfy the demand and produce as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding and your patience;) Do not hesitate to contact us by email aT hello@noova.co If your product is still not in your mailbox. Close
What can I do if the product I bought in Pre-order is still not shipped after 3 months after my purchase ?
We make it a point of honor to allow Startups to list a product in "PRE-ORDER" only if they are certain to be able to ship you a product within the time allowed (3 months maximum after your purchase). In the exceptional case where the startup does not honor its promise, you can ask for a full refund (please contact us at hello@noova.co ). Please note that if you have waited 3 months, the product should not be delayed soon ;) Close
How to know the conditions of return of the inventor ?
Go to the inventor's product page. In the middle of the page, on your left, you have a tab DELIVERY & RETURN which allows you to know the conditions of return of the inventor. For NOOVA as well as for inventors, the satisfaction of our community is the priority and everything is thought for you to be filled. If you have any questions please contact us directly at hello@noova.co Close
How to do if an item in my order is missing, damaged, defective or I have not received the correct reference ?
If you receive a package and your missing an item inside, first check the condition of the package. So you can determine if there is a theft or missing product. Then, contact NOOVA directly at hello@noova.co With possibly pictures of the package received, products received and a maximum of information. If you receive an item that does not correspond to your order or is defective / damaged, the first thing to do is to contact us on hello@noova.co with pictures and the problem described in detail. Depending on the problem and the elements you send us, we will find a solution with the inventor and he will give you the terms of return of the article concerned. Close
How much time I have to return an ordered product ?
According to the law Hamon, you have a right of withdrawal of 14 days from the receipt of the parcel. Return shipping costs are your responsibility. However, inventors generally extend this period to 30 days to allow you time to make your decision. Close
I do not live in France, how to take advantage of the inventions proposed by NOOVA ?
We accept orders from abroad. The delivery costs are automatically updated according to the geographical area of ​​delivery. Close
Do I have to pay import taxes on delivery ?
Not in the vast majority of cases. However from time to time some customs fees might rarely (and most of the time randomly!) be applied to your order depending on where the product come from and the destination country.  We are not responsible for such charges and these charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel.  Close


Are payments secure ?
Entirely! Our https security protocol (small green padlock in the address bar) costs us enough to certify that all payments made on NOOVA are 100% secure;) You will never have any nasty surprises. Close
Can I order a product without creating a profile ?
No, you have to create an account in order to order. This for more security regarding your information, more confidentiality for your opinions left and your discussions as well as for more practicality in your interactions and notifications. Close
Can I pay by check ?
It is possible to pay your purchases on NOOVA by Credit Card, Paypal or by bank transfer. If you wish to pay by means other than those offered by NOOVA, please contact us directly at hello@noova.co , and we will see together what can be done. Close


How to evaluate an inventor's product ?
Go to the page of the inventor's object. In the middle of the page, on your left, you have a NOTICE tab that allows you to evaluate the Startup product. Close

Did not find what you were looking for in this FAQ? Do not hesitate to contact us at any time by mail at hello@noova.co or by our contact form And we will get back to you within 24 hours maximum !