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What you need to do 

As a Startup, you have created and developed an innovative product and you are looking for the opportunity that will launch your business.
If your product is ready for sale or pre-order then you are in the right place … because Noova is for you!

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Why sell your product on Noova

At Noova, we love what we do and we love your inventions. We are experts in hardware products and we share a passion for innovation, design, and new technologies.

Our goal is to discover and sell the most innovative products in the world to our community. If your product is in this category then it could very well end up on Noova tomorrow.

How? It is very simple:

You apply, we select, we test and we approve.

That is what makes us successful !

Why you would like to work with us 

By listing you product with us here you will have access to it:

  • Your product would be visible to a community of more than 200,00 active members
  • A place of choice along the most innovative products in the world 
  • Sales :)
  • Marketing & communication campaigns to boost the visibility of your product 
  • Translation all of of your content 
  • Feedback from visitors and customers on your product 
  • Real-time customer service supported by our team 
  • A European radiation, our site being available in French and English 

What do we ask in return? We apply a very simple pricing: we charge a fixed commission on each sale, nothing else.