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An incredibly ergonomic and effective device that helps women during their perineal rehabilitation. It will guide you smoothly through a series of exercises, like a real personal coach.



Often taboo, although the perineum is at the heart of women's well-being. The pelvic floor muscles help maintain the bladder, intestines and uterus.

A lack of tonicity therefore has unpleasant consequences, even very annoying, on a daily basis.

After a childbirth, with age or due to hormonal changes during menopause, the pelvic floor can be weakened. Kegel exercises have been designed for women, especially those suffering from repeated infections or urine leakage, constipation, pain during sexual intercourse, and so on.
KegelSmart Perineal rehabilitation device



Like any muscle of the body, those of the perineum can be toned. This exceptional technology revolutionizes the way to perform perineal rehabilitation exercises. A session of 5 minutes a day is thus recommended to get better results or simply to relax.



Progress levels perineal muscles KegelSmart
KegelSmart allows to gradually muscle the perineum. The LED lights up when the unit is switched on.

It records the pelvic force throughout the session, automatically determines and adjusts the level of the exercises. Then, it guides its user through its silent vibrations. It's more discreet!



You are determined to take your health in hand? Find out how much KegelSmart is very easy to use. Turn it on and insert it. All you have to do is to contract when it vibrates and releases when it stops. In less than 5 minutes you have performed a perfect Kegel routine. KegelSmart vibration training reproduces the signals your body gives when your pelvic muscles are stimulated, while you are laughing, sneezing or coughing. This causes the perineum to be more responsive and tones the muscles over time. And finally, you will regain control of your bladder, your vagina will be more toned, and your sexual relations will be more pleasant.

How does KegelSmart works?



■ Material: hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone envelope and 100% waterproof for complete hygiene
■ Power supply: 1 x AAA battery
■ Designed in Sweden
■ 100% FDA-approved manufacturing

The package contains:

■ 1 KegelSmart
■ 1 user guide
■ 1 storage pouch

perineal reeducation KegelSmart

1. How long does it take to get to the next level? Or feel the first results?

All women are different and will evolve in levels at a different pace. This depends on your pelvic strength at the beginning of the training, the natural ability of your muscles to build themselves and your attendance at the exercises. Staying at the same level does not mean you are not progressing. This simply means that you have not progressed sufficiently for the next level. Like any training, regularity is essential: if you use KegelSmart every day, you will feel the results rapidly.


2. Is it possible to be injured by KegelSmart?

KegelSmart has been specially designed to offer you total security, provided it is used as indicated. If you feel uncomfortable or if you have questions or doubts, we recommend that you consult your doctor.


3. Can I use KegelSmart during pregnancy?

Kegel exercises should not be used during pregnancy or in the months following delivery. In addition, women who have undergone genitourinary or pelvic surgery should wait at least 6 weeks before using it.


4. Can I use KegelSmart in case of infection?

You should not use it if you have an inflammation, a sexually transmitted disease, feel a sense of discomfort related to the infection or have undergone surgery.


5. Can I use KegelSmart after a surgery?

Women who have undergone genitourinary or pelvic surgery should wait at least 6 weeks before using it. If you encounter difficulties during vaginal penetration, consult your doctor before using KegelSmart.


6. How do I clean my device?

Wash your device systematically before and after each use with an antibacterial soap or a product intended for this purpose. Never use alcohol, petroleum or acetone cleaners as they may affect your body's natural balance and damage the silicone of your device. Store your product in the supplied antibacterial storage pouch. This is an electrical device, it can not be boiled for cleaning.


7. How often should I change the battery?

An AAA battery should allow you to perform about 200 sets of exercises for regular use. If the unit does not turn on or if you notice a decrease in vibration intensity, the battery should be changed.



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INTIMINA is the first and only Swedish brand that offers a complete selection of products dedicated to all aspects of women's intimate health. To fulfill its commitment since its creation in 2009, INTIMINA works closely with a team of doctors and women's health experts throughout the development of each product such as KegelSmart. This revolutionary product is presented as a personal coach for perineal reeducation, a delicate and unavoidable phase after childbirth.

On the internet and almost all pharmacies around the world, the brand INTIMINA is presenting itself as a reference in terms of intimate well-being.


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