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SMART DESIGN inventor SpinPadGrip


SMART DESIGN© is a french startup located in Paris which puts its energy into the conception, design and the development of tablets accessories. Facilitate the life of commercials and  residentials on their everyday life, whether it's at home, on the bus or in the office, it is, its purpose. Right, in addition to creating practical objects, it's also about creating contempory accessories. That's the story of the birth of the suction cup system table support, capable of spinning 360°, called SpinPadGrip. Thanks to this absolutely amazing invention, SMART DESIGN© wins concours Lépine's bronze medal, but more importantly, is given the 1st price for design and innovation at the famous reddot award in 2014.


SMART DESIGN inventor SpinPadGripSMART DESIGN inventor SpinPadGrip

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  • 39,90 €
    39,90 €

    The first tablet support with a rotating handle

    The first tablet support with a rotating handle

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