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Bundle Beds, les matelas de randonnée tout-en-un


James Clark and Lucy Bartlett, two British people passionate about travelling and camping, founded Bundle Beds in 2014. It’s the follow-up of Lucy’s journey to Australia. She discovers the joy of travelling, the freedom of sleeping almost anywhere, and at the same time the discomfort of a sleeping bag.

An intense working period begins: the search for their revolutionary camping bed’s perfect design, the materials and the future factory. To make the first Bundle Beds, they launch a campaign on Kickstarter which reached 100 % of their goal in only 65 hours.

As comfortable as your own bed, as cozy as a duvet, portable and easy to set up, the Bundle Beds line inspires passion in the crowdfunders and definitely soon in adventurers, both large or small, and festivalgoers…


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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item


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