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Lugloc, premier localisateur de bagage au monde


In 1971, Nicolas Keglevich creates the biggest travel assistance network in the world with an exclusive insurance and service program which has revolutionize the industry. After working 7 years with Carlos Esnal at Assit Card, they learned that what matters the most of travelers is to travel with peace of mind.

30 millions of people lose their luggage each year, many travelers are permanently anxious. Nicolas Keglevich and Carlos Esnal had the great idea to bring peace of mind to all frequent travelers and tourists by creating the first luggage locator in the world : LugLoc.

With a LugLoc in your luggage, wherever it is, you can localize them in real time and travel peacefully.

With talented co-workers, LugLog team proudly received the award of the greatest innovation in 2015 at the International Travel Goods Show that takes place every year at Las Vegas.

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